End Selective Service, No More Draft!

Edward Hasbrouck has this article on Antiwar.com, Congress Is Again Considering Proposals To End, or To Expand, Selective Service.

So, once again I would like to repost what I wrote about that issue here in 2013, More Calls for “National Service” as Americans Are Already Increasingly Enslaved by Government:

September 18, 2013

Jacob Hornberger and Sheldon Richman of the Future of Freedom Foundation had this discussion on the “Libertarian Angle,” regarding calls for “national service.” In this edition, they also discussed Syria and monetary policy.

As part of their discussion on “national service,” Sheldon Richman pointed out that many of those calls for “national service” are not particularly for people to serve other people or their neighbors or the community, but to serve the nation. The implication is that the inhabitants of the territory here owe something to the nation.

The truth is, many amongst the “national service” crowd really believe in the idea of sacrifice. They say you must sacrifice some of your time and labor to “serve” others. But, as Ayn Rand noted, they really mean sacrifice for the sake of sacrifice.

But really, to the nationalists we owe a sacrifice to the State. We have something, such as freedom and opportunity, for which we must show gratitude by being compelled to “serve,” something that the State has given to us or provides for us, and that we owe something in return. That is the underlying premise of the “national service” crowd.

Why there would be a resurgence in calls for “national service” at this time, after 12 long years of Afghanistan and Iraq, and now the tyrannical ObamaCare, is beyond me. You want us to serve THAT? That monstrous Leviathan?

I was very disappointed to read just recently from war and Big Government critic Andrew Bacevich that he supports some sort of “national service” program, or a “citizen soldiers” program. He was interviewed on NPR and stated:

My proposal, to be clear, is not to restore the draft, but to enact a program of national service. National service means all able-bodied young people owe a couple of years of service to the country. Some of them may choose to serve in the military. All the rest will serve in other capacities, you know, whether it’s a renewed equivalent of the Civilian Conservation Corps, or whatever.

And I was also reminded of the extreme disappointment I felt in the early ’90s when William F. Buckley, Jr. came out with his book, Gratitude.

Oh, we should be grateful that the government or the State provides for us our freedom and opportunities, even though it is those damn bureaucrats who are employed by the State who have done everything they can to demolish our opportunities and trample on our freedom!

“Grateful”? Sorry, I would be grateful if Americans decided to shut down the criminal institution that is the U.S. government and unshackle the chains and release its hold on our enslaved lives.

In 1990 the New York Times provided this quote from Buckley’s book:

The objective should be to enroll, by the turn of the century, more than 80 percent of Americans born in 1973 or later. . . . Yes, there needs to be a National Service Franchise Administration. Its primary function should be to gather information for use by the states and indeed by individuals seeking (for instance) a locality that sustains an NSFA program most congenial to their inclination. . . . But the NSFA, observing its mandate, should also recommend appropriate legislation to Congress, legislation having primarily to do with federal sanctions.

These are “freedom-loving conservatives”? (Humph. With “conservatives” like this, who needs communists?)

So the “national service” crowd seem to believe that we should be grateful for our enslavement. That is why so many of the nationalists, collectivists and statists are so resentful toward libertarians. We libertarians actually appreciate the idea of freedom of choice, freedom of movement, self-ownership, voluntary association and voluntary contract. You see, when you let people have their freedom, then the State has less control over your life, and the nationalists, collectivists and statists whose self-identity is closely linked to their love for the State also feel a loss of control.

But  in regards to this call that others serve the nation, to most people the “nation” or the State is really an abstract concept which is based on myths and a religious worship of this god the State.

Sheldon Richman and Jacob Hornberger in their discussion mentioned James Bovard who has written extensively on the sham that is AmeriCorps (a.k.a. ObamaCorps). Here is Bovard’s most recent piece on that.

The truth is, human beings own their own lives, they are not owned by the State, the “nation,” their neighbors, the community. It is not the State or the nation that provides your freedom. Your freedom is a natural thing that you have inherently.

But the only people to whom you “owe” anything are those with whom you have established actual contracts that would involve agreed-to transactions or trades.

In my 2009 response to Barack Obama and Ted Kennedy’s calls to revive Bill Clinton’s “AmeriCorps,” I wrote,

Here are some examples of how people serve others: steel workers and carpenters in the manufacturing sector serve the companies they work for, but are really serving the actual consumers who need the items they produce, such as computers, trucks and office buildings. There are people in the service sector who serve people who need groceries, get coffee at the local diner and clothes at the department store. And of course there are charities who serve the needs of those who can’t afford the daily necessities. And there are professionals such as doctors, lawyers and accountants who serve many people’s needs.The people in the “social services” sector such as nurses and nurses’ aides serve the needs of medical patients and teachers serve the needs  of children and young adults who need to be educated.

Now, the people in all these groups are not forced nor coerced to serve others; they do it voluntarily, and yes, most of them are paid for their work. They receive a financial compensation which is in their self-interest and they do a service to others, and their work is not planned or mandated by state authority with the armed force of legal compulsion. At the same time, there are many, many people throughout the population who do volunteer work, also in absence of government mandates or coercion–they do it out of their own genuine concern for others. People who lack that concern will probably not do volunteer work even if it’s mandated by government. You would have to have state-imposed conscription to force them to do such “involuntary servitude.” However, their sacrifice is not needed.

In fact, the “national service” people really don’t like that kind of voluntary trade and association. They seem to need some kind of sense of control over others in which “service” is valid when it is compelled and controlled by bureaucrats, based on some belief that we as individuals are owned by the State (or by the collective of the community). This has been the philosophy behind AmeriCorps, and other kinds of “national service,” as well as being the same kind of philosophy behind many government regulations and bureaucratic intrusions in our personal and economic lives.

Our Struggle Against Fascism (or Communism) in the West

February 24, 2022

I have been using the words “fascist” and “fascism” a lot recently, especially in my previous essay referring to the Covid fascists. And I wanted to clarify what I mean by fascism.

Fascism is very similar to socialism, which is considered to be government ownership of the means of production, industry, and property.

There is little difference between socialism and fascism, and between socialism and communism. I didn’t want to get into the technical details on all that here. For that you can read Socialism and Communism by Ludwig von Mises, Fascism versus Capitalism by Lew Rockwell, Socialism: an Economic and Sociological Analysis by Ludwig von Mises, and maybe even Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman, if you are interested.

But as I explained here, one of the important means of production is the people. So when you have government ownership of the means of production, which includes the people, you have enslavement of the people.

Some like to define socialism as “public ownership” of the means of production etc. but really the government is the ultimate owner. So, it’s government ownership.

And who is “the government”? Politicians and bureaucrats really, who have acquired their ownership certainly not based on legitimate means of acquiring ownership, as you well know.

But fascism is really a form of socialism, in which the bureaucrats are the ultimate owners of the means of production, industry and property (and the people), but supposedly in a system of officially private ownership, not collective ownership. But such private ownership is only on paper, because when the ultimate decision-makers and authorities are the bureaucrats, then really the bureaucrats are the ultimate owners.

That means that all government-imposed regulations, zoning rules, mandates and prohibitions involving people and their alleged “private” property, are examples of fascism.

One obvious example of fascism is the collection of Covid policies over the past two years now. When a bureaucrat like your corrupt  governor orders a business to be closed down, without any actual legal complaint against the business, without a reason to suspect the business to be engaged in some criminality, fraud or theft, without any semblance of due process, yes, that’s fascism.

In a free society, regardless of a virus going through the area, if a ruling bureaucrat wanted a business to be shut down, the bureaucrat would have to by law respect the business’s right to due process: there would have to be a legitimate reason to order the business shut down, such as a reason to believe the business to be a “threat to the public health,” with evidence to back up that allegation, or a reason to suspect the business of some actual crime against an actual victim, with evidence to back up the allegation.

But in our fascist society, the bureaucrats have been ordering businesses shut down (and giving some loony-tunes rules like in Massachusetts and New Hampshire in which you can be open until a certain time and can only provide beverages but not food or whatever crap the governor wants to make up). Governors and other madmen (or madpeople, I should say) have also been ordering churches to be closed down. Now that’s a fascist.

Such bureaucrats are violating the people’s Fifth Amendment rights as well as their First Amendment rights. So as you can see, here in the U.S. the bureaucrats and their enforcers are violating their Constitutional oaths constantly. Do they even have a Constitution in Canada?

In Canada, the bureaucrats up there have been arresting ministers who have kept their churches open in disobedience of the bureaucrats’ fascist orders. Some of the crap we have been seeing by openly fascist bureaucrats has been utterly absurd.

I think that whether you call those government criminals (sorry for the redundancy) “fascists” or “communists,” those words mean the same thing, in my view.

The war on drugs is another example of fascism in Western society (and the “East,” the Middle East, and all points between).

In a free society the individual’s right of self-ownership is a given. You own your own life and your own body and you will put into your own body or ingest whatever foods or drugs or chemicals you decide to do. That’s self-ownership in a free society.

But in a fascist society, which is what ours is, the government owns your body. The government will decide what you may or may not put into “your” body. You must obey.

And the bureaucrats’ police will enforce those edicts and prohibitions with guns, clubs, tasers, and all the rest, and they will be rubber-stamped by the judicial morons in the government courts, including the Harvtards of the Supreme Court.

And in a fascist society not only do we have government-imposed prohibitions of bodily ingestions, but government-imposed mandates of bodily ingestions such as vaccines (in today’s case “vaccines” like mRNA drugs that are not vaccines).

And many hospitals and businesses may still be “privately” owned on paper, but are really de facto government owned because of all their tax-funded handouts and government-imposed regulations.

In that regard of Covid fascism, if someone mistakenly finds oneself in the hospital “with Covid,” and requests (or even demands) to be given alternative medication rather than the hospital’s own protocol of killer remdesivir and ventilators there are many Nurse Ratcheds and Joan Crawfords now who refuse to let the patients have their requested alternative.

In our fascist society, the Government/Pharma/Medical complex has been breeding medical “professionals” to be authoritarian, mindless robots obediently following the orders of the Regime. What do they think this is, Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union?

Hmm, why do many conservatives oppose vaccine mandates or hospital/government prohibitions of alternative treatments, but support prohibitions of drugs? (After all, I guess they do love their booze, so we can’t prevent them from getting drunk, god forbid.)

And in our fascist society we have millions of people who demand that you use certain pronouns even if such pronouns are incorrect. There are many zombies now who must have control over what other people say and how they say it. Yes, those people. “I own you and order you to say this or that, and you may not say what I don’t like,” is what the speech fascists say.

And then there’s the more blatant police state. In a free society, the people’s right to their privacy is not violated by government agents. If there is a government, it must follow rules for respecting the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects. In the Constitution those rules are covered by mainly the Fourth Amendment.

If the bureaucrats or their enforcers want to enter or search or seize property, there must be a reason to suspect someone of something criminal with a high probability that their intrusion or seizure will find evidence against the accused.

So, with freedom the government may not pry or spy without cause, and also there is government transparency. In a free society there are Freedom of Information Act requests galore and they are granted without question. Government does not have secrecy, but the people have their privacy.

The individual owns one’s own life and one’s “effects” and others may not intrude, pry, invade, trespass. And the government we have in a “democracy” is a publicly owned government, not a privately owned entity with property rights, etc.

That is in total contrast to the way things are now in the fascist West, in Amerika and Kanada as we have seen now. Everything is in the reverse now. The government owns you and your life and body, your earnings, “your” property, and so on. And you don’t have a say as to what goes on in the government. And you don’t have a right to know what the bureaucrats and their government minions are up to. “Tough noogies,” they say.

The Government is The Authority. You must be quiet, and obey!

In current fascism, the government may pry into your private life, your bank account, your home, your car, and spy on you without any reason to suspect you of anything, and steal your money and property based on whatever made-up stories the FBI, Canadian Mounties or local government police can concoct.

In a free society, the people may of course exercise their right to dissent and openly disagree with government policies, as well as criticize them, and even mock and satirize them, without fear of punishment or retaliation.

In contrast, in our current fascism, look what happens to a presidential candidate who promises to “Drain the Swamp!”. The apparatchiks, government spies and the Fourth Estate go after that guy, that’s for sure.

Look what happens to journalists who do actual investigating of the regime or reveal its crimes or incompetence. Sharyl Attkisson, James Risen, James Rosen, Michael Hastings, Bradley Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, Andrew Breitbart. (And why is it that mainly Democrats are going after journalists? Hmmm?) And in fascist Amerika we have the CIA, the FBI, NSA, and on and on.

A fascist world is a bizarro world, where up is down, down is up, in is out, male is female, and a world in which craziness rules. “The inmates are running the asylum” comes to mind.

So, some call it fascism but others call it communism. I say, let’s call the whole thing off.

And I think that none of this fascist or communist crap would be going on now if there were no income tax or IRS, or any system based on such involuntary contracts or transactions. Who in his right mind would voluntarily let someone take away one’s earnings or wealth with no contract involved, no voluntary agreement on what the taker will do with such earnings or wealth?

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What Kind of World Do We Want to Live In?

Bretigne Shaffer says we have a choice to make.

When a few politicians can order entire economies to grind to a halt, when they can dictate to us what goods and services are “essential” (a category that always includes themselves) and which are not, then there is very little they cannot do. I would argue that there is nothing at all they cannot do.

The most critical issue in all of this is not, and never was, determining the most effective way to deal with crises like this one (and if it were, there is more than enough evidence from this outbreak alone to entirely disqualify state action from that competition.) This is not about whether government-ordered lockdowns “work” to stem the spread of a deadly virus. Nor is it even about how deadly that virus is or is not.

The much more important issue is: What kind of world are we creating when we allow a government to have this kind of power?

Each one of us needs to ask ourselves this question. Each one of us needs to decide which side of this they are on, which side they will stand up for. And yes, there really are only two sides: Choosing to go in the direction of a more free society, or choosing to go in the direction of a more authoritarian one.

Bretigne is exactly right. There needs to be more civil disobedience now. And court cases. There are some. But it’s not nearly enough. The overlords need some kind of pushback now. Otherwise obedience and submissiveness are telling them, “It’s okay, order us to close our businesses and lose our jobs. It’s for our own good, and our ‘safety’. Send the storm troopers after people for driving to a different state, go door to door to find people from New York. It’s okay.”


Coronavirus Hysteria: “Liberals” for Fascism, Police State in Amerika

Here is my latest article on Activist Post: Coronavirus Hysteria: “Liberals” for Fascism, Police State in Amerika:

March 17, 2020

Former Congressman Ron Paul is right about the government and medical fear mongers inciting panic among the American population. Bureaucrats and their media spokespeople are scaring Americans to accept unnecessary abridgments of their freedom.

And it’s very troubling now with the “liberals” and their calls for more fascism and controls, and pleas for censorship, just as it was with the warmongers after 9/11.

Bernie Sanders recently accused Donald Trump’s alleged coronavirus “unfactual information” of “exacerbating the crisis,” and said that, “the first thing we have got to do, whether or not I’m president, is to shut this president up right now.”

But all Trump has done is to tell the truth about the coronavirus COVID-19, that for most people is really no different from the seasonal flu. The symptoms are similar, and for most people the symptoms are mild symptoms.

For Bernie and the media propagandists, everyone should just obediently believe the hype that implies that COVID-19 is as serious as Ebola, and shut up.

(However, while Ebola has a 90% mortality rate, coronavirus COVID-19 has a less then 1% mortality rate. That’s quite a difference, Bernie.)

Like the neocon warmongers and interventionists who censored criticism of government psychopaths after 9/11, the “liberals” will be going after any speech that doesn’t fall in line with the official narrative propaganda of COVID-19.

After 9/11, there were many instances of government-imposed censorship. In the years after 9/11, Sen. Lindsey Graham said, “I wish we could find some way to hold people accountable. Free speech is a great idea, but we’re in a war. During World War II, you had limits on what you could do if it inspired the enemy.”

Note the “We’re At War” thing. We’re “at war” so Graham says censoring or stifling freedom of speech (especially our criticism of those imbeciles in Washington) is okey-dokey for him.

And Graham and his fellow statists also reject due process. He said that if someone is accused of terrorism, then, “If you’re an American citizen and you betray your country, you’re not going to be given a lawyer.”

Naturally statists who worship the high-and-mighty rulers do not understand that we’re talking about those accused of “betraying their country,” not people who have been tried and convicted of such acts.

But soon the non-hysterical and non-irrational will be accused of “terrorism” or of “giving people COVID-19” if we don’t go along with the hype and panic, and who knows what will happen then.

The “liberals” are now the ones with the “We’re at War” mentality, with the overblown, over-hyped “War on Coronavirus.” Unlike during the H1N1 crisis of 2009-2010 when Obama was President, now Trump is President. That’s different. So the Trump haters’ inner Nazi is now showing in full glory.

Besides the president of France Emmanuel Macron saying, “We are at war,” here in the U.S. government parasites like Joe Biden and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo are calling for the military to get involved with COVID-19. As Becky Akers notes, Cuomo has already militarized New Rochelle. (Oh, what will the Petries do now?)

Herr Cuomo wrote in a New York Times op-ed, “our best hope is to utilize the Army Corps of Engineers to leverage its expertise, equipment, and people power to retrofit and equip existing facilities — like military bases or college dormitories” … (For COVID-19 sufferers? Or for those who object to the “liberal” fascists and their police state? We just don’t know.)

And the president of Massachusetts General Hospital has said that “we need to think about this in almost a war-like stance,” so, I’m sure that he and the doctors have their battle fatigues on, the ambulance tanks revved up, and ready for the kill.

In Massachusetts, the alleged birthplace of the American Revolution, the liberal Republican Gov. Charlie Baker has ordered schools closed, a ban on gatherings of more than 25 sheeple, and he’s ordered restaurants and bars closed down. Other U.S. state governors are doing the same, and some are ordering more extensive bans and closures.

The sheeple are responding to the media and “officials” propaganda by flooding grocery stores and hoarding toilet paper and other goods, like it’s an impending blizzard or hurricane. The restaurant closures will elicit more hysterical crowding of the grocery stores, so the fascists in control might consider closing them, too. What then?

The rulers just don’t get the freedom thing, do they?

What, not let all the businesses be open and let the informed public make their own choice whether to voluntarily go into a restaurant or bar, or not?

No, NOT voluntary! “Voluntary” doesn’t enter the vocabulary of a fascist, or socialist like Bernie Sanders who wants the government to control just about every aspect of everyday life, with all the people being compelled by force to comply. OBEY!

With the stock market collapsing like in 2008, and many people now losing their finances and with the business closings many people losing their necessary commerce and paychecks, I am hoping that someone takes these bureaucrats and their dictatorial orders to court.

And what if business owners and their customers and patrons engaged in civil disobedience, and went about their lives as usual? What would Gov. Charlie Baker do to them? Arrest them? And put them into over-crowded jails, putting them at risk of coronavirus COVID-19?

And all this hysteria and government conniving with a contagious virus, that, as Dr. Jeremy Faust of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School wrote, isn’t as deadly as the media are making it out to be. Compared to Ebola, COVID-19’s mortality rate of probably less than 1% is quite low, taking into account all the people who have probably already had it but because of mild symptoms assumed it was just a flu or cold and so didn’t bother reporting it or even going to the doctor.

It is mainly a serious problem for those who already have respiratory illnesses or other serious medical problems, and for the elderly whose immune systems are weaker because of age.

And by the way, because of the media’s sensationalizing COVID-19, and with the fascism and militarism of this latest situation, just how many strokes and heart attacks might happen (or have happened) because of all the stress and worry being inflicted onto people by fear mongers and the stock market collapse and uncertainty they have caused?

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