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Authoritarianism and Fascism in Amerika (and China)

Andrew Napolitano: Slouching Toward Fascism

Doug Casey: Global Government vs. the People

Joseph Mercola: G20 Signs Declaration for International Vaccine Passport

Gateway Pundit: Apple Helps Chinese Communists Suppress Protests – Removes Crucial Tool of Dissent on iPhones and Does Not Tell Mainland Users

On the bright side:

Libertarian Party Mises Caucus Quotes Ayn Rand on Twitter: Businessmen vs. Bureaucrats

And Art Carden: Let Them Compete: Labor Markets Are Workers’ Friends, Not Their Enemies

New York Mayor Adams Wants to Involuntarily Institutionalize Non-Threatening, “Mentally Ill” People

New York City Mayor Eric Adams now wants to violate the civil liberties of innocent people in the name of protecting the “mentally ill.”

The standard rule for government “health” and law enforcement authorities has been that you may not involuntarily detain someone unless the person is clearly a threat to himself or others.

Now, in my view if someone is only a threat to himself but not to others, then there is no moral justification to involuntarily apprehend or detain that person. The law should reflect that.

But that is not the issue here. The issue is that fascist Adams wants to have government authorities seize and detain, i.e. arrest, innocent people who are not a threat to others. He might as well be a mayor in China.

Adams says that government only being allowed to involuntarily arrest and detain innocent people based on their being a threat to others is a “common misunderstanding” and a “myth.” So he’s an ignorant fascist at that.

And, in my opinion, I think he’s just another nazi bureaucrat who gets off violating the rights of innocent people like so many of them obviously do. Like it’s a power trip. And we have good reason to conclude that based on Adams’s authoritarian Covid policies of arresting innocent people who wouldn’t wear an oxygen-depriving suffocation muzzle on his orders, and his obsessively wanting to force people to have an experimental drug injected into their bodies involuntarily. Shame-shame.

And Adams wants to arrest and detain and involuntarily institutionalize innocent, non-threatening people based on this “mental illness” thing. Given that the government will be empowered to do things to non-threatening people involuntarily, such empowerment will in all likelihood go to the detainers and incarcerators’ heads, and the definition of “mental illness” will no doubt expand.

For example, we already have Attorney General Merlin Garlick labeling as “domestic terrorists” parents who go to school committee meetings to complain about horrible school policies. Eventually the complaining parents will be labeled “mentally ill,” just like in the old Soviet Union, and taken off to the gulags.

And the government already wants to label as “anti-vaxxer” people who expose the truth about the mRNA “vaccine” and that it’s not a vaccine and that it’s killing and injuring a lot of people. I’m sure eventually those people will be then called “mentally ill” and forcibly given psychiatric drugs and institutionalized as well.

And then there are the “election deniers,” and so on. Mentally ill, obviously.

Freedom of Speech, SBF/FTX, Warmongering, January 6th Kangaroo Court, etc.

Paul Craig Roberts: The Suppression of Free Speech Has Close to Majority Support in America

John Whitehead: Cancel Culture’s War on History, Heritage and the Freedom to Think for Yourself

Jonathan Turley: Erin Go Britain? Ireland Considers Enacting a Bill Criminalizing the Possession of Hateful Material

James Howard Kunstler: A Smoldering Fuse: Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX

Jordan Schachtel: Will SBF Get Away with It? International Hurdles and Corrupted Elites May Block Justice for the Alleged Crypto Fraudster

Larry Johnson: Samuel Bankman Fried May Have Started the Demolition of the Deep State

Frank Shostak: Inflation Is Not Price Increases. Inflation Causes Price Increases.

Daniel Larison: What Might a DeSantis Foreign Policy Look Like? (neocon interventionist warmonger, etc. etc.)

Dave DeCamp: U.S. Announces $400 Million Weapons Package for Ukraine

Mark Thornton: The REAL Solution to the Coming Economic Crisis

Thomas DiLorenzo: Unhappy Marxist Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Laurence Vance: The Nanny State and Government Bans

David Stockman: The Red Drizzle And What Comes Next—MAGA Or Return To The GOP’s 1980 Platform?

And Nick Mastrangelo and Laura Elizabeth Jenkins: Fed Informants Identified during Oathkeepers Trial – Still No Crime Committed – But Corrupt Judge Breaks 6th Amendment and Will Not Allow Defendants to Confront Accusers, and Closing Arguments today in Oathkeepers Show Trial: One of the Greatest Travesties of Justice in US History

Important News and Commentary

Jordan Schachtel: Balkanized Future: Midterms Deliver Victories for Both Free State Americans and Security State Americans

Ryan McMaken: The Election Won’t Change Much in DC. The Real Battle Is Now in the States.

Joseph Mercola: How the FDA and CDC Are Hiding Covid Jab Dangers

Alex Berenson: Brain Inflammation and the mRNA Vaccines: Case Reports and a Major New Study Raise Troubling Signals

Middle East Eye: Israel: Shin Bet Admits Tracking Journalists Using Mobile Phone Data

The Free Thought Project: Federal Court Rules ‘Disinformation’ Can Be a Crime

Paul Craig Roberts: Stolen Election Update

Mike Benz: DHS Censorship Agency Had Strange First Mission: Banning Speech That Casts Doubt On “Red Mirage, Blue Shift” Election Events

And Steve Watson: UK Man Sent To PRISON For 6 Months For Serving Snacks At Club During Lockdown

9 Reasons Why Donald Trump Should Not Run for President Again

Now that the 2022 elections are over, or almost over, the 2024 election campaign has begun, mainly with Donald Trump teasing another run for President. And I don’t think he should run again. Here are some reasons.

1. “Operation Warp Speed”

So the first reason is Trump’s Operation Warped Speed, his inflicting the new, experimental untested mRNA snake oil a.k.a. “vaccine” that’s not a vaccine onto the world, a murderous fraud on a grand scale. (Even though in the past he has rightfully shown skepticism of vaccines including the flu shot!)

Pfizer a.k.a. Pfraudzer donated $1 million to Trump’s inauguration, by the way.

And at the beginning of the scamdemic, Trump himself correctly said the virus was not much worse or more dangerous than seasonal flu. He already knew that at the beginning. But he is so dumb and malleable that his handlers psy-opped him with the panic and hysteria at the moment, so he gullibly and stupidly went right along with the scam.

2. “Drain the Swamp”?

And during his 2015-2016 presidential run, he promised to “Drain the Swamp”! But did he “drain the swamp”? Nope. He brought Swamp creatures into his administration, including H.R. McMaster, James Mattis, Jeff Sessions, Bill disBarr, Christopher Fay Wray, Mike Pence, Mike Bombpeo, Steve Mnuchin-Goldman Sachs, Nikki Haley, Reince Priebus, Elaine Chao, Alex Azar, Rick Perry, “Bloody Gina” Haspel, Dan Coats, and on and on and on. So Trump himself is a Swamp creature as far as I’m concerned, and he will never “Drain the Swamp”!

3. Statist Swamp Creature Supreme Court Picks

The conservatives thought that Trump’s three Supreme Court appointments were wonderful. But they are all Swamp creatures, too. Perhaps Gorsuch is the favorable one of the three, given his at least some understanding of civil liberties and the Bill of Rights.

And we see in these past 4 years now that Brett Kavanaugh’s decisions on the High Court mainly suck. But he does like beer. As a lower court judge, Kavanaugh read things into the Fourth Amendment that were just not there, like a drunk sees pink elephants. He just made stuff up, in other words. For example, Kavanaugh wrote:

“The Fourth Amendment allows governmental searches and seizures without individualized suspicion when the Government demonstrates a sufficient “special need” – that is, a need beyond the normal need for law enforcement – that outweighs the intrusion on individual liberty”…

And as I wrote in response to all that,

“I don’t know if Kavanaugh has studied or learned anything from the Soviet Union or similar societies. But when you allow government rulers the kind of access into the people’s private lives, their persons, property, homes, cars, papers, and effects, especially without any actual reason to suspect someone of something criminal against others, you will get more than just intrusions. You will get the kind of abuses that we have seen from the U.S. government goons in their going after the Trump campaign and Trump as president, and in their and other federal and local agencies’ infiltration and/or persecution of activist groups such as Occupy Wall Street, Tea Party groups, antiwar activists, critics of the police state, gamers, Microsoft users, high school students, innocent homeowners, shoppers, school kids, minorities, airline travelers, journalists, videographers, Twitter users…The list of government’s victims is endless!”

So, when seeing Kavanaugh’s earlier decisions, there should have been no consideration of him for the Supremes, whatsoever.

Kavanaugh is also a rubber-stamper for the national security state and CIA, and a social justice warrior with no real understanding of Title IX at all. As Wendy McElroy wrote in her book, Rape Culture Hysteria: Fixing the Damage Done to Men and Women, Title IX should be repealed.

And looking at Amy Coney Barrett’s previous decisions, just the fact that she had sided with Big Government and its police state, and with Illinois Gov. Prickster’s Covid lockdowns, tells us all we needed to know.

4. The Trump “Tax Cuts” And Spending

The Trump tax cuts were a mixed bag. The corporate tax cuts were good especially because they were made permanent. But the individual tax cuts were NOT permanent, and were made to expire by 2025. For some people the temporary individual tax cuts expired in 2021, and then for everyone by 2025. That’s a SCAM, in my view. (So everyone’s taxes will automatically go up by 2025, in addition to the current presidential thief Biden’s tax hike-thefts.)

And Trump is a spend-like-a-drunken-sailor socialist, and refused to cut spending in any meaningful way!

And regarding Republicans in general on taxes, as I have written previously,

“Laurence Vance has many terrific articles online on tax policy. As Vance says, there is not much difference between most Republicans in Congress and the Bernie Sanders socialists. Vance explains the Republicans’ cluelessness on taxes, their love of government control of healthcare, and their low ranking in the Freedom Index. In 2013 Vance detailed the Republicans’ bloated budgets and their lies.

“In 2018 after Republicans lost their majority in the House, Vance discussed what the Republicans could have done when they had majorities. Vance also noted how the Republicans make America socialist again, and tells us who the efficiency experts for the welfare state are: Republicans and conservatives, of course.”

5. Immigration Policy

Trump doesn’t get what a free society is all about. His police state on the government border and the socialist scheme of government central planning in immigration will never work. Bureaucrats in Washington will never control the movements of millions of people. It’s just not possible.

Executive Orders to ban people from Muslim-majority countries, building a government wall on the government border to reinforce our growing USSA status. Fascist much?

And really, a “border czar“?

6. Other Executive Orders

Other Trump EOs include pushing Keystone and Dakota pipelines. Not good, not when the government is stealing property from the people. Energy production needs to be decentralized, in my view, and the states need to seize federal lands and let the oil and gas companies explore, drill, produce more oil and gas, and tell the feds to get lost!

And an Executive Order to ban “hate speech” i.e. antisemitism? This means that critics of Israeli government policies will be criminalized. Not good. Trump is not a fan of freedom of speech, sadly.

7. Warmonger

Trump increased the drone strikes that mainly murder innocent civilians in foreign countries. And then having the relatives of Islamic “militants” killed? Why didn’t he end the Iraq and Afghanistan wars that George W. Bush started for no good reason, and bring the troops home? What’s wrong with him?

8. Drug warrior and Police Statist

Trump stated that he wants to militarize the war on drugs, and militarize the police.

The U.S. government’s war on drugs, and any drug laws really, imply that the government owns “your” body and that the government has the authority to tell you what you may or may not put into “your” body.

However, if YOU own your body, then YOU have the authority to decide what you will or will not put into your body, as long as you take responsibility for the consequences of your decisions. In a free society, that is.

Like other statists, The Donald does not believe in a free society.

Trump loves asset forfeiture, in which government law enforcement steal money and property from people, regardless of their being charged with actual crimes or not.

And sadly, regardless of the FBI and “national security” apparatus going after him with false “Russia collusions” accusations with no real evidence, Trump is nevertheless an authoritarian who obviously loves “law enforcement,” including the FBI and he will not go after the FBI in any meaningful way. And neither will the Republicans in CONgress, in my view.

9. Authoritarian Solutions to Mass Shootings

Trump’s solutions to mass shootings are to address the video games that shooters might have seen, and impose more gun regulations, terrorize innocent people with “red flag” laws, and essentially disarming the “mentally ill.” But who will decide who is “mentally ill”? Government bureaucrats? I’ll bet at least half of CONgress is mentally ill! (It’s probably more than half, no?)

Any Reasons Why Trump Should Run for President Again?

Okay, are there any reasons why Trump should run for President again?

Well yes, there is one reason: for the entertainment value.

In 2016 the depressing prospect of seeing Hillary Rotten Clinton become president of the United State was made less depressing with Trump’s goofiness and his humorous remarks.

Besides Trump’s criticism of “Crooked Hillary,” he made us laugh as he mocked his Republican opponents, “Little Marco,” “Lyin’ Ted,” and “Low Energy Jeb.” He really cracked me up.

And now we’re already hearing a reference to “Ron DeSanctimonious” that refers to a potential 2024 Trump Republican opponent, Ron DeSantis.

And don’t forget “Lyin’ Liz” Cheney.

And Larry Hogan? I can imagine the conversation: “Are you sure you’re Hogan, not Klink? Or Schultz?”

But at the end of the day, it would be better to see Trump just retire. He’s not a big freedom promoter, and that’s an important qualification, in my view.

Friday Is Veterans Day

Here are some articles that are more truthful regarding Veterans Day a.k.a. Armistice Day. (I know, a lot of people don’t want to hear the truth and would rather hear about myths and fantasy. Oh, well.)

The Government Is Still Waging War on America’s Military Veterans, by John Whitehead

The Troops Don’t Defend Our Freedoms, by Jacob Hornberger

U.S. Soldiers Died for Nothing in WW I, by Jacob Hornberger

Thank You for Your Service, by Laurence Vance

No, I Do Not Support “The Troops” by Arthur Silber

Another Election on Tuesday. Here We Go Again.

The 2022 elections will finally be over with tomorrow. Or later in the week. Or later this month. I guess it all depends on how much counting and counting and re-counting and fraud and cheating there will be.

And politicians are wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on these election campaigns now. And for what? For power, that’s what. But it seems this fantasy about politicians doing anything for the better will continue, sadly.

Anyway, my how we have a typical selection of clowns running for public office this year, in these 2022 elections.

In Pennsylvania, we have an open seat with Uncle Festerman versus Dr. Ooz, a mask moron. Dr. Ooz promoted the face masks early on, saying nutty things like, “Your mask is a sign of love,” “They’re about being kind,” and “Wear a mask and protect the people you love.”

Meanwhile, Uncle Festerman wants to release criminal murderers from prisons, and he’s still recovering from a stroke and has no idea what he’s saying most of the time. No doubt that if he wins, the Democrats will immediately replace him with Mrs. Festerman (who also has no idea what she’s saying most of the time).

Speaking of mask morons, in Connecticut’s race for governor we have incumbent Gov. Ned Lamont Sanford versus Republican challenger Bob Stupidowski. During the scamdemic the True Believer Stupidowski went along with the panic and hysteria and got into the mask distributing crusade, to make sure that everybody had enough masks to muzzle and gag themselves to death. Promoting oxygen deprivation and self-suffocation is the way to go. I’m sure that if Stupidowski is elected he’ll probably impose another mask mandate on the sheeple of “The Constitution State” (sic). Meanwhile, Lamont will continue collecting more junk.

In Maskachusetts, Republican Gov. Charlie Half-Baker is not running for reelection, so Geoff Diehl is the R nominee and the activist attorney general Maura Healey is the D. (That’s D for “Dodo.”) I believe that like Baker, Healey wants to follow California’s lead in outlawing gasoline-fueled vehicles by 2035. So all those climate cultists out there are wackos, totally out of touch with reality, in my view.

And because Biden had shut down much of the U.S.’s oil and gas production on his first day in office, we have a much reduced energy supply, and (and for the first time in my nearly 60 years) we may actually have to have rolling blackouts in New England, like this is North Korea or some other third-world sh*thole, thanks to these climate cult morons.

I don’t know about Geoff Diehl or New Hampshire Gov. Sunununu, but were I in charge, as I wrote recently I would nullify all of Biden’s third-world fascist crap as well as the Dept. of Energy and EPA’s regulations and get the oil and gas production going again, and bring it to our cold New England.

Contrary to what the climate cultists believe, we need CO2 because vegetation needs CO2 to grow. And there are many areas of the Earth that need to be warmer so that more vegetation and agriculture can exist, to grow more food to feed more people. Right? (But sadly, many among the climate cultists don’t want to feed more people. They really believe that “there are too many people on the planet,” and they want to reduce the world’s population by 90%. That’s how crazy they are!)

Speaking of New Hampshire, the Republican challenging Democrat U.S. Sen. Haggie Hassan is “General” Don Bolduc. Both are statists and warmongers. Bolduc has said he wants to send more tax-funded weapons to Ukraine, and go “all in.” Oh yeah, Bolduc? Well why don’t YOU go there, go “all in”!

The only anti-war, non-interventionism candidate in the race is Libertarian Jeremy Kauffman.

Bolduc also had an incident recently in which at a campaign rally he accused and had arrested this libertarian guy for “assault,” I believe, even though it appears that it was Bolduc who may have assaulted, and that he’s lying about it.

In Arizona it’s too bad Libertarian Marc Victor dropped out of the race for U.S. senate and endorsed Blake Masters, the “border security” and military surveillance fascist. Not particularly libertarian, this guy.

And Arizona also has the apparent twin sister of the 2007 Miss South Carolina, Duh, versus former TV news anchor Kari Lake in the race for governor.

Now, I like Kari Lake’s bluntness and wanting to “drain the swamp,” and her recently exposing all the past Democrat “election deniers.” But like Trump, her anti-immigration stuff and wanting to build a government wall on the government border, shows a lack of understanding of what a free society actually is or should be.

In a free society, which ours is not, and contrary to what Ms. Lake and The Donald believe, people have the freedom to come and go as they please, and don’t need to get permission from a bureaucrat, as long as they don’t violate the persons or property of others.

And no, the territory as a whole is not a piece of property like private property, it is just a territory, one that consists of many parcels of private property. The territory as a whole is not owned by anyone, or owned by the U.S. “citizens,” or owned by “taxpayers.” Sadly, many people believe those collectivism-promoting myths, and thus reject the ideas of private property rights, freedom of contract and labor and employment freedom, and freedom of association. Many people, unfortunately, are authoritarians who believe that we and our “private” property are all owned by the collective or by the government in Washington. Yes, “conservatives” believe those things. (CONservatives, that is.)

And that is what “democracy” is. The collective and its authorities are the ultimate owners. We must get permission from them for this or that. And the majority gets to vote on who can do this or that, 51% of the sheeple get to tell the other 49% what to do in life or what they may or may not do with “their” property, “their” lives or “their” bodies.

I guess you had to see the TV show Sanford and Son to get the earlier reference to it. Oh, well.

Anyway, another reason why especially Republicans want to constrain freedom of movement and build a government wall on the government border is the fear of drugs and fentanyl. Actually it the war on drugs itself that is the cause of the fentanyl crisis.

Unfortunately, both the Democrat and Republican parties are for continuing the war on drugs, a failed policy for 50 or 60 years now. Only the Libertarian party wants to end it.

And both the Democrat and Republican parties are the warmonger party, while the Libertarian party has been consistently anti-war, and with good reason.

But for 50 years the Libertarian party hasn’t gained any traction. This isn’t because of weakness on their part, but because of the stranglehold that the two major parties have had on the elections process, their ballot access restrictions, and the two major parties’ enmeshment with government itself.

Democrats and Republicans have been mainly apparatchiks tied to government’s offices and bureaus and its compulsory monopolies for a century or more.

Another reason for Libertarians not getting their foot in the door is the media. Already by the 1980s the “news” media, who are also enmeshed with government and in fact are just another branch of the Regime in Washington, dismissed the Libertarian party and its principles as “extreme” or “fringe” without any consideration of ideas promoted.

In 1988 I thought that Libertarian presidential nominee Ron Paul communicated the ideas very well, but most of the government media would not cover his campaign. The fix was in, I discovered, at that time, only for Democrats and Republicans, the corrupt statists that they are.

But now the situation is even worse. We now have total retards in the “news” media, constantly dismissing people as “MAGA Republicans,” “election deniers,” “climate deniers,” and having mainly establishment hacks on their network shows for “analysis,” i.e. government propaganda and Establishment talking points. Most of these people in the media are apparatchiks, in my view, including Upchuck Todd a.k.a. Chuck Toady, George Snuffleupagus and Mothra Raditz, and Jake Tapdancer and Anderson Pooper-Scooper. They suck.

Well, I started out by making fun of some of the candidates in this week’s waste of time elections. But it looks like the conservatives and Republicans may very well get their “red wave,” unless there is the kind of massive shenanigans and vote fraud and cheating we saw two years ago.

Sadly, those right-wingers are supporting their guys and gals with blind faith, and being in denial of every time in the past that those candidates have turned into establishment statists who vote for needless destructive wars, propping up Big Pharma, voting for more Medicare welfare social spending and “infrastructure” projects bringing home the bacon, and worse.

If the Republicans regain control over CONgress they will not have any real investigations or impeachments as promised, they will not use the January 6th committee to get the real truth out there because that would expose their beloved criminal FBI, they will not expose the “vaccine” fraud and put Pfizer execs into their orange jumpsuits. I’m not holding my breath, anyway.

And also, regarding this MAGA stuff, “Make America Great Again,” which doesn’t even make any sense, unless you want a big powerful government (‘great”) in Washington, invading and occupying other countries, and that enslaves its own people to keep its power.

The territory as referenced above is just too big to be one single country. Sorry for sounding like a broken record. The territory is too big in population and too big in area, or square miles. I know, many people like “big.” But that means less freedom and less prosperity.

What we do need is decentralization. We need just to have a free society. Not necessarily a “country.” But how to get there? With elections like these? Good luck.

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Gov. Ron DeSantis, Anti-Gun Rights, Anti-First Amendment

Click on the date of the tweet to see the whole thread with further information. Or click this link.

“This event would be held at Legacy Park, which is public property. They warned that guns would not be allowed at the event, despite the fact that Florida law doesn’t allow public officials to limit gun ownership on public property beyond what the law already authorizes.”

“When Ann Stone, treasurer of the Alachua GOP, was informed that creating a ‘gun-free’ zone on public property was illegal, she replied ‘It might be the law, but Ron DeSantis is NOT speaking unless there are no guns or other weapons.'”

More on the thread.

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