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A Mental Health Crisis in USSA America

There is a mental health crisis in America, in USSA now. In New York we have a DA making things up to go after Donald Trump on behalf of the establishment elites in government, the corporate world, academia and the media.

Many brainwashed sheeple all over the place love Leviathan in Washington. And they love the evil establishment that controls it. This is why people have been going after Donald Trump: because he dared to criticize, provoke and unmask the criminals of the establishment (at the same time of being one of them?).

One mental health crisis is the cult of sheeple who worship the State and its water carriers. But another mental health crisis we have now is the transgender cult. And it is a cult.

Look, I don’t care if someone is a biological male but thinks or insists he is a female and wants to live his life as a female. But when people want to compel others to have to accept such a thing openly and in a conforming, obedient and compliant kind of way, that’s a problem.

One example is the athletes who are insisting on competing on the teams of the opposite sex. Especially with the biological males who want to compete against the biological females, claiming that they also are females when clearly they have the biological and physical advantages over females that males obviously have. So they win all the competitions. Is this “fair”? No, obviously not.

But the activists clearly insist on letting biological males compete with females in athletics. NCAA swimming champion Riley Gaines was speaking out on behalf of protecting women in sports. But an angry crowd tormented her and held her hostage, and she was “hit multiple times by a guy in a dress.”

So, what is it with those so-called trans activists? I guess they are against women’s rights. I guess they are also against treating others decently. 

And then there is this guy in his mid-20s Dylan something, who is a biological male pretending to be a female and now being promoted by Budweiser and Nike to be in their ads highlighting his transgenderism.

But in his videos he is apparently mocking women and sounding obnoxious. So why are Budweiser and Nike promoting this person? What is wrong with the people at Budweiser and Nike?

And then we have a high proportion of recent mass killers being alleged self-proclaimed transgender. Most recently was Audrey Hale a biological female who claimed to be male who shot little kids at a school in Nashville.

Incidentally, why haven’t the Nashville police released Hale’s “manifesto” that might give us more insight on her motivation? What are they hiding?

Anyway, the latest one is a 19-year-old biological male who identifies as a female who was just arrested for plotting to bomb and shoot up 3 schools in Colorado Springs. Luckily, his sister acted upon his threatening her and being violent and she called the police on him.

And what’s going in in the schools now? The LGBT activists have gone far beyond advocating for “gay rights” or “trans rights,” in their pushing sexual stuff in the schools, pushing the “drag queen” stuff onto the kids and no wonder people are being accused of being “groomers,” and pedophiles. You see what these sex-obsessed activists are doing to kids now. Sexual stuff is NOT for little kids. Children are not sexual, they are just children. Leave the kids alone!

So the pushing of sexual stuff onto little kids is a form of molesting, in my view. The children who are subjected to this invasive crap know deep down that it is invasive, because sexuality is a private thing. They know deep down that the invasive “adults” who are pushing the sexual crap are in fact being invasive and intrusive. This invasiveness will affect these innocent little kids at some point. (But later on psychologists and psychiatrists will be making a lot of money, obviously.)

And this has been going on for years now, in addition to the post-9/11 government terrorists of the Bush administration with the TSA child molesting and school “terrorism drills,” the “climate change” terrorists terrorizing the kids throughout the 2000s and 2010s, and more recently the Covid terrorists locking little kids in their homes and suffocating them with oxygen-depriving face gags, that people are STILL doing, for crissakes!

No wonder little kids are growing up (well, getting older, not exactly “growing up”) living in fear, not knowing what their actual gender is, not wanting to live a normal life, and in many cases suffering from depression and anxiety.

And besides the transgender cult now, we have that “climate” cult. And that is a cult as well. Everything now is about “climate change,” even though there is no scientific evidence to prove that human industrial activity is causing the climate to actually change. The climate has been changing, warming trends and ice ages, for hundreds of millions of years, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.

But the fanatical cultists — and there are millions and millions of brainwashed fanatical climate cultists — insist that we no longer use fossil fuels and must use battery-operated vehicles that will not be able to run on wind and solar in the long term, it’s just impossible as Perry Como would say. And no more regular light bulbs, they insist we must use the light bulbs that emit poisonous fumes and must be recycled for no good reason.

I was going to conclude there, but I just heard that JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is saying that the government should use eminent domain to take private property away from its owners in the name of solar and green projects, and saying there’s no time to lose now. Hmm, isn’t that what communists do, Jamie? They steal property from others.

Dimon said, “we simply are not getting the adequate investments fast enough for grid, solar, wind and pipeline initiatives,” according to the Daily Caller.

“Massive global investment in clean energy in technologies must be done and must continue to grow year-over-year…To expedite progress, governments, businesses and non-governmental organizations need to align across a series of practical policy changes that comprehensively address fundamental issues that are holding us back.”

So now Jamie Dimon turns out to be another one of those brainwashed by the climate cult to believe that the entire society must get involved in, well, climate communism, quite frankly. That is what these lunatics want. Everything is based on the religious cult of climatism. And now we can say Commie Jamie is all in.

JPMorgan Chase, by the way, has assets of $3.67 trillion — that’s “trillion” with a “T” — (all of which will be gone after the Biden administration totally wrecks the economy, which they appear to be doing deliberately, on top of intentionally provoking a nuclear war with Russia).

Yes, there is a mental health crisis in America, USSA.

DA Bragg Indicting Trump to Distract from Transgender School Shooting, RESTRICT Act, Banking Failures, etc.

Clearly the decision this week for NY DA Alvin Bragg to indict Donald Trump is a purposeful distraction, to take attention away from the Nashville school shooting by a woman who identifies as transgender.

The distraction also takes attention away from the Nordstream pipeline sabotage allegedly perpetrated by the Biden administration, the banking collapses and the criminal and fascist “RESTRICT” Act, a.k.a. the “Internet PATRIOT Act,” being pushed through CONgress.

No big whoop. I can see why the Swamp apparatchiks need a distraction.

And the talk radio personalities are falling for it, as they are talking “Trump indictment, Trump indictment, Trump indictment” ad nauseam, when they should be continuing to discuss those other more important issues.

Although a few days ago, Joe Pags was talking about the Nashville school shooting by a transgender person. Once again this shooting that killed 3 kids and 3 adults is bringing the gun control crowd out of the woodwork.

Pags said something very interesting. He was asking of the gun control crowd, and I’ll paraphrase, “Why do you want to take my guns away and make me defenseless?” And then he asked, “Who will protect me?” I couldn’t believe it.

Duh, Pags. Of course your local government police will protect you! Don’t you know that? (And the government military as well.)

Obviously I’m being facetious. But when he asks “Who will protect me,” he is admitting that government police can’t protect everyone from crimes or from someone breaking into your home and robbing and murdering you. (There are better alternatives to government-socialized police and security, by the way.)

In my view, the gun control crowd are a part of the deranged social justice part of society that sympathizes with violent criminals and not with their victims.

That is why NY DA Bragg lets actual violent rapists, assaulters and murders go free while Bragg uses the law and justice branch of government to go after political opponents, as William Anderson recently wrote about.

Those “social justice” (sic) warriors are literally pro-crime and pro-violence and anti-peace. They defended all the violent rioters, looters, arsonists, assaulters and murderers of the 2020 riots in various cities. But they go after parents who complain about the schools pushing sex-related crap onto the kids, and keep in prison without trial non-violent grandmothers who “trespassed” on the sacred First Congressional Church in Washington.

And on the transgender issue related to the Nashville shooting, the activists are chanting for the 7 victims, counting as the 7th the actual shooter who was shot and killed by police. She was a victim. And actual “news” organizations such as CBS are telling their propagandists to not mention the transgender aspect of the Nashville shooter.

Meanwhile, as Pags also mentioned on the radio, why are the transgender and gay activists insisting that everybody must acknowledge and accept them and their transgenderism? I don’t openly say how heterosexual I am and insist that others accept that, or that it’s important that I identify as a male and insist that others must accept my male gender identity.

I couldn’t care less about your sexual life or your “gender identity,” because it’s none of my business! And I couldn’t care less whether other people accept my “gender identity! This is all NUTS!

So what is wrong with these activists that they must push their personal and private matters onto everyone else? Sexuality and private lifestyles and “gender identity” are private matters. They really are, and frankly it’s none of anyone else’s business those aspects of my private life!

So, there’s something wrong with people like that, especially when there’s an entire movement based on all that pushing, in fact they have to be brainwashed like a cult, if these kinds of things are that important to push private stuff onto others.

And another question is why these same people find it so important to push their sexual-related matters and gender stuff onto kids and in the schools. Why push stuff onto kids? They’re just little kids in their earliest stage of emotional development. Sex related stuff is not appropriate for little kids. It just isn’t.

I know that I wrote about those issues just recently, but lately those activists are way overdoing it. And what is it with this “drag queen” crap with children.

Leave the kids alone, is what I think about all that.

Anyway, I think that DA Alvin Bragg is acting on behalf of a larger agenda of distracting the sheeple from more important issues that these activists on the left don’t want people to talk about or question. Yes, keep talking about the sex and transgender stuff, the Nordstream pipeline sabotage that was probably the Biden people destroying — which is an act of war, by the way — keep talking about the banking collapse which TPTB are probably inflicting on us deliberately, and keep talking about the horrible “RESTRICT” Act that gubmint wants to have to empower themselves to impose and intrude themselves into your private Internet usage and communications and accounts. They are psychopaths, gangsters, and criminals.

Why Are Activists Pushing Intrusive, Sex-Related Issues and Behaviors onto Little Kids?

All Democrats in the House voted against the Parents Bill of Rights bill in Congress. That is because they don’t want parents to know what their kids are being “taught” in school by the leftist social activists known erroneously as “teachers.” Democrats don’t want parents to even know what books are being assigned and the content of the books, or what books are in the school library.

And the Democrats for some reason insist that kids ages 5, 6, 7, 8 be “taught” about LGBT experiences and about homosexuality and transgenderism. I’ve heard in many discussions now about “trans kids,” which is a fake issue, because there is no such thing as a “trans kid.”

The problem with that is that some children go through phases in which they either question their gender and/or express an interest in being the opposite sex. It’s actually just a phase and they eventually grow out of it. But sadly, and unfortunately for those kids, some of them have ignorant parents who see such behaviors and interpret that as meaning the kid “really is the opposite sex” and should be encouraged to continue such an interest, despite being in the early stages of childhood growth and development. And so those parents start dressing the child as the opposite sex, renames the child, and treats the child as though being the opposite sex. Thereby ruining the child’s life emotionally, probably permanently.

And that is what we have now. It’s a whole movement, this regressive child mistreatment agenda. It’s actually a cult. And the reason it’s more of a cult than just another ideological movement is that those who disagree with this evil form of child abuse and speak out against it are smeared, slandered, censored, falsely accused of “hate speech,” fired from their jobs, taken off social media, etc.

In other words, the cult cannot tolerate anyone who disagrees, and it forcefully excommunicates any non-believers.

Another aspect of this is how the activists are zealously trying to push sexuality and sexual deviancy onto the kids. And that includes this “drag queen” stuff. Please tell me, WHY is it sooooo important to these people to have to push “drag queen” stuff onto kids? “Drag queen story hour” at the libraries? Why is it important that “drag queens” read to the kids? “Drag queen” stuff is KINKY related stuff, it is nightclub, adult entertainment stuff. i.e. NOT for kids! I can’t believe that these “adults” are pushing for little kids to put dollar bills into the undergarments of the so-called “drag queens.”

And I heard Clay on “Clay and Buck” say that it’s mostly the moms who are taking the kids to these things, not the dads. I wonder why that is. And also I’ll bet it’s mostly the moms who are pushing the little kids to be “transgender” as well. As I mentioned above, a parent senses that the child is expressing interest in being the opposite sex, and therefore IS the opposite sex, and I wonder if many of those particular moms doing that to their little kids are single moms. (And did they grow up in dysfunctional families? Did they have an abusive father, step-father, uncle, or otherwise adult figure? etc., etc. Those are legitimate questions here.)

So of course parents have a right to know what’s going on in the schools. As I have mentioned previously, get government out of the education business, and get rid of the taxes such as property taxes confiscated to run those schools, and we will probably find fewer and fewer sex-obsessed perverts in your kids’ schools.

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