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Taibbi with Twitter Files #19: Covid Lie Machine, Virality Project, Censorship of “True Stories”

Matt Taibbi on Twitter has another Twitter Files release, #19. In this thread, Taibbi shows how TPTB on social media platforms were coordinating their censorship of those who contradicted the official narrative on Covid.

Even if what people were saying was TRUE, regarding the mRNA drug injection erroneously labeled “vaccines,” detailing instances of people sickened by them and dying soon after being injected, the Twitter et al. “fact checkers” were instructed to nevertheless suppress those stories as “misinformation,” “disinformation,” etc. The same Orwellian treatments for other Covid related issues, natural immunity, “breakthrough infections,” etc.

Speaker McCarthy: Release All January 6th Video to the Public

House speaker Kevin McCarthy has given supposedly over 40,000 hours of surveillance video from the January 6th Capitol chaos psy-op to Tucker Carlson, who showed some of the video on his Fox TV show.

The True Believers on the Left, like the ignoramuses of “The View,” the ones who believe all the lies and distortions of the January 6th Committee, are saying that Tucker Carlson is the one who is distorting and “lying.” All he did was show the parts of the unedited video that refutes the lies of the Committee from their editing, splicing and dicing.

So, since there are people who believe one side and not the other, and others who believe the other side, I think it would be a good idea for McCarthy to put the entire 40-45,000 hours of surveillance video from that horrible day online for all members of the public to see. Put it on YouTube, Rumble, all the platforms. That is the only way that people can really see for themselves what really happened on January 6th, 2021.

What Do I Mean by “Brainwashed”? Who Is Brainwashed?

Every now and then I refer to some people as being “brainwashed,” and I just wanted to clarify that.

By “brainwashed” I am not talking about someone waving a watch in front of your face and hypnotizing you, and planting suggestions into your head in that kind of way.

Many people are brainwashed, or indoctrinated is another word, by hearing the same things over and over repeatedly for weeks and months and years, and believing what they’ve been hearing over and over.

For example, many people sit in their government school classrooms with the “Pledge of Allegiance,” a.k.a Pledge of Obedience to the State, and made to recite that every day for 12 years. They also hear about how wonderful and awesome and important the President of the United States is, when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

So a lot of the brainwashing or indoctrination in government schools is drilling into the kids over and over just how awesome and great the government and its employees are in Washington, and in the State House and local City Hall. (Not.)

By my observation, America’s schoolchildren go to the government schools a.k.a. indoctrination prison camps, to get the brainwashing of State worship drilled into them, so they graduate at age 18 not particularly knowing how to read and write and do math and to think critically, but how to be good little slaves, i.e. citizens.

12 straight years of statolatry, in other words. As Ludwig von Mises put it, “the worship of the State is the worship of force.” People tend to love, worship and obey an institution of force, compulsion and violence, (the State) rather than devote themselves to peace, freedom and voluntary action. The crazed frothing to go to war with Russia is a good example. Millions of brainwashed Americans support war for no good reason.

Only brainwashed sheeple supported the U.S. going over to foreign lands like Korea and Vietnam and bombing and murdering their people, even though neither Korea nor Vietnam had ever attacked or threatened the U.S. And only brainwashed Americans supported “the war effort” after the publication of the Pentagon Papers!

The same thing with U.S. military invading and bombing Iraq in 1991, and its starting new wars of aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq (again) in the early 2000s.

The Democrat and Republican parties are two branches of government in the U.S. And that is why third parties never get their foot in the door in politics and government. The two major parties have by law restricted the rights of other parties and candidates from getting their names on the ballots in elections. And because of the mass brainwashing — from 12 years of government school indoctrination prison camps as well as from mass media, entertainment and Hollywood — the non-government parties have been ignored by the “mainstream” corporate “news” media. (The government media, in other words.)

And this is why most people among the population reject the idea of Libertarian Party candidates getting into office, and reject the ideas promoted by the Libertarian candidates. Those ideas including non-interventionism in foreign policy and ending all tax-funded foreign aid, ending all government-run “schools” and letting private and voluntary education programs flourish, recognizing that involuntary taxation is nothing but theft and thus ending all income taxes and closing down the IRS, etc. And those are the main policies that are needed to be enacted in a free society.

Alas, many people reject the idea of a free society, because, yes, they are brainwashed. They are brainwashed to accept being slaves of the government and of bureaucrats, slaves of thieving sniveling political apparatchiks, and the sheeple love their slave masters and love being enslaved. Oh, well.

Freedom of Speech on Medical Issues, and the Biomedical Security State

Joseph Mercola has an article featuring his interview with physician Aaron Kheriaty, who was suspended and then fired by his employer, University of California, Irvine School of Medicine, merely because he filed a lawsuit challenging vaccine mandates on behalf of people with natural immunity.

And now Kheriaty and some other physicians are suing California and Gov. Gavin Nuisance on that state’s new law banning doctors from giving professional medical advice specifically on Covid that contradicts the official government-approved narrative.

The government labels the non-official narrative as “misinformation.” But ironically, it’s the government’s official narrative that is the actual misinformation, whether it’s about vaccines especially the mRNA drug injection, face masks, asymptomatic virus carriers and lockdowns, Covid testing, etc. You name it, the bureaucrats are wrong on facts, science and morally wrong in their harmful fascist orders and diktats.

This is another reason why I link to Mercola’s articles, besides that they are very well written and sourced. If you google Mercola you’ll see how the “fact-checkers” slander him as a “quack,” because his high quality investigative research and reporting uncovers many truthful things about the pharmaceutical industry and the establishment medical cartel, and goes against the government and media’s official narrative on all things medical.

In reality, the bureaucrat “doctors” including Fauci, Walensky, Collins, Murthy, and Jha-Jha are the real quacks, as well as liars and propagandists, and shills for the snake oil salesmen of the pharmaceutical industry.

U.S. Government Wants to Imprison Journalists for Exercising Their First Amendment Rights

Daniel Ellsberg: Using the Espionage Act against Journalist Julian Assange in Blatant Violation of the First Amendment Means the First Amendment Is Essentially Gone. This article includes Ellsberg’s address to the Belmarsh Tribunal.

Marjorie Cohn: Prosecution of Assange Would Lead to End of the First Amendment, Advocates Warn. This article gives some background on the Julian Assange case.

Truth-Telling about Warmongers, Pharma Killers, Corrupt Feds, and Mass Psychosis

Brett Wilkins: ‘Freedom for Assange and Journalism Are at Stake’: Belmarsh Tribunal Comes to DC

Alex Berenson: Deaths in England Surge Again

Stephen Lendman: Rule by Pharma Profiteers and Pentagon War-Makers

Thomas Knapp: World War Three Isn’t Coming. We’ve Been Living It All Our Lives.

William Astore: Let the Weapons Flow and the Body Count Grow

Joseph Mercola: CDC Aware of Hundreds of Safety Signals for Covid Jab

The Burning Platform: 2023: Fourth Turning Meets Mass Formation Psychosis Part 1 and Part 2

Cara Castronuova: Never-Before-Seen Leaked Video of RAY EPPS Breach! Is the Government Doctoring Video to Cover for Epps and Incriminate the Proud Boys at their Show Trial?

World Economic (sic) Forum Hypocrisy, Pfizer CEO Confronted

Savanah Hernandez of the Post Millennial posts this tweet in her article on the World Economic (sic) Forum and its climate hypocrisy, the 1,000 private jets and non-electric chauffeur limos there.

This tweet shows two actual journalists (not the usual dishonest regime stenographers from CBS, CNN, NYT, etc.), Avi Yemini and Ezra Levant of Rebel News, confronting Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla and asking him questions such as, “We now know the vaccines didn’t stop transmission, but why did you keep it secret?” and asking him how much he profits from the “vaccine.”

Covid “Misinformation” Or the Truth?

We’re definitely living in a bizarro world, a twilight zone, in which propaganda and lies disseminated by bureaucrats and corporate media are taken seriously as The Truth despite its nonsensicalness and irrationality, yet the actual truth, science, facts and evidence are censored and silenced and labeled as “misinformation” by corporate and social media.

As far as my own writing here, I have noticed that the number of visits has gone way down in recent months. And also the number of visits referred by search engines has gone down. I hope I haven’t been the target of false complaints of “misinformation.” The drop seems to have occurred some time in June or July. (Hmm. I wonder if my post referring to Andy Ngo, “pride day,” and the abortion issue may have caused brainwashed activists a little anguish?). But whatever. I’ll keep doing this.

Regarding the recent Twitter news, while it is nice to see that Elon Musk is exposing the corruption behind the Swamp and media’s censorship of material from Twitter, I’d like to see exposed how real information about the Covid scam and “vaccines” has been routinely censored while Pfizer/CDC/FDA’s lies and propaganda continue to get disseminated by corporate and social media.

The Covid propaganda and fear mongering has to stop. We can’t continue to live like this. And they’re still doing it.

For instance, hospitals claiming to be overwhelmed with patients, a “tripledemic” of flu, Covid and RSV cases. And I understand that like everyone else the hospitals are having a hard time financially, and want those federal handouts. So as I mentioned in this post I can see why they would be lying about their being overwhelmed and up to capacity levels. But, if they really are overwhelmed, one reason might be because many hospitals lost their best nurses and staff because of the nurses and staff refusing to get an experimental dangerous drug injected into their bodies and being given the heave-ho because of it.

And when people who now have cancers, lymphomas, blood clots, heart inflammation, etc., are saying to their doctors they believe it’s the Pfizer/Moderna mRNA “vaccine” causing the new diseases, many doctors are in denial of it and saying, “Oh, no no no no, it couldn’t be the vaccine…” Those doctors just can’t fathom that their treasured vaccines they believe in like miracle cures could actually harm people. (See Ed Dowd’s new book, “Cause Unknown”: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022.)

And many doctors and other medical personnel and “public health” bureaucrats and media people couldn’t imagine that face masks are actually harming people. Yet, in the current rise in panic and fear mongering there are new calls to return to the masks, the oxygen-depriving suffocation muzzles.

See the most recent article on these issues, The Ongoing Covid Deceptions: How Ruling Elites Lied about Masks and Mask Mandates by Lipton Matthews.

And there have been other articles just recently, including Martin Armstrong’s article on how vaccinated and boosted people make up the most Covid deaths in the hospitals. Unlike what we’ve been hearing from the corrupt corporate media, it is not a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” but a pandemic of the vaccinated and boosted!

But I suspect that Twitter, Facebook, other social media and other media will still not allow such truthful articles to get referenced and linked to. I spent a lot of time over two months preparing my page on how Covid is a scam, but it isn’t getting any views thus far.

There is too much of a societal blind faith in the “public health” apparatus and most people worship establishment medicine and the pharmaceutical companies, and that’s just the way it is. Propaganda works. They just don’t want to hear facts that contradict their much-believed, government-approved narratives. Doctors in denial, whistleblower nurses and other healthcare providers getting fired, censored, harassed.

Well, I hope that the current surge in panic porn and hysteria doesn’t escalate to the point of more mask mandates, vaccine mandates and other policies we know not only don’t work but make people worse off.

Elon Musk’s Twitter Bans Kanye West

It appears that the new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, who has called himself the “Chief Twit” (and I don’t disagree with that), has now banned Kanye West (“Ye”) from Twitter. Musk has previously stated that he believes in the freedom of speech.

The Chief Twit says that his reason for the ban is “incitement to violence,” pointing to West’s posting of a Star of David with a swastika in it. Now, obviously such an image is extremely offensive to most people, but it is not “incitement to violence.”

So in my view, the remedy to hateful speech or images is not censorship but more speech. In other words, let readers comment on the image. What is the image? What does the Star of David mean to people? What does that swastika stand for, and why is such a combined image offensive?

The problem with censorship is that the censors like the Chief Twit aren’t allowing for an informative discussion. Let’s have a discussion, rather than just silencing people. That’s what I think about that.

The Nazi swastika has been offensive to many people. But why is that? The Nazis killed millions of innocent Jews, and other non-Jews as well. But the Soviets and Chinese communists killed tens of millions more than Hitler did. That’s just a historical fact. So why isn’t the hammer and sickle offensive like the swastika? Just askin’.

Anyway, some people think that Kanye West has some mental health issues. There’s something wrong a person who would say that he “loves Hitler.” 

It may be the case as well that Elon Musk has serious mental health issues. After all, he has named two of his kids “X AE A-XII Musk” and “Exa Dark Sideræl Musk.” Not that that means anything. But really? (Perhaps he’s a fan of Frank Zappa, who named his kids “Moon Unit” and “Dweezil.”)

And there’s Musk’s involvement in the transhumanism phenomenon, which is really sick stuff, if you ask me.

But at least Musk is saying that he will reveal evidence of collusion between the U.S. regime in Washington and Twitter regarding the 2020 election and its suppressing legitimate information that could have resulted in a different election outcome.

Censorship of Facts in the Name of Protecting Official Misinformation

We’re hearing a lot these days about “misinformation,” and how those who question or contradict the official narrative are disseminating “misinformation.”

In fact, I noticed that my own blog here that I moved over to has on its visitor stats some visits that are referred from Google search, but no longer from Bing or DuckDuckGo. And then I learned that websites or blogs who see reduced traffic and nothing coming from Bing or DuckDuckGo may have been “deranked” or removed entirely from being indexed on those search engines.

The reason? Because of “misinformation,” i.e. information that contradicts or veers away from the official government narrative, or from “mainstream news sources.”

Like the New York Slimes? And the Washington Pest? And CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, Fox News? Those guardians of truth, who gave us “Trump-Russia collusions” for 4 years without evidence and that was totally debunked by the Mueller investigation?

Like all those in the “news” media who parroted government bureaucrats and “public health” “experts” claiming that staying indoors, shutting down businesses and schools and churches, and wearing oxygen-depriving suffocation muzzles were all necessary to “protect Grandma” from a bad cold/flu whose harm to people was about the equivalent of seasonal flu when the actual facts are told?

In the Covid scam, many government-pushed “official narrative” assertions were thoroughly debunked, especially by ME, as well as by Naomi Wolf, Alex Berenson, Steve Kirsch, Joseph Mercola, and many more. But sadly, those who contradict the official narrative, who bring up actual facts, data and real science and studies, are falsely labeled “conspiracy theorists” and falsely accused of giving “misinformation,” and are censored, de-platformed, and smeared by the government flunkies of corporate media, and social media and Big Tech.

A really good article this week on this kind of subject: In The “Fact Check” Scam, Paul Craig Roberts responds to the “fact checker” called “News Guard,” which is really The Official Narrative Guard. The “fact checker” says that because Roberts contradicts what the U.S. government asserts, therefore Roberts is giving so-called “misinformation.”

Roberts writes:

Last Monday I received an email from  NewsGuard, “an independent organization that rates and reviews news outlets based on nine apolitical journalistic criteria.”

The analyst asked me to comment on two statements in my columns  in which I am accused of “advancing false and unsupported claims.”

One  false and and unsuopported claim is “a March 2022 article titled ‘Ukraine Hosted Illegal US Biowarfare Laboratories,’ repeated Russian and Chinese propaganda about the presence of U.S.-run bioweapons labs in Ukraine, which has been repeatedly debunked by fact-checking organizations and refuted by U.S. government officials.”

The alleged “fact checker’s” claim that I made a false and unsupported claim is incorrect for two reasons.  One is the fact that a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the Defense Threat Reduction Agency produced official US government documents that state that the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, a component of the U.S. Department of Defense, funded anthrax laboratory activities in a Ukrainian biolab in 2018. The US government’s records also show over $11 million in funding for the Ukraine biolabs program in 2019.

See also:

Apparently, it never occurred to the dumbshit “fact checker” that relying on assurances from a proven liar such as the US government is no way to check a fact.  How, “fact checker,” does the government refute its own admission?  Notice also that the “fact checker” thinks that a statement by the Russian government is  “unsupported,”  but a statement by the US government is considered “supported.”  How does this obvious bias serve to verify any fact?

The second reason the “fact checker” is incorrect indicates that the “fact checker” is incapable of understanding that to report what the Russian government claims to have discovered in Ukraine is not misinformation or propaganda. It is correct information reporting Russian claims.  What we see here is a “fact checker” who thinks or has been trained to see any report, whether or not endorsed by the reporter, of an item in the “impermissible to be mentioned” category as a “false and unsupported claim.”  In other words, all is false except official narratives.

Sadly, today’s “news” media and government-approved “fact-checkers” are extremely lazy-minded and dim-witted, and of course being authoritarian brainwashed robots makes it easy for them to obediently repeat word-for-word whatever “national security” apparatchiks or establishment medical officials tell them, without any checking, investigating and research on their part.

And, being said brainwashed robots, they are easily bamboozled and must promulgate their cult propaganda at all costs, certainly at the expense of the truth, that’s for sure.

For further info, see:

Former New York Times Editor Lauren Wolfe: “I’m a Biased Journalist and I’m Okay With That.”

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Important News and Commentary

Jordan Schachtel: Balkanized Future: Midterms Deliver Victories for Both Free State Americans and Security State Americans

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And Steve Watson: UK Man Sent To PRISON For 6 Months For Serving Snacks At Club During Lockdown

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Gov. Ron DeSantis, Anti-Gun Rights, Anti-First Amendment

Click on the date of the tweet to see the whole thread with further information. Or click this link.

“This event would be held at Legacy Park, which is public property. They warned that guns would not be allowed at the event, despite the fact that Florida law doesn’t allow public officials to limit gun ownership on public property beyond what the law already authorizes.”

“When Ann Stone, treasurer of the Alachua GOP, was informed that creating a ‘gun-free’ zone on public property was illegal, she replied ‘It might be the law, but Ron DeSantis is NOT speaking unless there are no guns or other weapons.'”

More on the thread.