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No Need for “National Divorce,” Because There Was Never Any Marriage to Begin With

Jason Morgan at the Mises Institute with an article on “national divorce.”

Here is an excerpt:

…Such talk of breaking up states and even the country into pieces is wonderful, welcome, and long overdue. A word of correction is in order on the “national divorce” front, however. There can be no national divorce because there was never a national marriage.

There is no “United States.” A great American philosopher named Lysander Spooner pointed out in the nineteenth century that the Constitution has “no authority” and binds no one to anything. Americans today continue to live as though we were wedded to, and by, a political compact from an age when grown men strutted around in tights and buckled shoes. But it’s a mirage, a will-o’-the-wisp.

This is not to say that state power isn’t real. It is. All too real, in fact. The government in Washington and the various state and local governments throughout the land lord it over us, stealing our money (which they also counterfeit) while subjecting us to humiliating deference rituals and involving us in gangland wars on a global stage.

Most of us go along with the rigamarole. Some of us, perhaps afflicted with Stockholm syndrome, even act as though dying for our captors were noble and sweet…

Read the full article.

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Some Discussions on the Issue of “National Divorce”

I had my recent post on the need for a “national divorce,” which is really a need to divorce ourselves from the government and from the evil bureaucrats illicitly ruling over us.

There have been some other articles regarding the issue of “national divorce” and related subjects recently that I have linked to. Here is another one by Ryan McMaken of the Mises Institute: Secession: Should the American Revolutionaries Have Quit to Appease the Loyalists?

And in these discussions below, Ryan McMaken and Tho Bishop, and Jeff Deist and Tom Woods discuss the issues of “national divorce.”

“National Divorce” Needed – Not between Left and Right, But between the People and the Government

There is now a revived discussion of “national divorce” in America as apparently started by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

I heard her on with Sean Hannity on the radio, and she seems to want to divide the country into “left” and “right,” even though there are a lot of people in the middle. And she says we would still be the “United States of America” with the federal government in Washington. So what she is suggesting just isn’t doable.

There are people who just want to live their lives, and want to live in peace and freedom, and want to be left alone. That is actually our basic right as human beings. The people who don’t want to leave the rest of us alone are the problem. They are the aggressors, the boundary-violators, the property trespassers, the coercers and intimidators, the thieves, the violence initiators and criminals. They are the ones who want to use the apparatus and police enforcement of government to force their will onto others and jail them for non-compliance.

We should just have a free society, a decentralized society. That would require, at the very least, getting rid of the federal government altogether. “But that would mean we would no longer be the United States of America, in other words no longer a country,” people would say.

Yes, that’s right. Greene and her cohorts on the “right” need to face the fact that the territory is just too big to be all one single country. It’s too big in area or square miles and it’s too big in population. This is one reason why it is becoming more and more divided.

Greene and fellow nationalists like Donald Trump seem to love and worship their treasured USA, which is really just a myth and not an entity of the real world. In the centralized “America,” what we really have is a self-serving centralized bureaucracy in which the elite few live off the labor of the masses. And that’s it.

I don’t know about “national divorce,” but we have a right to live in freedom. The first thing to do is get rid of the income tax.

As I wrote in my recent article, the income tax (or really any involuntary confiscation of wealth by bureaucrats) is involuntary, not based on a legitimate voluntary contract, and therefore is nothing but theft.

And the income tax is the main enabler of all the criminality in society right now, everything from the Biden crime family ties with Ukraine and the morons of CONgress sending billions to Ukraine, to the CDC/FDA/NIH/Pharma complex committing fraud/theft on a massive scale and injuring and killing people, and all points between.

Even many conservatives express their brainwashed mantra that “well the income tax is the price you have to pay,” and “you owe society something in return for its letting you live in freedom,” etc., etc.

Well no, we don’t owe society anything, that is, if we have an inherent right to live our lives, in freedom. Society as a whole isn’t giving us our freedom. There is no obligation to “pay back society.” If so, then we are owned by the society or community in which we live, and we don’t really have self-ownership.

The free society is based on self-ownership, private property, freedom of contract, freedom of association and freedom of non-association, and the non-aggression principle.

But sadly even conservatives lapse into promoting a society of government ownership that violates those principles. Like the people on the “left” and the other nationalists, they are sufferers of “Stockholm Syndrome,” as Gary Barnett noted recently.

What we really have is a society of compulsory obedience to government diktats. For example, there are people who live in their community and they have their own education groups to teach the kids in the neighborhood reading and writing and math. But there are other people in that community who like the idea of a local government running the government schools and with a government school committee that determines the curriculum.

But the first group of people aren’t participating in that, and they aren’t going to pay the taxes that are demanded to fund the government schools. What happens to that first group of voluntary education advocates? The government-loving group will send the government police after the first group and arrest them for not forking over the loot, and arrest them for “truant” kids.

And on and on. There are many other examples. And speaking of government police, in a free society if you are worried about community security, there will be no restrictions on the people’s right to keep and bear arms, or their right to use them in self-defense. (Except for nuclear weapons which are indiscriminate, as Murray Rothbard pointed out here.)

Related to that subject, I wonder what today’s conservatives would pick if given the choice between a society with an armed government and a disarmed civilian population, or a society with a disarmed government and an armed civilian population. Hmmm.

But when it comes to MTG and other conservatives’ suggesting a “national divorce,” they probably won’t want to let go of this fantasized mythological “America,” from (government) border to border and coast to coast and sea to shining sea, and some sort of made-up collective ownership of the territory as a whole by the “citizens,” which doesn’t exist.

There is no such collective ownership. No one owns the territory. What we have here, or are supposed to have, is a society of many, many parcels of private property with many private owners of private property.

But with that fantasized collective ownership of the territory as a whole that many nationalists and conservatives seem to have, there is that anti-immigration sentiment, which goes against the principles of private property, freedom of contract, freedom of association, and freedom of movement. They need to get over that, quite frankly. (I have addressed that here.)

Anyway, the “national divorce” that is needed to restore freedom in society is not a divorce between left and right, or liberal and conservative, but a divorce between the people and the government (by abolishing the government and having a voluntary society).

Should We Really Be Compelled to Depend on the Ruling Regime to Protect Us from Foreign Aggression?

Regarding the “China Spy Balloon” that’s caused such an irrational hysteria, I think the 10th Amendment applies to the states’ own authority to shoot down the China balloon based on enough information showing it is from a foreign regime and potentially hostile. And so governors would act accordingly, in my view.

And there are many people who disagree with that because they are conditioned to believe in the authority of the federal gubmint in Washington to “protect” the people of the states from foreign aggression.

Which gubmint doesn’t do, of course. What the bureaucrats in Washington do is provoke foreigners to act against the people of America, making us less safe and more vulnerable.

So, if you believe that we should all be compelled to be dependent on bureaucrats in the central planning apparatus to protect us from foreign aggression, then you believe in slavery, which is what that is.

Check out Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s books, The Private Production of Defense, and The Myth of National Defense. And these very important items as well: The Production of Security by Gustave de Molinari, and Foreign Aggression by Morris and Linda Tannehill. Those are all Mises Institute links.

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And Larry Johnson: Why Was FBI Counter Intelligence Involved With The Seth Rich Case?

New Hampshire for Independence, Secession?

NHExit has an article on the New Hampshire state reps who had voted in favor of a bill to allow a ballot question asking the people whether New Hampshire should secede from corrupt Leviathan Washington, DC.

Of the 13 of those state reps who voted for allowing a question on NH Independence on the ballot, 8 chose to run for reelection, and 5 of them won. That means that there really is a strong sentiment in New Hampshire for actual independence. Let’s hope for secession from one state after another. Peaceful secession and decentralization are the only hope for a society in decay, a society enslaved by tyrant bureaucrats.

Banana Republic, USSA: 2022 “Elections”

Are we going to go through the same thing again now? Knowing how mail-in voting, drop-boxes, and early voting were used to enable massive fraud and ballot stuffing and harvesting just like in 2020, and anyone who talks about it is called an “election denier”? And censored by the Democrat “news” media, and by social media? Actually, it is those who refuse to acknowledge the truth who are the “deniers.”

In Arizona and Nevada, why the hell do you think it took up to a week after the election to finally decide who “won” those elections? “Oh look, we found 10,000 more votes here and 15,000 more votes there,” and all that.

And it seems that in just about every state, people (mainly those in the more Republican districts) were complaining about the tabulation machine rejecting their ballot, and being told to place the ballot in a box and “we’ll count it later…” Yep.

I heard “AJ” calling Joe Pags on the radio saying the same thing happened to him. And on Sean Hannity’s radio show Arizona Republican candidate Kari Lake told him the same thing happened to her, the tabulation machine rejecting her ballot, and she then went to a different precinct and it worked just fine. She said that her precinct was heavily Republican, and the precinct she went to was very Democrat-leaning. Hmmm.

In Arizona, the vote counting for the Senate seat went well beyond election day and it wasn’t until Friday that the Democrats had fabricated enough votes for the Democrat incumbent Senator so they could declare her the “winner.”

Regarding gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, while the polls were showing Lake well ahead of Democrat Katie Hobbs, after a post-election week of shenanigans the corrupt airhead Hobbs “won.”

Some articles by Gateway Pundit give some more info, that election day turnout was only 17% for Democrats but Hobbs is getting over 50% of Maricopa County election day totals, a Maricopa County judge believes that those aforementioned machines were programmed to reject ballots on election day, and in Arizona Republican voters described their ballots not being counted, ballots thrown into a box and some voters not allowed in to vote.

Now, when I used to vote, which was from the early 1980s up to November 1992, I remember nothing of the sort being described in these recent elections. When I voted, you go into this voting booth, turned the big lever that closed the curtain behind you (because the private secret ballot used to be sacred), and you turned the levers beside the names of candidates you were voting for, and then you turned the big lever back that opened the curtain and it added your votes to the tallies for each candidate.

I don’t believe that was a computerized machine, just a mechanical device. I could be wrong, and if so pardon my ignorance. To me, that seems more reliable and trustworthy. But now we have these computerized machines that can be “programmed” and manipulated. Not good.

Add to that the more recent mail-in voting, drop-boxes, and early voting. Those schemes are obviously intentional not for “convenience,” but to enable fraud. DUH.

Elections in “America” will never be legitimate and aboveboard ever again as long as we keep these manipulable machines and mail-in voting, drop-boxes, and early voting.

But what gets me are the so-called CONservative talk radio personalities playing down the fraud and the cheating. Like they are afraid iHeart and Premier Networks want the fraud suppressed and unacknowledged?

So, the radio conservatards are saying things like, “Well I guess the abortion issue played a much larger role in these Democrat wins,” etc., etc. Okay, whatever.

Interesting analysis by Paul Craig Roberts and James Howard Kunstler. And you can say what you want about Mike Lindell, but he goes through all the evidence showing the spikes during the election vote counting that always favored Democrats.

And Ron Paul had some interesting analysis that doesn’t address the election cheating, but that’s okay.

Now, Jacob Hornberger says the GOP “had it coming,” its major 2022 election losses and upsets. He says the major reason Republicans lost is not voter fraud but Donald Trump. The GOP flunkies have to let go of Trump. And I agree.

But Hornberger does give a list of things Trump did as President that were the kinds of things reminiscent of Benito Mussolini, citing Trump’s trade war with China, imposing sanctions and embargoes on foreigners, Covid stimulus, keeping U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq and Trump’s including warmongers in his administration. Also that Trump showed support for the CIA and national security apparatus as well as continuing to suppress the truth about JFK assassination, refusing to pardon Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, continuing to support the Socialist Security system and medicare and continuing the spending sprees and higher debt.

As I wrote recently regarding the new Republican majority in CONgress, regardless of how the FBI and “national security” Swamp went after Trump with made-up Trump-Russia collusions,” and the FBI’s instigating an “insurrection” to make Trump look bad, Trump still loves the FBI and other Swampy agencies and will not go after them in any meaningful way.

And now the narcissist Trump goes and immediately announces his 2024 run, regardless of how this early announcement will sabotage the Georgia Senate runoff election in favor of the Democrat incumbent. Duh. Trump has now provoked many more Democrats to go to polls on December 6th to vote for the rubber-stamp for Bidenflation, more tax-thefts, anti-science climate cultism, and abortion up to birth.

Not that I care. I’m glad the Libertarian Party candidates have thrown wrenches into the Demo-publican machinery of statism. Both major parties are a criminal racket, just another branch of the criminal government.

(See my recent article with 9 reasons why Donald Trump should not run for President again.)

But as far as elections go, it is necessary to make it just one election day, no early voting, no mail-in voting, no states sending unrequested mail-in ballots to people’s addresses or to fake addresses, no drop-boxes, and no computerized machines.

Regarding absentee ballots, if you can’t go to the polls in person on election day, you request an absentee ballot ahead of time. And ID should be presented to verify the voter’s ID. Duh.

As long as there are mail-in voting and early voting, and drop-boxes, these elections are guaranteed to be forever corrupt and fraud-ridden.

It doesn’t matter anyway. I saw back in 1988 how corrupt the whole process is, and how the corrupt “news” media play a major role in the propping up of the two major parties and preventing the general public from knowing about third-party alternatives.

The media, academia and the schools, and Hollywood have also played a role in dumbing down generations of Americans, so that now very few Americans value freedom, or understand the principles of freedom.

Many of those people-sheeple keep referring to “democracy” repeatedly and like brainwashed zombies. They have no idea what “democracy” actually is and how it differs from freedom.

So let “democracy” die — “democracy” had failed long ago anyway. Cancel all future elections, because they mean nothing, thanks to institutionalized fraud and cheating.

The people of the states need to nullify the federal regime especially, exercise your rights as long as you do not violate the persons or property of others. That includes letting oil and gas production companies once again get oil and gas to the people regardless of what Biden and anti-science climate cultists think, and educate your kids however you want, among other things.

Futile Elections, American Exceptionalism, and Nationalism vs. Freedom

I can’t wait for the waste of time 2022 mid-term elections to finally be over with. The campaign officially started on November 4th, 2020, the day after that horrible election. The waste of time 2024 presidential election will begin this November 9th.

And that’s how things are in moron America, in which people are obsessed with politics and government. “Oh, if only we can get the ‘right’ people in there, everything will be better, you’ll see.” And, “This election is the most important election ever!”

Are you one of those morons? For some reason, I listen to “Clay and Buck” and the retarded Seas Hannity who are some of the most politics-obsessed people. If you want to constantly hear the above quotes, listen to those bozos.

Sorry, folks. But constantly living life 24-7 always worried about the next election and who is “in charge” or who might be, is just not a healthy way to live. Not in a free society, anyway.

So they get their beloved Republicans in there, especially in 1980, 1994, 2000, 2010 and so on. But look at things now. What good did they all do? Nuttin’! They expanded the size and power of federal bureaucracies, they expanded the intrusiveness of the feds, the IRS, CIA, FBI, NSA, the “War on Drugs” (that only nanny-statists and fascists could support), and they criminally started two wars of aggression in Iraq (1991 and 2003) and one in Afghanistan, and more.

So you’re a True Believer in elections, democracy, and government, and worst of all, in “America.” But as I’ve said many times now, this territory is just too big to be all one country, just one political unit. The population is too big, and it’s too big in area, in square miles. It’s just too damn big.

How about just having a free society? That requires decentralization first, at the very least. Getting rid of the U.S. government completely. But the America Firsters don’t like that idea. They love the U.S. government in Washington, also known as “America.”

In contrast, people who believe in freedom believe in the ideas of self-ownership, non-aggression, self-defense including the right to own and possess arms of any kind (except nuclear weapons), private property rights, contract rights, voluntary exchange, freedom of association and non-association, freedom of thought and conscience and freedom of speech, etc.

Sadly, the True Believers in nationalism and the idea of “American Exceptionalism” still rationalize the U.S. government and military’s bombings and murders of innocent civilians. For example, World War II, in Dresden, Tokyo, Nagasaki and Hiroshima. “Killing civilians overseas prevented deaths of our U.S. soldiers, so of course that’s okay.” Yep.

But then they condemn other governments killing civilians, like Putin and all the other “Hitlers” out there. So, there’s an unhealthy narcissism there, and it’s another example of moral relativism (which is not solely owned by the Left, that’s for sure).

The True Believers still defend U.S. military invading and bombing and mass murdering civilians in Vietnam, even though Vietnam didn’t attack the U.S. and was no threat to Americans. “Our government, right or wrong.”

During the 2008 presidential campaign, at a Republican debate in South Carolina Ron Paul suggested the Golden Rule in foreign policy, saying that we wouldn’t like it if another country did to us (invading and bombing) what our government does to other countries. The audience’s response was, “Boooo,” etc.

That’s because the neanderthals there are True Believers in American Exceptionalism, in which it’s okay for the U.S. government and military to invade and bomb other countries, but it’s not okay for other countries to invade or bomb the U.S.

On the idea of patriotism and blindly supporting The President in Washington and “The Troops” in their illegal wars overseas, Jacob Hornberger wrote:

“The statist version of patriotism entails citizens who rally to their government in time of crisis. When the 9/11 attacks took place, the statist patriot did not hesitate. ‘We have been attacked,’ the statist patriot declared. ‘This is not the time to debate and discuss. We must all rally behind the president and support whatever actions he takes. He is our commander in chief. We are now at war and we must do whatever is necessary to win the war. If our freedoms must be temporarily sacrificed, so be it. They will be restored after the war is won.’

“The libertarian version of patriotism is totally different. We say that genuine patriotism entails a critical analysis of government conduct, especially during crises, and a willingness to take a firm stand against the government if it is in the wrong.”

And I would apply that differentiation regarding societal crises to the recent “Covid” scamdemic, and how government “public health” officials and their media stenographers propagandized and fear-mongered the people to be like morons and wear face gags for no good reason and “social distance” and get untested snake oil drug injections for no good reason, all out of panic and hysteria, just like the police state imposed after 9/11. Yes, “moron America.” But I digress.

But who in his right mind rationalizes governments targeting and killing innocent human beings? The American Exceptionalists rationalize killing innocents by dehumanizing them. They remind me of the abortion cult that dehumanizes unborn human beings. Having an abortion is a “rite of passage” for girls and young women. They have their ritual of killing their offspring, for some sick reason. They dehumanize the child. That’s what supporters of the American military do, regarding the U.S. government’s murders and deaths overseas.

And back to the believers in American Exceptionalism. Many of them are “conservatives” who, like the “liberals” have been condemning Vlad Putin for his targeting civilians in Ukraine. Yet, those “moral values” conservatives cheered on the targeting of civilians in 1991 when George H.W. Bush started his war against Iraq, with the U.S. military’s bombing and destroying civilian water and sewage treatment facilities which caused the Iraqis to have to use untreated water which led to skyrocketing disease and infant mortality rates which led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians by the year 2000. After provoking much anger throughout the Middle East no wonder there was a 9/11.

The True Believers in American nationalism and American Exceptionalism, the “Make American Great Again” MAGAs, they love socialism and their Big Government in Washington. They are not “anti-socialists.” For example, they love Social Security, a centralized redistribution-of-wealth ponzi scheme funded involuntarily by the workers and producers of society. And the nationalist socialists love Medicare and Medicaid.

And they are wimps. They sit there and do nothing but whine and complain when the so-called President in Washington shuts off the energy independence we had while he causes the inflation and economic stagflation we have now. Why aren’t states seizing federal lands and resuming the oil drilling we had before and natural gas production? Why aren’t states nullifying federal restrictions on land use and federal invasions of private property?

Why aren’t American Exceptionalists, nationalists, “conservatives,” and MAGA Republicans demanding those things? Because being authoritarians, they love their centralized gubmint in Washington and ultimately won’t question its authority.

And the nationalists and American Exceptionalists love welfare as well as the Social Security system. For example, their answer to “immigrants coming into the country and getting on welfare” is not getting rid of the immoral welfare system, but further strengthening the police state at the border. Huh?

So the True Believers love their centralized government control at the border, a fascist government wall, and the police state to enforce the controls. If someone wants to go within the border to work somewhere, he has to get permission from bureaucrats to do that. Only in socialist societies is that the case. The employer within the border who wants to hire a worker has to get permission from a bureaucrat in Washington to do so. Only in socialist societies is that the case. See my further views on the annoying immigration issue.

In a free society, where there is actual freedom, you go to where you want to go or employ workers, and trade with others your property, wealth or labor. No permission from bureaucrats. And bureaucrats don’t steal from your paychecks or your business. In fact, the idea of freedom of contract is that the contract is between the businessman and worker or customer and is no one else’s business.

But nationalists, “conservatives,” American Exceptionalists, America Firsters don’t like that kind of freedom at all. They love socialism, Big Government, the police state, “democracy,” elections, and living a life of constant worry over the next election 24-7/365. It’s not a healthy way to live.

Besides, the election system we have now is totally corrupt and dysfunctional. It is time for decentralization, nullification, civil disobedience, and restoration of private property rights, voluntary exchange and freedom of contract.

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The FBI Invasion of Mar-a-Lago

Last week the FBI perpetrated a siege on the “Mar-a-Lago” Florida home of Donald Trump to search the premises for supposedly classified material from the White House to be used by FBI in a bogus “espionage” case against Trump.

The FBI told Trump and his attorneys they were not allowed to accompany the FBI goons in their search, and FBI ordered Trump to turn off surveillance cameras, which Trump didn’t do. The Trump people watched the search on surveillance footage and saw rooms being entered that FBI were not authorized to enter.

Hmm. Now WHY would the FBI feel it necessary to not allow Trump’s attorneys to be present during the search? What could the ONLY reason be? Because maybe the FBI were HIDING something? Ya think? Like planting false evidence to use to falsely frame Trump in some terrible things? Or to bug the place?)

This reminds me of election night of 2020 when the vote counting stopped in several states simultaneously (after seeing that Trump was winning in a landslide), and in many polling locations Republican observers were made to leave the premises. And then on subsequent video we could see, when the coast was clear, the cheaters and fraudsters bringing in boxes, suitcases and coolers and doing their ballot stuffing, and so on.

And that is what criminals do. And that is what the Swamp is.

Meanwhile, the feds are keeping Trump supporters and conservatives in jails and solitary confinement without trial after over a year since the January 6th Capitol chaos that FBI/antifa instigated.

So, here are yet further reasons to abolish the FBI (and the NSA, CIA, DHS, TSA, as well as the CDC, NIH, FDA, and the other corrupt gangsters and the IRS that redistributes your earnings to fund them).

I really hope that eventually the “MAGA” supporters who “love America” will finally come to realize that government central planning does not work, in ANY way, and that full decentralization is what is required to restore freedom and prosperity in our society.

And that is what I have to say about that.

Our Society Is Collapsing. Electing More Republicans Will Not Save It.

In this essay I go after Republicans and conservatives, but I also address their criminal counterparts on the left.

The truth is, the two major parties are a criminal racket and they need to be dismantled and many of their leaders thrown in jail.

Actually, it looks like our whole society has been headed for collapse, culturally and economically, for decades, and the way to reverse course is not through the political process. History proves me correct on that. On the other side, the conservatives such as “Clay and Buck” talk frantically about how “we must vote for Republicans” in these upcoming elections, even though the Republicans have been supporting Big Government welfare spending, enriching the military contractors such as sending arms to Ukraine, and continuing their unquestioning, obedient support for the military occupations in 800 trespassing bases overseas, and for the CIA, FBI and NSA who treasonously spy on, entrap, falsely accuse, and wage war on Americans.

Republicans can get in control in November, but will they go after the Covid scam regime in any meaningful way? Will they indict Fauci and Pfizer execs for fraud and involuntary manslaughter? The Republicans are pals with the snake-oil fraudsters of the pharmaceutical industry, so I think that answers my question.

And will the Republicans go after Hunter Biden and his corrupt father? Or Hillary, James Comey, Clapper, Brennan or any of those other people involved in Russiagate? I am not holding my breath.

Republicans and conservatives know that the election night vote counting mysteriously stopped in several swing states, and that Republican observers were illegally made to leave the premises. They know about the videos showing people with suitcases and coolers and the ballot stuffing going on, and many people have seen “2000 Mules.”

But, “for the good of the country” (whatever that means), Republicans will sweep all that under the rug.

After 9/11 the conservative nationalists who want to “MAGA,” gullibly believed the official government narrative, and supported the “Patriot” Act, and the wars that George W. Bush started. They gullibly believed the fear-mongering propaganda in the same way that many people now believe the Covid fear-mongering propaganda.

And when people like Ron Paul said that 9/11 was blowback for the elder President George Bush’s 1991 invasion of Iraq and bombings and sanctions imposed and continued by Bill Clinton, the “patriotic” conservative nationalists would boo and hiss.

So most conservatives are authoritarians who tend to believe official government narratives. They tend to believe government and media-promoted rationalizations for bombing and killing whole masses of people.

But, it’s immoral to kill an innocent human being, whether you want to rationalize such murders by calling the victims “collateral damage,” or rationalize killing babies just because they are unborn.

Speaking of the abortion issue, millions of screaming zombies are protesting all across the land the Supreme Court’s overturning Roe v. Wade, because killing babies is the screaming zombies’ important ritual that must be preserved.

In the arguments over Roe v. Wade, it sounds like the pro-abortion side denies the humanness of the unborn baby. Yes, the science says that is a living human being, in development just as all of us are developing throughout our lifetimes until we die.

So, like other past societies who dehumanized certain groups to rationalize killing them (like Nazi Germany or Soviet Union), and like the U.S. dehumanizing the victims and rationalizing dropping bombs on and murdering innocents in Germany, Japan, Vietnam, Iraq and all points between, our society continues to dehumanize unborn human beings to rationalize killing them as well.

Today’s abortion industry and their brainwashed cult followers continue to protest and yell at people, harass and attempt to silence their philosophical opponents. Have you heard the vile, vulgar and disgusting things they yell at people? (Do pro-life activists yell vulgarities and obscenities at women going into abortion clinics? Hmm.)

These extremists on the left are really anti-children, promoting a satanic ritual of killing the unborn. Many of these same people are the ones imposing their sexual invasiveness and perversions onto little kids, such as with the LGBT and transgender stuff onto 5 to 8-year-old kids.

Why do the high-profile pedophiles turn out to be people on the left so much of the time, including Jeffrey Epstein, Anthony Weiner, Hunter Biden, etc.? And the same with gropers and sexual harassers, like Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, Bill Clinton, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, etc.?

And many of these same people on the left are the ones who engage in child abuse with their insisting that little kids wear those damn face masks. Making children wear face masks is definitely CHILD ABUSE, in my view.

And there was yet again another article on the harms that the face masks cause! They’re destroying the little kids’ immune systems, their developing lungs, as well as their ability to live a normal life. The mask-fascists are causing the kids to have depression and other psychological problems, too.

And now we hear the Omicrats stepping up their Covid panic and hysteria-incitement, just like exactly one year ago, and scamming the people again with never-ending Covid and adding “monkey pox” to the mix.

“Doctors” Fauci, Walensky, Jha-Jha and Murthy are all LYING, at least through omission, by not reiterating that the Covid variants are less and less severe, less dangerous and less harmful to most people. And they MUST know that the mRNA drug injection has been causing tens of thousands of deaths and millions of reported injuries, cancers and other illnesses.

And now another “Summer surge” in which pharmacists and medical personnel turn the cycle threshold numbers up on the PCR tests to get higher numbers of “cases” regardless of people not having any symptoms. The officials will once again lie about the “over-capacity” hospitalizations to drive up the fear. The gullible sheeple will feel fear and terror when they have a cold or flu. It’s déjà vu all over again.

The terrorized sheeple will again demand mail-in cheating for the upcoming elections.

The regime in Maskachusetts, for example, are making permanent their mail-in cheating to make sure that no Republicans (or third parties) will have a chance to break through the stranglehold that Democrats have, including the state’s attorney general Maura-Tora-Tora who is now running for governor.

Speaking of the 2020 election fraud, with the 2020 riots and destruction not being enough, the Democrat-aligned violent thugs of Antifa and other groups have been firebombing and burning down pro-life pregnancy clinics, and they are getting away with it. The DOJ will not investigate them, because the fascist thugs at the DOJ agree with them.

Instead, the DOJ and FBI gangsters go after parents who attend school committee meetings criticizing the teaching of sexual, homosexual and transgender topics to little kids aged 5 to 9, the DOJ calling those parents “domestic terrorists.”

But Republicans don’t want to “second-guess” their beloved FBI and DOJ.

The DOJ and FBI are also entrapping and framing non-violent Trump supporters who happened to be at the U.S. Crapitol on January 6, 2021, but leaving alone the Antifa terrorists and FBI infiltrators who committed the actual violence and damage on that day.

That means we no longer have an honest “Justice” department in Washington. (Did we ever?)

Along with protecting actual thugs and criminals and persecuting innocent people for political reasons, we have district attorneys who don’t arrest or drop charges against actual criminals, thugs, thieves and assaulters.

Now we have fascist thugs and marauders going to Supreme Court “Justices” homes to harass and threaten them and their families. One guy attempted to assassinate Brett Kavanaugh.

The pro-abortion mob followed and stalked Kavanaugh at a restaurant and made him run out the back exit.

Well, I am more concerned about the other restaurant customers there. Kavanaugh himself, not so much. He has been a rubber-stamper for the police state, the drug war, the national security state, NSA, CIA, Gitmo torture and “black sites” and “state secrecy.” Just another Swamp creature.

But why only protest this abortion stuff? Why don’t these people on the left protest all the police-state decisions, the drug war and NSA and CIA-torture rubber-stamping by the Supreme Court? (Maybe because they are an abortion cult? And they also love the police state, when their guy is in charge?)

And how about those Soviet apparatchiks of the January 6th kangaroo hearings? They’re making up so many things now, just like with Russiagate. This article notes that the conservatives’ beloved FBI infiltrated the “Proud Boys” for a year and a half prior to January 6th! If that’s true, then in my view that’s further evidence that January 6th was clearly a set-up, a pre-planned FBI op, and the election steal was a part of it (that the “Covid” psy-op was also a part of, in my view).

The Swamp creatures are after Donald Trump, the pied piper who leads the conservatives and “MAGA” nationalists off the cliff, and who proudly gave us “Operation Warp Speed” poisonous snake oil gene therapy experimental drug injections falsely labeled “vaccines.” Fascist Trump wants to militarize the war on drugs and loves government central planning when it comes to trade, immigration, retirement planning and health care. Hooray!

So anyway, Republicans and Democrats will not do anything to “save the country” because they are the ones who have screwed up the country. Republicans and Democrats are the ones who have been in control for 150 years or so. Not Libertarians.

And the conservatives more specifically with the immigration and nationalism stuff. They want to “save America,” because they are authoritarian nationalists and collectivists and don’t understand that this whole territory is too big to be a single country or political unit. Too big in population and in area.

Rather than a “country,” let’s work on saving civilization because the society is on its way quickly to becoming an uncivilized neanderthal society.

We need to have a free society. That’s more important than “country,” I think.

In a free society people would not be constantly worried about the next elections, worried about this or that Party being in control. How absurd.

You live your life as you wish and do what you want in life, as long as you don’t violate the persons or property of others.

Restore freedom of contract, from the simplest lemonade stand to the largest corporation. No need to ask daddy government for permission. No need for central planners in Washington or your state bureaucrats messing things up, which is what they do, in addition to stealing your earnings and life savings.

In a free society maybe some people might need third party insurers and arbitrators. Unlike government bureaucrats, those third party insurers and arbitrators would be accountable under the law.

A free society is based on private property and property rights, the ideas of self-ownership and non-aggression, and the right of the people to defend themselves from aggression which means the right of the people to keep and bear arms. The only restriction would be on nuclear bombs which can’t be justified because they are indiscriminate and can’t pinpoint targets to only actual criminals or aggressors. (See Murray Rothbard on that.)

Currently, law enforcement, states attorneys general, district attorneys, FBI etc. are picking and choosing who is or is not accountable under the law, based solely on political reasons and ideology. The whole current statist system is therefore illegitimate and needs to be dismantled. (See Hans-Hermann Hoppe on that.)