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Elections No Longer Legitimate in USSA, United Soviet States of Amerika

I have already commented on the 2022 election in banana republic Amerika, and would rather not spend any more time on the subject. But it is so extreme now, it appears that the country is now lost and that elections will no longer be legitimate. Duh.

Mail-in voting invites and actually encourages fraud and cheating. Localities are sending out unrequested mail-in ballots to people, registered voters, non-registered voters who are residents, deceased people, people who already moved and re-registered in other districts, etc. We know there was a lot of ballot stuffing and ballot harvesting in 2020 and 2022.

Early voting is also early cheating, in my view. It’s easier for the fraudsters to cheat with early voting. And why is it that just one side of the aisle does not want to require voters to present ID to prove who they are when voting?

And we saw how in Arizona the vote tabulating machines were rejecting Republican ballots, Republican voters had to stand in long lines waiting hours to cast their votes, or were made to leave, reminding of 2020. But if you say that the machines were rigged you are an “election denier.”

And then there’s the media with their “election denier” propaganda to suppress the truth just like in 2020.

See this recent article from Gateway Pundit, for example: Results Provided by Media Are Not Derived from Flashdrives Coming from Precincts

And given how dishonest many people are now in our decayed banana republic society, vote counters see a ballot with a vote for Kari Lake for example, but they will say this looks unclear so I think this is a vote for Katie Hobbs, and so on.

And I am hearing conservative talk radio personalities, Republican strategists and pollsters now saying that “we need to play their game by doing mail-in voting and early voting as well,” which to me means that now everybody is going to be cheating and committing vote fraud, so even further that means future elections will not be legitimate in any way.

So as long as we no longer have observers who are allowed to witness close up the vote counting, as long as we have mail-in voting and early voting, not just by Democrats but Republicans as well, elections in Amerika will not be legitimate and this confirms that we are living in a third-world banana republic.

All in All, America Is a Corrupt Society (Updated)

So by early 2020 the U.S. had quite an era of prosperity with way low unemployment rates especially for minorities, a rich supply of energy sources and in fact energy independence and being an energy exporter.

How do you like them apples?

Well, apparently Democrats didn’t like them apples, because they hated Donald Trump so much they were obsessed with trashing the entire society to get rid of him.

And then the Covid scamdemic hit, beginning with the wokesters of Wall Street crashing the financial sector, followed by more panic and hysteria. 

But now we know the truth about the “virus,” its .1% infection fatality rate and all the rest, and we know the truth about the idea of asymptomatic carriers not being contagious and the how faulty and bogus the tests are. So the fanatics, fascists and lunatics are begging for “amnesty“! Can you believe this?

And the fear mongers insisted on mail-in voting for November 2020 even though they didn’t mind going to the grocery stores, CVS and other places.

They got their 2020 election results they wanted. The shenanigans and fraud were numerous.

Now 2022 has arrived. Nothing has changed, and it’s even worse. The election results are mainly shocking now. The “red wave” is not happening, regardless of what the polls had been saying. Actually, I think the “red wave” did occur, but it was nullified by more criminality and shenanigans, throughout the country.

UPDATE: This article by Alexandra Bruce presents a video by the “notorious” Mike Lindell on election night showing in real time the actual cheating that’s going on in key states.

Yesterday was election day and I listened to some talk radio. On Jeff Kuhner’s show, which is on in Boston on WRKO, someone called in from the town of Westford and said that several people attempting to vote at his polling place were told that they “had already voted.” The caller said it was more than one person there who were told that. If that’s true, is this just an isolated case in just that town with cheaters using someone else’s name to vote fraudulently as one’s own?

And on Howie Carr’s show, which is also in Massachusetts and other New England states, a caller from Andover, Mass. said that she had problems getting her ballot in the voting tabulation machine. She compared it to putting your dollar bills into the self-checkout cash register at a store and the machine spits the dollar bill back out. (How frustrating is that?) She said the poll worker there said something like, “Oh, that’s okay, just put it over here and it will be manually counted with the rest of the ballots.”

Riiiiiight, right. We should just blindly trust election workers, especially after all the shenanigans in 2020.

Did they rig the voting tabulation machines to read “R” votes and reject the ballots and spit them back out? Or are the “printer settings” really the problem?

Also on Kuhner show this morning, he said that the AP declared Democrat Maura Healey the winner of the Massachusetts governor’s race at exactly 8:00 PM the time the polls were closed. And Healey gave her acceptance speech when only 8% of the votes were counted?

In Pennsylvania, Uncle Festerman beat Dr. Ooz. Yes, people voted for a criminal-supporting, incoherent stroke victim who can hardly talk. (Is this really Pennsylvania? Or maybe it’s Transylvania? Just askin’)

And it is unbelievable to me that the Covid fascist governors are getting reelected. The ones who imposed lockdowns, stay-in orders, and who mandated face gags and mandated killing people with mRNA injections.

Gov. Wretchen Witless is reelected in Michigan? Are you serious? After her ridiculous Covid rules and mandates? That she herself wouldn’t follow? What is wrong with the people of Michigan? Unless…(cheating? fraud?) They didn’t like Tudor Dixon? (Only a Tudor? Not a 4-door?) Is she related to Mr. Dixon on Room 222?

And in Illinois, JB Prickster reelected, after his fascist Covidiocy? In New York, Krazy Kathy Hochul elected, which is more understandable. With the Covid “vaccines,” she compared herself to Jesus. Yikes.

Apparently, voters in Michigan, Illinois and New York like crime and fascism. They like being made to smother their mouths and noses in self-suffocation gags and muzzles.

And of course the winners in Alaska and Maine will be based on “ranked choice” cheating, which is the only way to describe it. Even the people in Maskachusetts voted against “ranked choice” when it was a ballot question in 2020.

In New Hampshire Maggie Hassan beat “General” (sic) Don Bolduc 54.2% to 43.8%. The Libertarian candidate Jeremy Kauffman got 2%, but the commenters on the NH Libertarian Party twitter are saying that LP spoiled it for Bolduc! Not quite! Even if ALL the Libertarian voters had otherwise voted for Bolduc he still would not have won!

Two relevant articles now: George F. Smith’s article on voting, and Ryan McMaken’s article on “antidemocratic” just meaning “something the regime doesn’t like.”

There is one main group in politics who sees nothing wrong with committing fraud and cheating, apparently. Mail-in voting has been the way to do their cheating. Mail-in voting promotes fraud. And let’s allow ballots that do not have signatures or the dates on them. Yes, they are doing that now.

Besides mail-in cheating, the drop boxes. I had never even heard of “drop boxes” until 2020. If you like inviting more fraudulent votes and ballot harvesting, you’ll love drop boxes.

And the same side that gave us those things is the side that won’t allow requiring ID to vote. Well gee, I wonder why.

And at the polls, given how corrupt our society is now, just throw out the ballots that are not for the cheating party. Might as well. And yes, I’m sure the computers and machines are easily programmed to not count opposition votes.

And this is what “democracy” is all about. After the criminal class i.e. political class saw in 2020 that they could get away with anything now, then they will get away with anything now.

Get ready for your enslavement by climate cult rulers, suffocation gag/muzzle mandates, your young teenagers dying of heart attacks from drug injections being fraudulently called “vaccines,” intentional black-outs during frigid weather, and school sex-perverts preying on your little kids.

And given that “liberals” are the new war mongers get ready for World War III and the “mutual assured destruction” (MAD) that we have been fearing since the previous World War.

As I wrote recently, the way to save our lives and our freedom is through nullification and decentralization, and de-monopolizing the control government has over our pathetic little lives.

Covid Related Shut-Downs and Drug Injections Have Done Much More Harm than the Actual Virus

Still, many people including doctors are in denial about the harms that the Covid mRNA drug injections are causing people. Especially the doctors, many of whom are devoted and obedient believers in establishment medicine and the pharmaceutical industry, they just don’t want to believe the experimental drugs injected into people are harming them and causing cancers, etc.

And now, Pfizer a.k.a. Pfraudzer’s government and media whores are again stepping up their fear-mongering and panic-incitement over the “tripledemic” flu season that combines flu with Covid and this “RSV” virus allegedly afflicting children and sending them to hospitals.

Well, duh. If you force the little kids to have to stay in and “social distance” and forbid them from hugging others, etc., and for months as our government fascists did in 2020, then you will disrupt the kids’ developing immune systems so that when they do come into contact with viruses their bodies will be less able to fight off the viruses!

Add to that the damn mask mandates. As I wrote here, the masks cause bacteria buildup and make the wearer vulnerable to bacterial lung infections and other lung- and respiratory-related ailments and conditions. The masks also cause oxygen deprivation and other problems.

And we now know (although the dishonest government parasites of the corporate “news” media continue to suppress the truth) that the mRNA “vaccine” has been causing tens of thousands of reported deaths, cancers and other health problems. We know that the mRNA is destroying people’s natural immune system. So imagine what it’s been doing to little kids.

And add to all that the fact that the criminal gangsters of the CDC are “advising” that the mRNA “vaccine” be added to the children’s vaccine schedule. Many districts follow the CDC guidelines so they will mandate the mRNA on little kids and ruin their immune systems even more than they already have ruined them.

So far, my summary page of the Covid scam (that seems to be going on and on like the Energizer bunny…) hasn’t gotten that many views. Perhaps you might find it of interest. I sure gave a lot of information there.

But as far as the lockdowns and mandates go, when (or if) the Republicans take control of the U.S. House and Senate, they need to have a “January 6th”-like committee to get to the bottom of the 2020-2022 Covid scam. They need to do Freedom of Information Act requests and get all the government email accounts of all the governors who ordered business and school closures, stay-in orders and mask and vaccine mandates. We need to find out if they already knew ahead of time that the Covid virus was not nearly as threatening to most people as was claimed, and that those fascist orders were not necessary. They are criminals and need to do jail time. And we need to see more communications between and among the “public health” bureaucrats including Fauci, Collins, Redfield, Trump and all the governors and mayors, and the head honchos of Pfraudzer and Moderna. from pre-2020 through 2022.

And by the way, as Laurence Vance notes, U.S. senators have a bill, the “Felony Murder for Deadly Fentanyl Distribution Act,” quoting Vance’s article, “to make fentanyl distribution resulting in death punishable as felony murder, of which the sentence is life in prison or the death penalty.”

Perhaps the senators should add to that “to make pharmaceutical drug distribution resulting in death punishable as felony murder, of which the sentence is life in prison or the death penalty”? We know that Pfizer and Moderna are killing many people now with their clot-shots, their heart-damage shots.

As Naomi Wolf and others have pointed out through their FOIA requests, the pre-“vaccine” rollout documents of Pfizer show that Pfizer damn well knew about the deaths and injuries that their experimental mRNA “vaccine” had already caused, and what it would be causing.

Mercola’s recent article is a good summary of how government and corporate officials have been lying about the mRNA “vaccine” that’s not a vaccine. There’s plenty of proof out there now that they have been and are lying about it.

One of the lies is that this mRNA drug injection is a vaccine. No, it is a therapeutic, not a preventative measure. It is a treatment for symptoms. It was not even intended to prevent infection or transmission of viruses, let alone the fact that it does NOT prevent those things. We know that’s the case.

But these officials have been lying about it. And there are still places like schools or colleges who are mandating “boosters,” as though it is for public health reasons, as though someone getting more mRNA poison in his system will protect others from getting a contagious virus, when we know it does NOT do that!

Colleges are run be dishonest, ignorant morons, so this should not be a surprise that they are still mandating a drug injection that’s actually harming people and causing young people and athletes to drop dead of heart attacks.

Mercola’s article is a terrific analysis of the pharmaceutical/CDC complex as it relates to their lies about the “vaccine” that’s killing and injuring hundreds of thousands of people.

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The Testing Part of the Covid Scam: High Cycle Threshold and False Positives

In a recent post on the Covid scam I wrote about the myth of “asymptomatic carriers being contagious” and how that was not true but the whole scheme of lockdowns, stay-in orders, etc. was based on that false assertion.

Now I will review the testing part of the scam. This is all still going on. People are still sticking swabs up their nostrils, wearing self-suffocation muzzles and gags, and getting drug injections for no good reason.

So, the Covid scam was based largely on people testing positive for Covid-19, with the testers using overly high cycle threshold numbers on the PCR tests to get people to falsely test positive, cause panic and hysteria over a cold/flu, and make healthy people have to quarantine and stay away from other healthy people.

This November 2020 article on Just the News explains the PCR test cycle threshold issue:

At issue is the method by which many COVID-19 tests detect a patient’s viral load within a given sample. Polymerase chain reaction tests, which have been widely deployed to determine if individuals are infected with the disease, function by amplifying DNA samples to the point that an antigen can be detected and classified. 

The “cycle threshold” is the number of amplification cycles a PCR test goes through before a target pathogen is detected. A lower cycle threshold means that a higher amount of the virus was present in the sample; a higher threshold means the machine had to work harder to detect the virus in the sample, indicating a lower viral load and more likely a non-infectious patient. 

According to a rundown of PCR tests compiled by the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics, many manufacturers of PCR tests set the cycle threshold cutoff for a positive sample at up to around 40 cycles, a level numerous public health officials believe is guaranteed to return what are effectively false positive results that have detected fragments of the virus.

“I’m shocked that people would think that 40 could represent a positive,” Juliet Morrison, a virology professor at the University of California, Riverside, told the New York Times in August.

This article on PJ Media explains the situation more broadly.

But Zero Hedge then had an article in January 2021 on the corrupt nature of the abuse of PCR tests overly-high cycle thresholds, an article which was reprinted on this Principia Scientific International page.

The article notes that on the same day that Biden was inaugurated on January 20, 2021, the W.H.O. released a statement recognizing the fact that PCR tests at higher cycle threshold would likely cause false positives and that the cycle thresholds should be much lower for accuracy. W.H.O. released this a whole year after the Covid scam had been imposed.

“Doctor” Fauci even stated that cycle threshold above 35 guarantee false positive results!

As Jon Rappoport wrote:

July 16, 2020, podcast, “This Week in Virology”: Tony Fauci makes a point of saying the PCR COVID test is useless and misleading when the test is run at “35 cycles or higher.” A positive result, indicating infection, cannot be accepted or believed.

Here, in techno-speak, is an excerpt from Fauci’s key quote (starting at about the 4-minute mark…):

“…If you get [perform the test at] a cycle threshold of 35 or more…the chances of it being replication-confident [aka accurate] are miniscule…you almost never can culture virus [detect a true positive result] from a 37 threshold cycle…even 36…”

Each “cycle” of the test is a quantum leap in amplification and magnification of the test specimen taken from the patient.

Too many cycles, and the test will turn up all sorts of irrelevant material that will be wrongly interpreted as relevant.

That’s called a false positive.

What Fauci failed to say on the video is: the FDA, which authorizes the test for public use, recommends the test should be run up to 40 cycles. Not 35.

Therefore, all labs in the US that follow the FDA guideline are knowingly or unknowingly participating in fraud.

Another fraud that officials such as CDC and states’ “public health” bureaucrats have been committing for 2+ years has been the redefining of “cases,” in which, while a “case” used to be someone who was actually sick and had symptoms, now a “case” is anyone who tests positive for the virus regardless of having any symptoms, and despite the inaccuracy of the tests at higher cycle thresholds.

Not only has the testing been inaccurate and fraudulent, but dangerous, in my view, as far as the nasal swab tests are concerned.

Thus with a virus that had a one-tenth to two-tenths of one percent infection fatality rate (similar to that of seasonal flu), and due to CDC guidelines counting non-Covid deaths as “Covid deaths,” we had people who really died of the disease they were already dying of, heart disease, kidney disease etc., but being counted as a “Covid death” simply because they (falsely) tested positive for the virus.

So, we have had a Covid scamdemic for 2+ years, based on bogus testing (and intentionally so, in my view) and a redefinition of “cases,” and exaggeration of the death counts and the CDC’s changed guidelines as to what constitutes a “Covid death” (which I will get to more thoroughly shortly).

The Covid Scam Based Largely on the Lie that Asymptomatic “Carriers” Can Spread the Virus

Over the past two years of Covid I have written many posts on the scam, and how it is a scam, and a lie. I had wanted to write a review of all the aspects of the scam and how it is a scam, but I can’t do all that in one post.

However, at some point I will gather all the many links to all the articles detailing all the aspects of the Covid scam.

In the meantime, today I want to concentrate on just one aspect of the scam, the false assertion that asymptomatic carriers of the virus can spread the virus.

And I am well aware that most people don’t want to believe that their government and media personalities are lying to them.

“Oh, they wouldn’t lie to the people about something as serious as a virus, or make things up in order to incite panic and fear to get the masses to be compliant, wear face masks for no reason, and receive an experimental drug injection that may cause people serious harm. They wouldn’t do that.”

A lot of people naively believe that, sadly.

And while some of the officials and media involved in the lies are just dumb and ignorant and really believe what they are saying, many of those government and media apparatchiks are continuing to knowingly lie like a rug, at least disseminate lies through omission.

So, the idea of “Asymptomatic carriers can spread the virus.” The fascist stay-in orders, business and school shut-downs, social distancing, face masks a.k.a. self-suffocation devices and gags, were all based on this lie.

Even “Doctor” Fauci had said that epidemics are driven by symptomatic, not asymptomatic, carriers of the virus.

In that video, Fauci stated, “But the one thing historically (that) people need to realize, that even if there is some asymptomatic transmission, in all the history of respiratory-borne viruses of any type, asymptomatic transmission has never been the driver of outbreaks. The driver of outbreaks is always a symptomatic person. Even if there is a rare asymptomatic person that might transmit, an epidemic is not driven by asymptomatic carriers.”

In a different interview I heard Fauci say that it involves viral load. You might have the virus, but only a very small viral load, in which you don’t have symptoms and thus don’t transmit the virus.

Much of the Covid testing regime has involved positive test results including those with tiny viral load who are really not contagious. (Hmmm. What does that mean?)

Those “infectious disease experts,” the “public health experts,” and the CBS/NBC/ABC/CNN/Fox/etc. medical editors, constantly on TV/radio with their propaganda, probably know those things.

So, as with seasonal flu and colds, the common sense approach to Covid would have been to tell people that if you have symptoms, then you stay home. Don’t go out in public.

No need to quarantine healthy people who have no symptoms. No need to test people who have no symptoms. No need to order businesses and schools shut down.

And there was never any need to panic, because there was enough evidence at the beginning that Covid-19 had a low infection fatality rate, comparable to that of seasonal flu. Fauci wrote this in February 2020, and subsequent studies have backed that up.

For further info, this October 2021 article points to a study on viral spread within households, and the article states:

Secondary attack rates represented the spread to additional persons, and researchers found a 25-fold increased risk within households between symptomatic positive infected index persons versus asymptomatic infected index persons. “Household secondary attack rates were increased from symptomatic index cases (18.0%; 95% CI, 14.2%-22.1%) than from asymptomatic index cases (0.7%; 95% CI, 0%-4.9%)”. This study showed just how rare asymptomatic spread was within a confined household environment.

And the article states: “A study published in Nature found no instances of asymptomatic spread from positive asymptomatic cases among all 1,174 close contacts of the cases, based on a base sample of 10 million people.” And the article cites several other studies.

In June of 2020, this article on The Hill stated:

“From the data we have, it still seems to be rare that an asymptomatic person actually transmits onward to a secondary individual,” said Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO’s technical lead for COVID-19, when asked about the issue at a press briefing.  

She noted that the answer is not definitive. “We are constantly looking at this data, and we’re trying to get more information from countries to truly answer this question,” she said. “It still appears to be rare that an asymptomatic individual actually transmits onward.”

She said the WHO has information reported by countries that has not been published in studies, finding that detailed contact tracing has not found significant spread from asymptomatic people. 

“We have a number of reports from countries who are doing very detailed contact tracing. They’re following asymptomatic cases, they’re following contacts, and they’re not finding secondary transmission onward,” Van Kerkhove said. “It’s very rare. Much of that is not published in the literature.”

And get this. Some 40% to 80% of those who did test positive for coronavirus were asymptomatic. And this article has some further explanation.

Most people haven’t heard anything about all this. They haven’t gotten any facts, certainly not from the corporate media, many of whose sponsors are the pharmaceutical companies.

But what the corporate media and government bureaucrats have done, for 2 and one-half years, is incite panic over a flu or cold, exaggerate death numbers and cases to scare people, and for no good reason.

Officials have been lying about this “pandemic,” especially with lies of omission. For example, when they were telling us about the Delta variant and the Omicron variant, they were saying those were even more contagious, But they weren’t repeating over and over how as each variant appears it may be more contagious but it is less and less harmful or deadly

One reason obviously that they have been lying about the scamdemic is in order to inflict the NIH/CDC/FDA/Pharma’s experimental mRNA drug injection on the masses.

And I’ll have more to say about all this upcoming.

I heard Steve Deace on Glenn Beck’s radio show this morning, advocating for “Nuremberg style” trials for all the corrupt liars who fraudulently inflicted an mRNA injections on the people and caused thousands and thousands of deaths with such injections, and millions of reported injuries, not to mention the harm that lockdowns, masks and other needless and useless draconian measures caused people.

We will probably not see any trials or criminals being held accountable. The judicial system is completely politicized now. But it is important that people know the truth. That’s what I hope for.

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And Brian Shilhavy: New York Releases New Nuclear Attack PSA – What Does this Mean?

Some of My Recent Thoughts and Complaints

I haven’t had much time to do my writing here. So this is one of those times in which I will rant about several topics that have been on my mind recently.

So, because of the “crisis” that both Democrats and Republicans have caused, we have a shortage of baby formula, so the corrupt pharma/FDA/CDC complex will replace the needed baby formula with mRNA poison “vaccines” that are not vaccines, to already destroy the little kids’ immune systems and all their organs. Corrupt, evil FDA approves death jabs for babies and toddlers.

There are Republicans now supporting federal gun control laws and “red flag” laws that would not have prevented the massacre in Uvalde Texas, but such laws will violate the “right of the people to keep and bear arms,” the “right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects,” the right of the people to not be “deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law” (2nd, 4th, and 5th Amendments) and I’m sure other natural, inherent rights that government thugs wish to violate, when known or anonymous “informants” sic the police on their neighbors, ex-spouses, coworkers, and others they don’t like.

The victims of such “red flag” law enforcement will experience not only possible illegal firearms confiscation but other property and money confiscation, vandalized homes and damaged property, terrorized kids and dogs killed by incompetent police thugs. In such cases, the victims of government criminality inflicted by neighbors, ex-spouses, coworkers and disgruntled family members, should get those informant instigators arrested for harassment and endangerment.

Democrats and leftists love gun control because they love disarming law-abiding citizens and making innocent people utterly defenseless. The Democrats and leftists are the real bullies who prey on the lives of others, they side with criminals and aggressors and violent thugs.

And then, on the “other side of the aisle,” I hear the talk radio retards saying what “imbeciles” and “losers” people are who vote for libertarian candidates rather than Republicans. “It is the most important election in my lifetime and we must get the Republicans back in control, blah, blah, blah,” as the True Believers go on and on and on.

Well, the Republicans took some control back in 1980 with Reagan, who signed the biggest tax hike ever at that time, expanded the size and bureaucracy of the FedGov, expanded the drug war and police state, and did other terrible things.

The “Republican Revolution” in 1994 was a really big takeover in CONgress. Ooooh. Did they do anything to reduce the size and control of FedGov? Nope. And after the “Tea Party” was swept in after Obama’s health care intrusions in 2010? Why do we still have federal budgets in the trillions? Why is there still a war on drugs? Why do the income tax, IRS and Federal Reserve still exist?

And regarding the energy crisis and high gasoline prices, why don’t Republicans insist that oil-rich states nullify federal control over their oil-rich lands? If Biden shut down the drilling in January 2021, open it all back up again! What is Biden going to do, send the military after you?

And besides nullification, those states need to seize those federally owned lands, which are owned illegitimately, by the way. And “drill, baby, drill.”

Libertarians are the ones who would implement nullification, certainly not Republicans.

No, Republicans don’t do those things because they are authoritarians who pray to the federal DC gods, and are obedient nationalists and centralists. Republicans are unprincipled wimps.

And now we have Republicans all across the country who say the 2020 election wasn’t stolen even though they know it was, and that Biden is legitimate, that Covid is a deadly virus even though the CDC, NIH, FDA, hospitals and media have been lying about the death counts, the testing, the PCR test results, the mRNA “vaccine” that’s not a vaccine, and Republicans go right along with all of it.

And Trump, with his deadly Operation Warped Speed “vaccine”? Who are the real imbeciles here?

One of the useless Republicans is Rand Paul. Why is he afraid to tell the truth about the deadly mRNA “vaccine” that’s not a vaccine? He must know the truth, he must know about the tens of thousands of reported deaths and millions of injuries after the mRNA drug injection, given that his father Ron Paul has discussed the issue several times in his Ron Paul Liberty Report videos. When I hear Rand Paul on with Sean Hannity on the radio I have heard Rand say that if people think they need the vaccine they should take it, such as if someone is elderly, and so on. Even though the mRNA takes over one’s whole immune system and invades every organ, as it is an experimental drug that seems to be designed to harm and not protect people. There is someone I know well who is elderly and I do not believe for one second that she would have the cancer that she has now if she hadn’t had the mRNA injections, especially when we know that Covid is no more serious than seasonal flu for most people, including healthy elderly people!

However, I believe that Sen. Ron Johnson has been one member of the Senate who has discussed these issues quite a bit now, and he should get reelected. Rand Paul, not so much.

Another thing about Rethuglicans, they drool and foam for war, war, war, and supported the horrible wars of aggression started by the Bushes, and they’re doing it again now with the Russia-Ukraine conflict that was started by Ukraine and NATO’s provocations of Vlad Peeeutin.

So while Rethugs are warmongers, domestically they implicitly side with Antifa/BLM terrorists and arsonists and rioter/looter thugs with silence. I think Republitards are afraid to criticize the 2020 rioters and the rioters having caused $billions in damage and dozens of murdered innocent people, out of Republicans’ fear of being called “racists” (even though many members of Antifa and BLM are white). Instead, they are letting the FBI gestapo go after Trump supporters, conservatives and constitutionalists who speak up at school committee meetings, or who went to the U.S. Crapitol to wander around and take selfies and who didn’t harm anyone. (That is the real reason for the “red flag” laws, by the way. Harass and incarcerate the Trump supporters and conservatives.)

Will FBI investigate this apparent Trump hater and possible Antifa member who allegedly intentionally crashed his car into a Trump memorabilia store? Probably not. The FBI gestapo is totally consumed with its political agenda of going after anyone who criticizes the FedGov Swamp, or who opposes the LGBTQ+++ and “woke” agendas.

The FBI and feds side with the rioters, and with criminals who assault and murder, and that is why they aid and abet the rioters, arsonists and looters. When the Supreme Bureaucrats release their already-leaked abortion opinion that overturns Roe v. Wade, the feds and FBI will side with the hysterical post-ruling rioters and marauders, because the “right” to kill your offspring is, to this cult, a “rite,” as in “rite of passage” for women. This is why a wackjob was arrested in an attempt to kill “Justice” (sic) Brett Kavanaugh.

They hate Kavanaugh for those kinds of things, not things that actually matter. “Dr.” Ballsey-Ford self-hypnotized and made things up about Kavanaugh because of abortion-related issues, not because as a lower court judge Kavanaugh was a rubber-stamper for the police state, the drug war, the national security state, the CIA and torture and Gitmo, drunk-driving roadblocks, ALL the civil liberties-crushing policies inflicted on the people by the State.

And then there’s the Climate Change cult. LRC writer Donald Miller has a good summary of the whole issue there. Millions of brainwashed sheeple believe that the climate is changing and/or that Earth is warming because of human activity and industry, even though there is NO EVIDENCE to prove that.

The Earth’s climate has been changing for the hundreds of millions of years that it has existed, with ice ages and warming periods, well before human industry and carbon emissions. But many brainwashed sheeple really believe those things.

But the higher-ups don’t really believe those things. They just want a lot of power and want their bureaucracies to steal more money from you. They don’t care about the climate, or about future generations. If you think so, I have a bridge to sell you.

Do you really think that John Kerry flying in the private jets cares about pollution, carbon emissions, or “climate change”? Or Obama with his mansion on Martha’s Vineyard, right on the ocean? Like he cares about “rising sea levels”?

And Biden and his fellow cultists insist on stopping oil and gas and coal, and not only to lower our standard of living but to bring us totally back to the Dark Ages. It’s part of their depopulation agenda. “There are too many people in the world, and we have to reduce the population to save the world.” That’s what the WEF is all about. These people are eugenicists. And they are totally NUTS!

News and Commentary

Thomas Knapp: Free Julian Assange? Yes, But That’s Not Nearly Enough.

Trevor Timm: The Extradition of Julian Assange Must Be Condemned by All Who Believe in Press Freedom

Children’s Health Defense: 1.3 Million Reports of Injuries After Covid Vaccines, VAERS Data Show, as CDC Meets to Rubber-Stamp Shots for Kids Under 5

Steve Kirsch: The CDC Says “Severe Reactions” to the Covid Vaccines Are Rare. That’s Not What We Found.

The Exposé: Fully Vaccinated Account for 4 in Every 5 Covid-19 Deaths Since February in Canada

Brian Shilhavy: Pfizer Lied about Results in Covid-19 Vaccine Trials for Babies and Toddlers

Lew Rockwell: The Great Ron Paul

And Gateway Pundit: The Fix Is In – Democrats Start to Prep America for Their Mid-Term Steal

Congressional Comrades Present Their January 6th False Narrative

The U.S. CONgress now has its January 6th committee hearings underway, with the networks giving the congressliars live coverage in prime time. Eventually the American people will see how these apparatchiks are editing texts and emails and videos to present their false narrative of the “Insurrection” (or, as Chuckles Schumer called it, the “Erection,” because these wackos on the left seem obsessed with those kinds of things, don’t they?). Incidentally, any “news” journalist who is actually calling January 6th, 2021 an “Insurrection” doesn’t know what an insurrection is, or is just a liar.

But I don’t have time to go over the issues involved in the kangaroo January 6th committee of CONgress, so below I will repost an earlier post that gives just some of the information with links (that I don’t have time to check, so I hope they all still work), to give people an idea of what really happened on that day in which some people trespassed on the Satanic Temple of Statism Worship.

But before I repost that post, there were two important earlier articles on the subject of possible FBI involvement in the January 6th trespass and riot. In this article, Glenn Greenwald explains the FBI’s role in the plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Wretchen Whitmer, the FBI’s long history in concocting “terrorist plots” to entrap patsies and thwart its own plots, and why we can easily conclude the FBI played a major role in the January 6th trespass and riot, the “insurrection” that wasn’t an insurrection. And Tucker Carlson made a great case how FBI may have helped organize the “Insurrection” that wasn’t.

Now, here is the post I did this past January on the whole thing, with some cuts just to shorten it. And at the end of it I then reposted a bunch of links to many, many articles showing how the 2020 presidential election was indeed stolen, which I will repost again here. (Are you an election-steal denier?)

Here is my January 4, 2022 post on the January 6th Whitewash Committee and election stealing, with some cuts:

The corporate “news” media have been getting worse and worse these days as far as their suppressing the truth about things and their promoting fear incitement and propaganda, for political reasons and for ratings and profits. Russiagate, Covid, and the 2020 elections are good examples.

Another example: January 6th. The Soviet-like January 6th committee has their kangaroo hearings now and they continue to lie about January 6th riots and trespasses, while at the same time calling Donald Trump’s assertions of election fraud “The Big Lie.”

Now, why is there even a January 6th committee with hearings, when these people had already impeached Trump for “Incitement of Insurrection”? An incitement allegation for which there was no evidence and that is why the Senate acquitted him.

So the truth is that January 6th was not an “insurrection.” Sadly, Democrats and leftist activists continue to lie about what it was and continue to go after not just Donald Trump but the “deplorables” who support him.

No, the truth is January 6th was not an insurrection but it was a riot and trespass, as well as a set-up by the Swamp’s lowly creatures lurking Inside the Beltway.

One group involved in January 6th consisted of actual Trump supporters who were at Trump’s rally and who then walked “peacefully and patriotically” over to the Capitol, in which many of them just wandered around not knowing what to do.

And that was the larger group for whom Capitol police seemed to just cordially open the doors and let them in.

Another group were the antifa rioters who were there to “counter-protest” the Trump supporters’ protests. The Antifa riots were already under way while Trump was still speaking at his rally and well before Trump’s rally attendees walked down to the Capitol to wander around in a daze. See the timeline.

And, I believe, another group were the FBI-involved fake “Trump supporters” who were trying to provoke the ones who wandered over to the Capitol to get involved in rioting. If you see some of the videos you’ll see some of the Trump supporters easily detecting who the fakes were, calling them “feds” or agents provocateurs, etc…

Additionally, see these articles on Revolver: Federal Protection of “Oath Keepers” Kingpin Stewart Rhodes Breaks The Entire Capitol “Insurrection” Lie Wide Open, Decision By January 6th Commission to Ignore Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes Just Unmasked Their Entire Investigation, and Meet Ray Epps: The Fed-Protected Provocateur Who Appears to Have Led the Very First 1/6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol

And I had found this video documentary interesting, which alleges that the riots were planned, staged and rehearsed. The video on Bitchute is titled “Everything Wrong With the Capitol Shooting In 21 Minutes Or Less.”

But Nancy Lugosi and Adam Schiffty and lying Liz Cheney will not go after their beloved FBI gestapo for their very possible involvement, while the non-violent Trump supporters who happened to be at the Capitol that day continue to be held and abused in solitary confinement, without charge. Even Elizabeth Warren and Dick Durbin have come to their defense. That’s quite a big step for the fake Indian.

Roger Stone was called before the Soviet-inspired apparatchiks of the January 6th committee and Stone cited his 5th Amendment right to not answer any of their questions. Good for him!

Yet, while Trump and Republicans have been criticized for their challenging the 2020 election results, Democrats protested the 2000 and 2004 elections, and the 2016 election as well.

Regarding the whole 2020 election stealing issue, a lot of people just don’t know the truth about what happened because the corporate media suppress stories that contradict the narrative they want to promote. For instance, hundreds of witnesses had signed sworn affidavits testifying to election day illegalities they witnessed, including over 100 witnesses in Michigan alone.

During vote counting on election night it seemed obvious that Trump was winning by a lot, and then the vote counting just stopped, mainly in the swing states. Further, many Republican poll observers were made to leave the premises. And then suitcases and coolers with alleged fake Biden ballots were brought in. I’m sure Trump was lying about all that.

Did you see the article in Time as though admitting all the election shenanigans? The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election (Although it should read: “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Stole the 2020 Election”! Some analyses of that article here and here.)

And I have in the past linked to the following articles that show the 2020 Presidential election outcome was not legitimate, and the Alzheimer’s patient in the White House is also not in power legitimately (I didn’t check all these links now, so I hope they are still good):

Breitbart: August 30, 2020: Democrat Insider Details Mail-In Voting Fraud Operation: ‘This Is a Real Thing’ and September 1, 2020: Bloomberg-Funded Group: Trump May Win Election Night, But Joe Biden Will Win Days Later Due to Mail-in Votes.

PJ Media: Ronna McDaniel Presents 131 Affidavits, 2,800 Incident Reports of Alleged Voter Fraud in MI: Media Still Demands ‘Evidence’

Newsmax: ‘No Evidence of Vote Fraud!’ At Least 400 Affidavits Swear Otherwise

Rumble videos: Election Night Facts.

The New American: Data Scientists Show More Than 432,000 Trump Votes Removed in Pennsylvania.

Project Veritas: Michigan USPS ‘Insider’ Delivers Testimony Of ‘Shady’ Postmark Scheme To Handstamp ‘Nov. 3’ On Late Ballots.

Project Veritas: Texas ‘Ballot Chaser’ Pressures Voters to Change Vote.

Zero Hedge: Why Does Biden Have So Many More Votes Than Democrat Senators In Swing States?

The Last Refuge: Michigan GOP Identifies Software “Glitch” in Voting System – One County Had 6,000 Wrongly Assigned Biden Votes Corrected To Trump When Fixed…

Gateway Pundit: “This Felt Like a Drug Deal!” – Asian-American Ballot Observer in Detroit Describes Mysterious Van Dropping Off 61 Boxes of Ballots at 4 AM

Town Hall: Paper Warned About the Software Company at Center of Ballot Glitches in Swing States

Big League Politics: James O’Keefe Releases Video Exposing Ballot Destruction in Pennsylvania, Immediately Gets Censored by Twitter.

Zero Hedge: In 30 States, A Computer System Known To Be Defective Is Tallying Votes, and “It Defies Logic”: Scientist Finds Telltale Signs Of Election Fraud After Analyzing Mail-In Ballot Data.

Breitbart: DOJ Official Linked to IRS Investigations of Conservative Groups Resigns When Ordered by Barr to Investigate 2020 Vote Fraud.

Gateway Pundit: System ‘Glitch’ Also Uncovered In Wisconsin – Reversal of Swapped Votes Removes Lead from Joe Biden.

Unlimited Hangout: Suspect AI Software Verified Mail-In Ballots With Little Human Oversight in Key Battleground States.

Big League Politics: Brave Poll Worker Goes Public about Ballot Irregularities in Detroit in Affidavit, and Supposed Stop the Steal Organizer Ali Akbar Is A Convicted Fraudster, Accused of Plotting Voter Fraud as McCain Operative in 2008.

Gateway Pundit: Michigan AG Dana Nessel Sends Cease and Desist Order to Journalist Demanding He Erase His #DetroitLeaks Video Showing Voter Fraud Training — OR FACE CRIMINAL PROSECUTION. (It appears the article in question by Big League Politics was taken down, here it is on the Wayback Machine, and the voter fraud training session audio link from that page is actually still there.)

Big League Politics: Former ‘Dominion’ Project Manager Executed $25 Million Contract with State of Michigan While Serving As Dem Vice Chair.

Gateway Pundit: Denver Business Owner: Dominion’s Eric Coomer Is an Unhinged Sociopath — His Internet Profile Is Being Deleted and Erased.

Gateway Pundit: Wayne County, Michigan Election Board Republicans Rescind Votes Certifying Results, File Affidavits That Their Families Were Threatened.

Big League Politics: Illicit $25 Million Dominion Deal Set Up in Michigan by Former Democrat ‘Voter Protection’ Czar is Listed as Evidence in Kraken Lawsuit.

Gateway Pundit: Video Shows Georgia Operative Gabe Sterling Admitting He Helped Set Up Drop Boxes and Promoted Far Left Activists as Absentee Ballot Counters.

Big League Politics: COVER-UP: Whitmer Admin Says ‘Records Do Not Exist’ Pertaining to $25 Million Dominion Contract Set Up by Democrat Official.

The Blaze: Pennsylvania Lawsuit against Universal Mail-In Ballots.

Newsmax: Pennsylvania GOP Introduces Resolution to Dispute Election

Zero Hedge: Powell: Dominion Server Removed From Fulton County While Lawyers Sought Restraining Order.

Big League Politics: Twitter Suspends Election Whistleblower After Giving Riveting Testimony in Arizona about Mathematical Fraud.

Big League Politics: COVER-UP: Michigan Secretary of State Orders Deletion of Crucial Election Records to Halt Investigation.

Gateway Pundit:  Michigan and Pennsylvania Secretaries of State Gave Far Left Rock the Vote Activists Access to Sensitive Data on All Voters.

The Federalist: No, The Georgia Vote-Counting Video Was Not ‘Debunked.’ Not Even Close

Gateway Pundit: YouTube Announces New Censorship Rules – Will Take Down Videos Alleging Fraud and Disputing 2020 U.S. Presidential Election Results.

American Thinker: Google/YouTube is Erasing All Evidence of Election Fraud.

Zero Hedge: Crucial Logs Missing From Some Michigan Dominion Voting Machines: Forensics Report.

Big League Politics: Michigan Judge Allows Democrats to Conceal Findings of Dominion Forensic Audit From the Public.

Newsmax: Outspoken Georgia Poll Workers Barred From Senate Runoffs.

Gateway Pundit: Georgia Supreme Court Slow Walks President Trump’s Lawsuit Claiming Election Fraud – Case Yet to Be Assigned a Judge.

Gateway Pundit: Biden Got Fewer Counties Than Obama — How Did He Get Most Votes Ever?

Big League Politics:  Scared Democrats Begin Accusing Vote Fraud Whistleblowers of ‘Sedition and Treason’

Big League Politics: Federalist Society Favorite Brags about Organization’s Hand-Picked Judges Killing Election Fraud Cases in Court.

And The Epoch Times: Georgia Data Shows Over 30,000 of Trump’s Votes Removed, Another 12,173 Switched to Biden: Data Scientists.

Additional articles since I had previously linked to the above:

Did Stacey Abrams’ Firm Hire a Weak Uninspired Temporary Workforce to Hide Election Fraud with Process Nightmares?

Antrim Co Attorney Sends BLISTERING Response To Gutless MI GOP Senators Who Recommend Dem AG Nessel Investigate “Those who spread unfounded [election] conspiracy theories or false information”

Fulton County Hires CRIMINAL Attorneys to Stop Election Audit.

The Last Refuge: President Trump Releases US Attorney Letter Notifying Him of Bill Barr Efforts to Block Investigation of Election Fraud, and Natalie Harp Does a Deep Dive into Mark Zuckerberg’s Election Operations, The Obama Team Coordinated With Big Tech to Install Joe Biden

The Last Refuge: Internal DOJ Emails Show Career Left-Wing Officials Fighting DOJ and FBI Efforts to Review Allegations of Election Fraud in Georgia

The Last Refuge: President Trump Releases US Attorney Letter Notifying Him of Bill Barr Efforts to Block Investigation of Election Fraud

The Last Refuge: White House Extends National Election Emergency Granting Authority for Federal Intelligence Agencies to Enter State Election Databases for Mid-Term Election

Gateway Pundit: The Same Suspicious SQL Software Discovered in Michigan Dominion Voting Machines Was Just Found in Pennsylvania Dominion Voting Machines.

Gateway Pundit: Printing Companies that Supplied Ballots in the 2020 Election May Be Guilty in Potentially Altering the 2020 Election Results.

The Last Refuge: Michigan Secretary of State and Dominion Corp Warn Local Officials Not to Audit any Election Results.

The Last Refuge: Windham, New Hampshire, Ballot Audit Forensics Finds CCTV Cameras of Ballot Counting Machines in Audit Room Mysteriously Disabled for 90 Minutes.

Remember now, there was NO election fraud or cheating in the 2020 Presidential election! The January 6th committee’s whitewash will make sure we are reminded of that.

Good Interview of “2000 Mules” Documentarian Dinesh D’Souza

Viva Frei and Robert Barnes interview documentarian Dinesh D’Souza on his recent documentary “2000 Mules” regarding the stolen 2020 Presidential election. A lively and informative discussion.

(I had a list of many, many articles in a post about that. So yes, the crazed dementia patient in the White House is illegitimate. And look at how he and all his cohorts are destroying the country and our lives. That’s what you get when you look the other way with vote fraud and election stealing.)

On the Lies about the Covid “Vaccine” That’s Not a Vaccine

I think this Covid stuff that’s for over 2 years now is driving people nuts. I know it’s driving me nuts. And I keep trying to get real information out there because people should know the truth. You just aren’t getting the truth from government bureaucrats or the media, only propaganda and fear-mongering.

But many people are in denial, and they just don’t want to hear that their government is lying to them. “Oh, they wouldn’t lie to us about something as serious as Covid…”

Oh yes they would, and they are. You see, people are in denial that Fauci, Walensky, Murthy and the FDA would lie about something as serious as a virus, the death counts, and “vaccines” that are not vaccines. But yes they are lying, they are corrupt bureaucrats.

So we’re still hearing in the news how people are being denied entry to various places “because they haven’t been vaccinated,” in which “being vaccinated” no longer means what it used to mean. Bureaucrats like Fauci are still making appearances on the Sunday “news” shows and lying their asses off about Covid and the latest variant.

First, Fauci is lying by omission. When asked about “How concerned should Americans be about the latest variant?” and so on, Fauci goes on about protecting yourself, “get vaccinated, boosted, wear masks…” even though he knows damn well that the mRNA “vaccine” doesn’t prevent infections or transmission and wasn’t intended to, and he knows there’s no reason for anyone but medical personnel to wear the goddamn masks.

So the answer to the question, “How concerned should Americans be about the latest variant?” is that while subsequent variants are very contagious and maybe even more contagious than previous variants, they are even less dangerous and less lethal than previous variants (for most people)! When any of these schmucks on TV do not reiterate that fact about these viruses and continue the fear-mongering and “keep getting boosted (for no good reason)” that is what I would call lying by omission. And thus they are continuing the fear-mongering, panic-incitement propaganda.

But here I wanted to reiterate that government and media have been lying about “The Vaccine,” the Pfizer/Moderna mRNA “vaccine” that’s not a vaccine. And yes it is “gene therapy,” which we know because the manufacturers themselves say so.

So “gene therapy” is a treatment (or attempted treatment), not a preventive measure. It is like a form of chemotherapy. When I hear the ignorant and/or dishonest Sean Hannity on the radio saying that people should get “therapeutics” for Covid, he, and many others, don’t understand that the mRNA Covid “vaccine” IS a therapeutic. That is what it is, and you’re not going to change the truth whether calling it a “vaccine” or claiming that it “prevents infections,” which it doesn’t do, or “prevents spreading of the virus,” which it doesn’t do, and it wasn’t intended to do either of those things.

Mercola has discussed this many times now, especially in this article, as have many other honest analysts. Mercola cites articles from the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy, Moderna’s own trial website, Wired magazine, and MIT Technology review, on how the “gene therapy” “vaccines” work.

And Mercola also quoted from Moderna’s own SEC filing on the mRNA drug injections and showing that they are in fact “gene therapy.” And as I wrote previously, I searched the Moderna mRNA SEC document myself, and found NO mention about the mRNA drug injections being intended to “prevent infections” or prevent viral infection, or “prevent transmission” or preventing contagions or spreading of a virus. Nothing.

Here is a quote from the Moderna mRNA SEC document:

Currently, mRNA is considered a gene therapy product by the FDA. Unlike certain gene therapies that irreversibly alter cell DNA and could act as a source of side effects, mRNA-based medicines are designed to not irreversibly change cell DNA; however, side effects observed in gene therapy could negatively impact the perception of mRNA medicines despite the differences in mechanism. In addition, because no product in which mRNA is the primary active ingredient has been approved, the regulatory pathway for approval is uncertain…

As Mercola writes in his article,

So, to summarize: The definition of “genetic” is something relating to genes, and the definition of “therapy” is the medical treatment of a disease. The definition of “gene therapy” is the process of modifying or manipulating the expression of a gene, or altering the biological properties of living cells.

mRNA are snippets of genetic code that instructs cells to produce proteins. mRNA COVID-19 therapies “deliver genetic instructions into your cells,” thereby triggering your body to produce a fragment of the virus (the spike protein). So, mRNA vaccines ARE gene therapy. There’s simply no way around this. They fulfill all the definitions of gene therapy and none of the definitions for a vaccine.

This is really sick. Moderna states on its own website how the mRNA drugs are not as much vaccines as they are like a computer operating system:

Recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer. It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case, the “program” or “app” is our mRNA drug – the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein.

Generally, the only thing that changes from one potential mRNA medicine to another is the coding region – the actual genetic code that instructs ribosomes to make protein. Utilizing these instruction sets gives our investigational mRNA medicines a software-like quality.

So my own interpretation of these “scientists” like the ones at Pfizer and Moderna, and Fauci who says he IS science, and the rest of this God Complex-suffering crowd, is that they want to screw around with nature and the natural immune system of others, with synthetic chemical mixtures that are not natural. They want to make their synthetic drugs and concoctions replace our natural immune system, as a part of their attempting to realize their fantasies or fantasized ideal of what something should be.

So all this has really been experimental, and the “scientists” have been using an allegedly contagious virus as their excuse to force the experiment onto nearly the entire population. (A virus with a .1 to .2% fatality rate, by the way, in which the younger people are not at all at risk with said virus, although the younger people are more at risk of horrible adverse reactions to the mRNA drug injection.)

See this recent article from the Children’s Health Defense: More Than 1 Million Covid Vaccine Injuries, Nearly 27,000 Deaths Reported to VAERS, CDC Data Show. With all those reported injuries and deaths, why hasn’t the mRNA drug injection been pulled, like past drugs and vaccines have been withdrawn because of many adverse reactions? Is this experiment THAT important?

So, a lot of people are still under the influence of Covid propaganda and believe many lies that are still being promulgated by government bureaucrats and the corporate media. On this blog I have linked to many, many articles pointing out the truth about this Covid scamdemic. I guess I have to keep doing this. You True Believers out there really need to turn off that damn TV, in my view.

Sadly, many people still believe government/media lies about many things, including “Trump-Russia collusions,” January 6th, and Covid-related lies including the “vaccine” that’s not a vaccine but is causing a lot of adverse reactions, illnesses and deaths that bureaucrats, Big Pharma and the media are still covering up.

On Covid Reparations and Criminal Proceedings

I have written a lot on the Covid scam these past two years now, and enough is enough. This has to end and there are people who need to be made accountable for their lies and criminal actions against the people.

Yes, many readers are not interested in Covid skepticism and would rather just believe the bureaucrats in charge, their corrupt governor, the dishonest and incompetent “doctors” of establishment medicine, the AMA, the CDC, NIH and FDA. But after all that has come out now, even in corporate “news” media, if you are still a true believer in the propaganda, then, oh well.

Speaking of making people accountable, Jeffrey Tucker writes about reparations for businesses that were ordered to shut down during the scamdemic over these past two years.

It is not right to make the big businesses who were allowed to stay open to have to pay the smaller business owners forced to shut down, nor is it right to make the taxpayers pay. Tucker writes:

My suggestion, then, is to let the compensation – the reparations – take the form of relief from continued impositions of high taxes, mandates, and regulations particularly as they affect small businesses, which were the hardest hit from pandemic lockdowns. In other words, to make up for the wrongs done and to rebuild a vibrant small-business sector, the owners need to be emancipated from the bureaucratic tangles, taxes, and demands that have tightened over the decades.

Okay, that’s fine. But it’s still a bit lame, if you ask me. What about the businesses that closed down permanently because of the fascist “taking” of their livelihoods? And all the people whose jobs were taken away? What about them?

My own suggestion, given that the governors, mayors and other bureaucrats had given such shut-down orders illegally and unconstitutionally and without any semblance of due process, is that those who were harmed by the shut-downs be allowed to sue those very criminal rulers, financially.

Any businessperson whose livelihood was taken away by the governors and mayors’ fascist unconstitutional orders should be allowed to take those specific bureaucrats to court and sue them. The criminals need to have their fortunes wiped away for the damage they have caused so many people. After the bureaucrats’ right to due process is served, of course, in a court of law and with evidence brought against them.

The government scum’s orders are orders which I believe to be “under color of law.”

The reason for the “under color of law” aspect is because I don’t think any of these bureaucrats really believed the Covid-19 virus was any more serious than seasonal flu, and that they imposed such orders for political reasons. Perhaps Judicial Watch or other organizations can use FOIA requests to get these bureaucrats’ government emails going back at least the mid-2010s.

There is too much evidence that was already available in March of 2020 that showed who exactly was vulnerable to the virus and that it had a less-than-1% infection fatality rate, and that there was no reason for business shut-downs and stay-in orders. As I have mentioned here many times, to assert that asymptomatic carriers of the Covid virus are contagious is an outright lie. That lie is what all the shut-downs were based on.

The government and media’s colluding to dish out 9/11-style propaganda and incite panic and terrorize the nation was effective despite the information we already had at that early time.

And we know just how much politicians have enriched themselves while in office. These people are multi-millionaires. They need to be put into the poor house — with due process, of course. So, they should be sued personally. They, and not taxpayers, must pay for their damages.

And they must pay criminally as well. Some possible criminal charges can include inducing or incitement to panic. For instance, in Ohio code on Inducing Panic:

(A) No person shall cause the evacuation of any public place, or otherwise cause serious public inconvenience or alarm, by doing any of the following:

(1) Initiating or circulating a report or warning of an alleged or impending fire, explosion, crime, or other catastrophe, knowing that such report or warning is false;

(2) Threatening to commit any offense of violence;

(3) Committing any offense, with reckless disregard of the likelihood that its commission will cause serious public inconvenience or alarm.

(B) Division (A)(1) of this section does not apply to any person conducting an authorized fire or emergency drill.

(C)(1) Whoever violates this section is guilty of inducing panic.

(2) Except as otherwise provided in division (C)(3), (4), (5), (6), (7), or (8) of this section, inducing panic is a misdemeanor of the first degree.

(3) Except as otherwise provided in division (C)(4), (5), (6), (7), or (8) of this section, if a violation of this section results in physical harm to any person, inducing panic is a felony of the fourth degree.

(4) Except as otherwise provided in division (C)(5), (6), (7), or (8) of this section, if a violation of this section results in economic harm, the penalty shall be determined as follows:

(a) If the violation results in economic harm of one thousand dollars or more but less than seven thousand five hundred dollars and if division (C)(3) of this section does not apply, inducing panic is a felony of the fifth degree.

(b) If the violation results in economic harm of seven thousand five hundred dollars or more but less than one hundred fifty thousand dollars, inducing panic is a felony of the fourth degree.

(c) If the violation results in economic harm of one hundred fifty thousand dollars or more, inducing panic is a felony of the third degree.

(5) If the public place involved in a violation of division (A)(1) of this section is a school or an institution of higher education, inducing panic is a felony of the second degree.

Ohio has similar code addressing “Making false alarms.”

And I really believe that if bureaucrats and their media minions had knowingly and intentionally caused terror among the masses, that terrorism charges should be imposed on them.

There also has been massive fraud committed by the Faucists and Pfizer (not a stranger to fraud charges), implying that the mRNA drug injection is a “vaccine” that’s not a vaccine in order to evade immunity from liability for their vaccines but not for their other drugs. Having Merriam-Webster et al. change the definition of “vaccine” to specifically include mRNA injections is just another part of their fraud and liability evasion.

Many people, millions and millions of people have been hearing the Faucists and their media flunkies state over and over that people “should get vaccinated,” in which “getting vaccinated” means getting “immunized,” given “protection from being infected by a virus” and “preventing spreading of the virus,” when the mRNA drug injections were not even intended to do those things. And Fauci had stated just that early on.

As I wrote here, the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA drug injections are “gene therapy,” which means they are therapeutics or treatments, not vaccines! And as I wrote in that post (and from the Mercola article), the Moderna SEC document tells us that. It says nothing about mRNA drugs preventing infections or preventing transmission of viruses. Moderna, in fact, describes its mRNA drug injection gene therapy as an upgrade for your biological system comparing it to a computer “operating system”! In this post I likened it to a foreign invader occupying your biological territory, which is more realistic way of putting it.

So fraud charges need to be made against these criminals who are clearly using the masses as guinea pigs for their experimentation.

I know, a lot of people are in denial, and don’t want to acknowledge that the people who rule over us can be evil monsters like we saw in Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, China, and many other places. But the U.S government did cause a lot of death and destruction over the past century, in Europe, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and throughout the Middle East, and right here in the U.S. Yes, there are evil people still around. But the deniers seem intent on letting the evil criminals get away with their crimes, unfortunately.

There obviously needs to be more done to repair the damage caused in the Covid-1984 scam, not just business reparations.