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Why Is Putin Invading Ukraine? Will He Nuke the Ukrainians?

February 28, 2022

Why exactly is Putin invading and attacking Ukraine? Supposedly he is paranoid about Ukraine possibly joining NATO which may allow the U.S. regime to put its military bases in Ukraine, or allow more NATO forces in Ukraine, a little too close for Putin’s liking.

There is the theory that the CIA is coercing or blackmailing or otherwise provoking Putin to start this invasion so that the “news” in the U.S. media would be “Ukraine-Ukraine-Ukraine” 24-7, as it has been, and pay much less attention to the Covid fiasco and how many more people are catching on to what a scam the whole 2-year Covid has been. As Jon Rappoport points out, the Covid false narrative is collapsing all over.

But also we know that the Pentacon and Joint Chiefs don’t like peace. And, like George H.W. Bush and his cronies in 1990 seeing the Soviet Union collapsing and bringing the Cod War to an end and starting a whole new conflict with a whole new enemy, the warmongers in Warshington want new conflicts and a new Cold War to justify their skyrocketing military-security-complex budgets (at taxpayers’ expense, of course).

“Oh, the War Party wouldn’t do that, and cause the kinds of havoc in Ukraine that’s going on now, they wouldn’t do that!” Well, they have done all that and more. The aforementioned George H.W. Bush 1991 war against Iraq and sanctions and no-fly zones imposed on the Iraqi people for no good reason, included bombing and destroying their civilian water and sewage treatment facilities which caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands by the mid-1990s. This created a lot of blowback, which in my view was the point of it.

Among the blowback were the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, other bombings and of course 9/11, which wouldn’t have happened had H.W. not started his war of aggression in 1991. Then his son, George W. Bush, started his own wars of aggression for no good reason.

Unfortunately, many people in America are filled with government- and media-propelled propaganda throughout the 1990s and 2000s justifying all the militarism and warmongering and war crimes inflicted by the U.S. government in Washington.

Bureaucrats are evil sadists. Maybe one of these days those who are more believing of warmongers in Warshington will finally wake up to the truth.

And I heard people on the radio saying how proud they were that regular Ukrainian citizens were taking up arms and fighting back against Putin’s army. Okay…

However, many Americans, such as those who strongly believe in American Exceptionalism, during the 2000s were not exactly praising of the Iraqi people who tried to defend their country and territory and their homes and businesses against the invading army with the Iraq War(s). When Americans are the invaders, that’s different!

In fact, U.S. soldiers when they invaded Iraq during the 2000s confiscated the Iraqi people’s firearms (like good little communists would do), going door to door, house to house to rob the people of their means of self-defense. But that’s okay, those Iraqi victims were “militants,” “terrorists,” “towel-heads,” and so on, which was what I heard from the talk radio crowd during the 2000s. American Exceptionalism means that “we” can violate the rights of foreigners, but “they” may not. But I digress.

Back to the Ukraine issue.

Some people are concerned that the crazed Putin might launch a nuclear strike on Ukraine, which would probably start a full nuclear war. But I think (or hope) that the military apparatus in Russia under Putin would overrule such an order to launch a nuclear strike, as the Pentagon and Joint Chiefs of Staff would do here in the United State. At least, that is what I had heard about the military apparatus in Washington. (You think the President is in charge of those kinds of things? Heh.)

To conclude, Murray Rothbard had some important comments on the possible use or existence of nuclear bombs:

It has often been maintained, and especially by conservatives, that the development of the horrendous modern weapons of mass murder (nuclear weapons, rockets, germ warfare, etc.) is only a difference of degree rather than kind from the simpler weapons of an earlier era. Of course, one answer to this is that when the degree is the number of human lives, the difference is a very big one. But another answer that the libertarian is particularly equipped to give is that while the bow and arrow and even the rifle can be pinpointed, if the will be there, against actual criminals, modern nuclear weapons cannot. Here is a crucial difference in kind. Of course, the bow and arrow could be used for aggressive purposes, but it could also be pinpointed to use only against aggressors. Nuclear weapons, even “conventional” aerial bombs, cannot be. These weapons are ipso facto engines of indiscriminate mass destruction. (The only exception would be the extremely rare case where a mass of people who were all criminals inhabited a vast geographical area.) We must, therefore, conclude that the use of nuclear or similar weapons, or the threat thereof, is a sin and a crime against humanity for which there can be no justification.

This is why the old cliché no longer holds that it is not the arms but the will to use them that is significant in judging matters of war and peace. For it is precisely the characteristic of modern weapons that they cannot be used selectively, cannot be used in a libertarian manner. Therefore, their very existence must be condemned, and nuclear disarmament becomes a good to be pursued for its own sake. And if we will indeed use our strategic intelligence, we will see that such disarmament is not only a good, but the highest political good that we can pursue in the modern world. For just as murder is a more heinous crime against another man than larceny, so mass murder—indeed murder so widespread as to threaten human civilization and human survival itself—is the worst crime that any man could possibly commit. And that crime is now imminent. And the forestalling of massive annihilation is far more important, in truth, than the demunicipalization of garbage disposal, as worthwhile as that may be. Or are libertarians going to wax properly indignant about price control or the income tax, and yet shrug their shoulders at or even positively advocate the ultimate crime of mass murder?