News and Commentary

Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams: Vietnam Anyone? U.S. Lawmakers Call For Military Advisors To Ukraine! (video)

Joseph Mercola: The CDC Is Sacrificing Kids for Big Pharma

Jordan Schachtel: A ‘Highly Effective’ Hoodwink: 3 Years Later, There Remains No Functional Cure for a Coronavirus

Alliance for Human Research Protection: Israel Was Caught Concealing Children’s Vaccine Injuries

John Kiriakou: CIA Vault 7 Leaker Found Guilty. What Did He Actually Reveal?

ACLU: Police Are Using Newborn Genetic Screening to Search for Suspects, Threatening Privacy and Public Health

Joshua Cho: Calling Putin ‘Hitler’ to Smear Diplomacy as ‘Appeasement’

Gateway Pundit: Psychopath Tony Fauci — The Father of Lockdowns — Now Claims “I Didn’t Recommend Locking Anything Down”

Reason: Most Americans Think Government Is Corrupt, a Third Say Armed Revolution ‘May Be Necessary’ Soon

Laurence Vance: Libertarian Litmus Tests

J.D. Tuccille: One Civilian With a Gun at an Indiana Mall Offered Better Protection Than 376 Cops in Uvalde

Sheldon Richman: Complete Liberalism

And Patrick Macfarlane: Taiwan and Our ‘Feigned Ambiguity’

More News and Commentary

John Whitehead: Digital Authoritarianism: AI Surveillance Signals the Death of Privacy

Gateway Pundit: Why Does NY Governor Kathy Hochul Want Government-Mandated “Quarantine” and “Isolation” Camps Despite This Recent Court Ruling?

Joseph Mercola: Big Pharma Wants to Put an End to Vitamins and Supplements, and How Pfizer Profited From the Pandemic

Andrew Napolitano: Why Keep a Government That Fails Us?

Marty Makary and Tracy Beth Høeg: U.S. Public Health Agencies Aren’t ‘Following the Science,’ Officials Say

Jordan Schachtel: Scamdemic: NY Gov. Hochul Awards Megadonor with $637 Million in No-Bid Covid Contracts

Jeffrey Tucker: Dr. Birx Praises Herself While Revealing Ignorance, Treachery, and Deceit

Dave DeCamp: Mexican President Renews Offer to Grant Asylum to Julian Assange in Letter to Biden

Laurence Vance: Transform NATO Without U.S. Help

Pat Buchanan: Is a US-Russia War Becoming Inevitable?

John Vaughn: A Veteran Explains Why People Aren’t Joining the Military

Mike Maharrey: New Documents Reveal the Extent of Federal Location Surveillance

Alex Berenson: Stunning Official Canadian Data Show Vaccines Now RAISE the Risk of Death from Covid

Karen Kwiatkowski: What Are We Looking At?

Ron Paul: Inflation Even Hurts the Penguins

Just the News: Mystery Solved: DOJ Secretly Thwarted Release of Russia Documents Declassified by Trump

And Alan Macleod: Meet the Ex-CIA Agents Deciding Facebook’s Content Policy

Abolish NATO, and Other News

Thomas Knapp: Don’t Expand NATO – Disband It

Eve Ottenberg: Abolish the CIA

Caitlin Johnstone: Empire To Expand NATO In Response To War Caused By NATO Expansion

Gateway Pundit: Crackpot SCOTUS Justice Warns Eastern U.S. Could be “Swallowed by the Ocean” in Minority Dissent to EPA Ruling

Sheldon Richman: Abortion Rights v. Abortion Permissions

Birsen Filip: The Great Reset in Action: Ending Freedom of the Press, Speech, and Expression

Joseph Mercola: Why Three Covid Jabs Are Worse Than Two

Jordan Schachtel: Drug Cartel: Biden Admin Agrees to Pay Pfizer 56% More for Their Covid Shots

Andrew Napolitano: Forever Prisoners

Jeffrey Tucker: The Astonishing Implications of Trump’s Executive Order for Schedule F

Pierre Lemieux: The Peculiar Logic of Collectivist-Speak

Ray McGovern: NATO Scribes vs. Russian Artillery and Rockets

And Michael Snyder: Rationing Has Already Started In Europe as the Entire Globe Plunges into a Horrific Economic Nightmare

News and Commentary

John Kiriakou: Guarding Democracy from News

Tate Fegley: Florida’s Social Media Anticensorship Law and the Court’s Tortured Legal Logic

Breitbart: California: No. 1 in Gun Control, No. 1 in ‘Active Shooter Incidents’

Lloyd Billingsly: FBI Ballot Initiative: The incoming Congress Could End the FBI’s Use And Abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to Spy on “U.S. Persons.”

Ray McGovern: Gina Haspel Watched the Waterboarding at CIA ‘Black Site’

Paul Joseph Watson: WHO Says Gay Pride Events Should Go Ahead Despite Monkeypox Threat

Life Site: Amazon Employees Are Trying to Silence All Criticism of Transgender Madness

Matt Agorist: Pfizer CEO, Head of CIA, Facebook VP & Other Elites Secretly Meeting in DC — Corporate Media is Silent

And Natural News: VIOLENCE IN HOSPITALS: Mass Shootings Barely Compare to the Medical Violence Routinely Inflicted by Many Surgeons and Doctors

News and Commentary, More Reasons to Hate the State

Mike Maharrey: Lysander Spooner’s Strategy to Stop Unconstitutional Acts

John Whitehead: America, Meet Your New Dictator-in-Chief: The President’s Secret, Unchecked Powers

Steve Watson: Video: Fauci Openly Admits Biden Mask Mandate Is About Preserving “Authority”

Gary Barnett: Most All That Is Rational, Good, Beautiful, and Moral Has been Destroyed in Favor of Collective Idiocy

Thomas Knapp: Of Car Keys and “Gun Control”

James Risen: The FBI Tried to Ambush My Source. Now I’m Telling the Whole Story.

Robert Malone: Masking: More Harms than Good?

Andrew Napolitano: The Government Culture of Death

Veronique de Rugy: Corporations’ Woke Signaling Won’t Override Profit Motive

William Astore: A Graduation Speech to Air Force Cadets

And Gateway Pundit: CIA Notes Confirm US Intelligence Officials Targeted Trump After He Was Elected — Ran a Coup on President Trump While in Office

More News and Commentary

Life Site: International Study Finds Covid Jab Mandates Do More Harm Than Good

Brian Shilhavy: FDA had Data Showing 82% – 97% of Pregnant Women Injected with the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine Lost Their Babies Before Approving the Shots

Alex Berenson: mRNA Jab Samizdat among Physicians

Stephan Kinsella: Aggression and Property Rights Plank in the Libertarian Party Platform

Tom Woods: The Good Guys Just Won Big For a Change

Tom Secker: Documents Reveal How Pentagon Shaped ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ into a Recruitment And PR Vehicle

Peter Van Buren: Hillary Was In On Russiagate

John Solomon: Moral of Sussmann Trial: Americans See Lying as a DC Norm, Making Punishment Hard

Newsmax: ‘Ultraliberal DC Jury’ Blasted for Biased Sussmann Verdict

Jonathan Turley: Friends with Benefits: Sussmann Trial Further Exposes the FBI and Washington Establishment

The Blaze: James O’Keefe’s Opening Testimony on FBI and DOJ Overreach Leaves House Judiciary Committee Speechless

Daniel Horowitz: What Is Wrong with New Hampshire Governor Sununu?

Joseph Mercola: The Monkey Business Behind Monkeypox Propaganda

Vibhu Vikramaditya: Covid and Its Statist Legacy: How Did We Get to This Point?

Ron Paul: Don’t Trade Real Liberty for Phony Security

The Federalist: School Shootings Aren’t Caused by Faulty Gun Laws But by the Collapse of the Family

Big League Politics: Buffalo, NY Mass Shooter Had Been Coached by Former FBI Agent

Michael Snyder: “Accidental Fires” Continue to Happen at Food Processing Facilities All Over the United States

Lipton Matthews: Capitalism Is Not Racist; Capitalism Undermines Racism

And Natural News: Corporations Rescind Support for “GenderCool” Associations as Public Learns of Grooming and Genital Mutilation of Children

News and Commentary Not from Corporate Media

Ginger Ross Breggin and Peter Breggin: The Global Kidnapping of American Medicine Turns Hospitals into Killing Fields

Joseph Mercola: Mortality Rates Are on the Rise. Are Covid Vaccines to Blame?

Emerald Robinson: Pfizer’s New 80,000-Page Data Dump Is A Nightmare

Ryan Matters: Elon Musk: Champion of Free Speech or Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

Kerry McDonald: Universal Preschool Programs Expand, Despite Documented Harms

Brian Joondeph: Between Natural and Vaccine Antibodies, When is Enough Enough?

Jacob Hornberger: An Ideal Foreign Policy

Mark McDonald: From Animal Farm to 1984: America has Achieved the Orwellian State

M.B. Mathews: Normalizing Perversion

James Stansbury: The Grooming of Our Children Takes Many Forms

Michael Snyder: The Rioting That We Warned You About Has Now Begun

Brett Wilkins: “All of These Guys Belong in Prison”: CIA Torture Described in Vivid Detail by Psychologist

Andrew Napolitano: The Bill of Temporary Privileges

Jon Miltimore: Destroying Food to Fight Climate Change Is Madness—and a Conceit That Could Prove Fatal

Daniel Martin: Noninterventionism Is Not Isolationism: The U.S. Government Should Stop Arming Ukraine

Steve Kirsch: What I Learned on My Trip to the Ohio Statehouse

Gary Barnett: The Invasion of Humanoids Makes Me As Mad As Hell!

Laurence Vance: Overturning Roe v. Wade Will Not End Abortion in America

And Laurie Calhoun: Smart War Disinformation and the U.S. Military State

Corrupt U.S. Regime Wants to Charge Julian Assange with “Espionage”

The criminal U.S. government has gotten its U.K. puppet judge to approve of extraditing Julian Assange so Assange can be charged and tried for “espionage” even though he did no actual spying and didn’t act on behalf of any foreign government entity, only on behalf of the people who have a right to know the truth about their rulers, and even though he was never a citizen of the United State.

Assange’s “crime” was that of his WikiLeaks publishing many documents and videos which revealed U.S. and other Western governments’ war crimes especially in Afghanistan and Iraq. WikiLeaks also published DNC emails which showed how corrupt politicians and “journalists” are in D.C.

But plenty of publications also published the same material including evidence of war crimes, so the U.S. feds would have to go after them as well, to be consistent.

Meanwhile, actual criminals who happen to be employed by the regime get away with their crimes, especially as long as they are Democrats or support Democrats. For example, the DOJ and FBI apparatchiks who lied to FISA court judges to spy on Trump and his cohorts, and all the 2020 election night shenanigans and ballot stuffing and election stealing that went on.

And then we have this two-year scamdemic in which one government fascist bureaucrat after another gets away with unconstitutionally ordering business shut-downs sans due process, and ordering house arrest and stay-in orders against the people, as well as anti-health mask mandates and “vaccines” that are not vaccines.

Government criminals get away with their crimes, but the ones who reveal them get persecuted and jailed and worse.

In 2017, I wrote this regarding U.S. government apparatchiks persecution of Julain Assange:

And now, CIA director and former congresscritter Mike Pompeo criticizes Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, an organization previously praised by Trump, calling WikiLeaks a “non-State hostile intelligence service.” Seriously? And this crap coming from the director of a government “hostile intelligence service,” a.k.a. CIA.?

So Pompous Pompeo is threatening to disrupt WikiLeaks (and other whistleblowers and transparency-related organizations) in their use of “free speech values” in order to protect the criminality of the national security state bureaucracies, despite even Pompeo’s own previous praise of WikiLeaks in its exposing the Obama Administration’s corruption.

But without “free speech values,” whistleblowers and Freedom of Information Acts, we would not know about the Pentagon Papers. We would not know in 1971 that the military bureaucrats believed as early as 1967 that the war in Vietnam could not be won, and that Presidents Johnson and Nixon nevertheless continued to send tens of thousands of young Americans off to their deaths for no good reason. So thank God for Daniel Ellsberg.

Without “free speech values,” whistleblowers and freedom of Information Acts, we would not know that the real reason for post-9/11 torture was to concoct a false connection between Iraq and 9/11. We would not have seen the Iraq War logs. We would not see the Afghanistan War logs. So thank God for Bradley Manning, in my view.

And without “free speech values,” whistleblowers and freedom of Information Acts, we would not know about the Saudi regime’s support of the 9/11 terrorists. And we would not know about the Clinton Foundation’s collusions with the Saudis as well.

Now, I know that some people don’t like the reference to “sheeple” (because it sounds “derogatory”), but if you are an authoritarian sheeple, then you probably defend CIA, NSA, FBI, etc., regardless of the crimes their agents commit against innocents at home and abroad.

But this Mike Pompeo person calls WikiLeaks a “hostile intelligence service,” while that is exactly what his CIA is and has been for decades. For instance, in Operation Ajax the CIA in 1953 staged a coup in which the Iranian Prime Minister Mosaddegh was brought down and replaced by a U.S. government puppet, the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. The CIA supported the Shah’s totalitarian police state known as SAVAK for 25 years, and this dictatorship is what led to the 1979 Iranian Revolution that included taking Americans hostage in Iran and an imposition of an Isalmic-based regime which has been in place ever since.

So really the tensions that exist now with Iran, and the paranoia of and hatred toward Iran on the part of policy makers in U.S. government would not be happening, in my view, were it not for the CIA’s criminal aggressions in Iran. The CIA and Shah of Iran’s totalitarianism are what led to the rise of Islamic extremism and that revolution. You see what government interventionism causes? So these U.S. government bureaucracies are like the dog chasing its tail, creating new problems and then in an attempt to solve the problems they cause they then create additional problems. Unfortunately, this is what neocons, interventionists, globalists, “American Exceptionalists,” support in their blind obedience to CIA and other bureaucrats.

And I wonder if Mike Pompeo even knows about Operation Northwoods and Operation Mongoose, schemes proposed by the CIA and military Joint Chiefs of Staff to stage various false flags such as hijacking or attacking a civilian airliner and attacking a U.S. ship in Cuban waters, as well as causing terror among the Miami area Cuban community and blaming it all on Cuba’s Castro. The false flag schemes of Operation Northwoods were proposed to President John F. Kennedy in 1962 which he rejected. But he did sign on to Operation Mongoose, which went forward. Here is an ABC News article about Northwoods. And that was all nearly 40 years before 9/11.

Many True Believers believe the Warren Commission’s conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman who assassinated John F. Kennedy. But there was definitely a motive for the CIA and fellow national security state goons to assassinate Kennedy with his promoting peace rather than war that they prefer to promote. See Charles Burris and Jacob Hornberger (and especially this from Hornberger) on that issue. View Kennedy’s 1963 Peace Speech at American University, just months before he was murdered.

And I wrote that in 2017. I can’t believe that it’s been 5 years now since that post. And still, the criminal U.S. government is going after the messenger. That is, the one who revealed to the world just how criminal and corrupt the regime in Washington really is.

The feds and goons and thugs of Washington constantly make a good case for decentralization and secession for the sake of restoring freedom to the society, that’s for sure.

Real News and Commentary (for conspiracy theory, go to MSNBC, CNN, NYT, etc.)

Doug Bandow: Prosecute Vladimir Putin for War Crimes? Yes, Alongside MbS, MbZ, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Other Unworthies

Ron Paul: CIA Admits Feeding Americans False Info About Ukraine

Wayne Lusvardi: Covid-19 Deaths are Sepsis: Bill Sardi Death Update

Larry Johnson: Reading the Psyops Tea Leaves in Ukraine – Americans are Focused on Challenges at Home

Emerald Robinson: Thomas Lipscomb: The Secrets of the Zapruder Film

Ryan McMaken: The Ukraine War Shows Nukes Mean Safety from US-Led Regime Change

Jacob Hornberger: Why Didn’t Trump Pardon Assange and Snowden?

Infowars: Trump Endorses Dr. Oz Despite History of Promoting Trans Agenda on Kids

Peter van Buren: Revisiting Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Murray Rothbard: How the Business Cycle Happens

And Gateway Pundit: Naomi Wolf Fires a Warning Shot: A Resounding Defeat of Biden at Midterms Will Not Be Allowed, Look for an Impending Emergency to Unfold (VIDEO)

The U.S. Constitution and the National Security State

Jacob Hornberger has some points to ponder on the U.S. Constitution. He notes that the Constitution authorizes the federal government to have specific enumerated, limited government powers, not omnipotent powers, and not a national security state. And he then discusses the Bill of Rights and how after World War II especially it all went downhill from there because of the rulers’ turning the nation into a national security state.

In my view, there shouldn’t be a federal government to begin with, and the people of this society need to decentralize and dismantle the federal government. But, if there must be a government (any government, federal, state or local), then we should keep the Bill of Rights as the law which all government agents must follow. The Bill of Rights is a small listing of some of the rights that all people have inherently, and it provides rules requiring government agents to not infringe on those rights of the people. So, that’s my view on that.

Here is an excerpt from Hornberger’s article

If Americans are to regain a free, prosperous, harmonious, moral, normal, and peaceful society, their focus must not be on Russia, China, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, terrorism, communism, Islam, or any other supposed threat. Their focus must necessarily be on the entity that has destroyed their rights, liberties, and well-being, and that is currently pushing them closer to nuclear devastation, not to mention national bankruptcy — the national-security state that was unconstitutionally and illegally brought into existence to fight its Cold War racket.

How could anyone out there disagree with that?

Catching Up on Things

This has been a very busy week. Now I have been working on a post in response to the Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson hearings, and I’ve been going through all of my bookmarked articles. Here are the first few articles that I think are informative and enlightening. I’ll get to the rest of them at some point.

Bernardo Decoster: Thomas Szasz’s Campaign against Psychiatric Coercion and the “Therapeutic State”

Jack Shafer: Why Journalists Love War

Project Veritas: Microsoft Corporation Legal Documents Show Biden DOJ Spying on Project Veritas Journalists; Hides It from Federal Court Judge

Emerald Robinson: The DOJ Is Hiring Tort Lawyers To Defend HHS From Vaccine Injury Cases

Charles Burris: The CIA and the Nazis: A Retrospective History

And Ted Galen Carpenter: The U.S. Press Again Becomes a Conduit for Pro-War Propaganda

CIA Provoked Russia to Invade Ukraine?

There have been several people on the radio now saying that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine doesn’t make very much sense, and I agree. As I was saying a few days ago, The apparatchiks in Washington don’t like peace, because that would mean possible budget cuts to their tax-funded largess and their living high off the hog, as well as for their private sector cronies, the merchants of death “defense” contractors.

So that is why they need the CIA to instigate some sort of foreign conflict to justify the big and bigger budgets. As I wrote a few days ago, it certainly is possible that the CIA could in some way have gotten Putin to do their bidding. Like the elder Bush in 1991 starting the post-Cold War new phase of wars and conflicts.

Anyway, Jacob Hornberger has a post that explains that kind of reasoning further. He brings up a cable from 2009 by then-U.S. ambassador to Russia William Burns regarding Russia’s fears of NATO expansion. Burns has now been the CIA director for a year now. Hmmm…

More News and Commentary

Gateway Pundit: “Time For the Protesters to Hear Our Jackboots on the Ground:” Leaked Text Messages Reveal Some of “Canada’s Finest” Are Going Way Past Simply “Following Orders”

The Last Refuge: Ottawa Police Chief Confirms Federal Law Enforcement Will Use Intelligence Gathered to Continue Investigating, Hunting, Targeting and Arresting Protest Attendees Long After Protests End

Andrew Napolitano: CIA Spies and Their Collaborators

Ron Paul: The Federal Reserve: Enemy of American Workers

Jacob Hornberger: The Evil and Malevolence of the Pentagon’s Brilliant Strategy in Ukraine

Glenn Greenwald: The Neoliberal War on Dissent in the West

Ryan McMaken: The War Party Wants a New Cold War, and the Money That Comes with It

Lew Rockwell: Our Mortal Enemy Trudeau

Murray Rothbard: Why the Business Cycle Happens

John Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead: The Mind Control Police: The Government’s War on Thought Crimes and Truth-Tellers

James Bovard: Liberals’ Love Affair with Leviathan

Richard Ebeling: The Social Engineer as Ethical Authoritarian

And Jeff Deist: The New Antieconomics

More News and Commentary

Daniel Horowitz: Who Are Actually the Super-Spreaders?

Life Site: “Fully Vaccinated” Make Up Majority of Covid Hospitalizations in Ontario, Gov’t Data Show

Joseph Mercola: Stigmatizing the Unvaxxed and Unboosted

Jeremy Loffredo: More Kids Dying from Vaccines Than from Covid, Nurse Tells Louisiana Lawmakers

Gateway Pundit: Bill Filed In Washington Would Authorize ‘Strike Force’ To ‘Involuntarily Detain’ Unvaccinated Families – Zoom Meeting on Proposed Agenda on Jan. 21, ’22 …UPDATE: WA Releases Statement

John Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead: Despotism Is the New Normal: Looming Threats to Freedom in 2022

Ron Paul: We Need a Peaceful Revolution

José Niño: America’s Legitimacy Crisis Heats Up

Daniella Bassi: What Mayan Civilization Can Teach Us about Secession and Decentralization

Donald Boudreaux: The Only ‘Antitrust’ Policy That’s Needed is Freedom of Entry

Project Veritas: Military Documents About Gain of Function Contradict Fauci Testimony Under Oath

Thomas DiLorenzo: Stephen Breyer is Corrupt

Steve Kirsch: New Big Data Study of 145 Countries Shows Covid Vaccines Make Things Worse

Glenn Greenwald: The Histrionics and Melodrama Around 1/6 Are Laughable, but They Serve Several Key Purposes

Jacob Hornberger: Abolish NATO

And Emerald Robinson: The Mystery of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell Explained

More News and Commentary

Jordan Schachtel: Aiding Biden’s Attack on American Rights, Supreme Court Justices Peddle Endless Streams of Covid Misinformation

Joseph Mercola: More Children Die from the Covid Shot Than from Covid

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr: The Day Jake Tapper Sold His Soul to Pharma

Richard Ebeling: Winning Freedom Requires Some Radical Solutions

Brian Shilhavy: Novavax: Soon to be FDA-Authorized Covid Vaccine for the “Christian Pro-life” Population?

Jim Davies: Where Will All the Bullies Go?

David Swanson: The Pentagon and CIA Have Shaped Thousands of Hollywood Movies into Super Effective Propaganda

Vasko Kohlmayer: Sacrificing Children to Covid Vaccines

James Bovard: Dems and Media Who Portray Jan. 6 as a Near-fatal Attack on Democracy Are Absurd

Matt Taibbi: A Tale of Two Authoritarians

And Steve Kirsch: Australia Shows the World the Wrong Way to Keep the Virus under Control

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