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20 Years of Iraq War, and Other War, Military and “National Security” Related News and Commentary

Responsible Statecraft ( Symposium: Aside from Bush & Cheney who is at fault for the Iraq War?

Ray McGovern ( Iraq 20 Years: The Uses and Abuses of National Intelligence Estimates

Thomas Knapp ( Iraq War Anniversary: Never Back Down on the Only Important Fact

Jeremy Earp ( 20 Years After the Invasion of Iraq, Will the Media’s Complicity Be Flushed Down the Memory Hole?

Chris Hedges ( The Lord of Chaos

Caitlin Johnstone ( Stop Calling The Iraq War A ‘Mistake’: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix, and Empire-Funded Think Tanks Are Not Valid Sources: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Scott Horton ( Iraq War II – 20 Years Later

Laurence Vance ( Oversight of Billions for Ukraine Is Not What Is Needed

David Knox ( Major U.S. Outlets Found Hersh’s Nord Stream Scoop Too Hot to Handle

Ryan McMaken ( No, We Don’t Need More Nuclear Weapons

Charles Burris ( Operation Mockingbird 2023: The CIA and the Media, and The 1980 October Surprise Scandal Proven True

Informative News and Opinion

Hans-Hermann Hoppe ( Why the State Demands Control of Money (classic article)

Ron Paul ( House Democrats Attack Messengers in ‘Politicization of Government’ Hearing

Tho Bishop ( A Bank Crisis Was Predictable. Was the Fed Lying or Blind?

Jacob Hornberger ( A Cruddy and Dangerous Monetary System

Chris Hedges ( Ukraine’s Death by Proxy

David Swanson ( How U.S. Military Spending Works

Joseph Mercola ( Health Officials Caught Deploying Fear and Staging Coverup

Joe Wolverton ( Pentagon Developing Deepfakes to Deceive the Public

Dave DeCamp ( Former Trump Official Says U.S. Would Destroy Taiwan’s Semiconductor Factories if China Invades

And Caleb Fuller ( Our Economic Illiteracy

Still Looking at CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, NYT, FOX, Regime Media? Try Better Alternatives with Actual Truth Instead…

Jacob Hornberger ( Economic Liberty: A Right or a Privilege?

Ryan McMaken ( The “Meritocracy” Was Created by and for the Progressive Ruling Class

Dave DeCamp ( NYT: ‘Pro-Ukrainian Group’ Likely Carried Out Nord Stream Sabotage

Ted Galen Carpenter ( Is Weakening Support for Ukraine War Following a Historical Pattern?

Peter McCullough ( Why the Body Attacks Itself after COVID-19 Vaccination

Steve Kirsch ( Now Published in the Peer-Reviewed Scientific Literature: “The mRNA Vaccines Are Neither Safe Nor Effective, But Outright Dangerous”

Jim Hoft ( Did Murdoch Shut Tucker Down? Rumblings that Tucker Changed His Show Plan After Threats and Pressure from Regime

And Sam Biddle ( U.S. Special Forces Want to Use Deepfakes for Psy-ops

The Latest Important News and Opinion

Dumo Denga ( Taxation Is Theft and Cannot Be Justified Even for Charitable Causes

Gary Barnett ( Absolutely Worthless and Criminal Are the Constitution, Conservatism, ‘Liberalism,’ Voting, and Government

Ryan McMaken ( When the Private Sector Is the Enemy

Selwyn Duke ( Our Little Barbarians

Joseph Mercola ( The Federal Government Is Tracking the Unvaccinated

Daily Caller ( The Pentagon Mandated Covid Vaccines, But Then Ignored Concerns about Adverse Reactions, Whistleblowers Say

Doug Bandow ( Congress Has the Chance to End Endless Wars

Thomas Knapp ( Two Cheers for Matt Gaetz’s Ukraine War Resolution

Ron Paul ( How We Can Stop the Coming War With Russia

Kyle Anzalone and Will Porter ( GOP Hawks to Exploit Child Victims of War In Bid to Boost Ukraine Military Aid

Jacob Hornberger ( What If Americans Were Fighting on Russia’s Side?

Laurence Vance ( Freedom of Speech and Religion Have Nothing To Do with It

Brian Joondeph ( So Many People Recently ‘Died Suddenly’ – What’s Going On?

Karen Kwiatkowski ( “Plug and Play” Guides U.S. Domestic and Foreign Policy – and It’s Not Working

And Wirepoints ( Not a Single Student Can Do Math at Grade Level in 53 Illinois Schools. For Reading, It’s 30 Schools.

More News and Opinion (Not from MSM)

Ryan McMaken ( Why the 1787 Constitution Did Not Bring Republican Government to America

Jonathan Cook ( Russia-Ukraine War 2.0: First Tanks, Then F16s. Where Does This End?

Ted Snider ( When the U.S. Assumed Joint Ownership of the War in Ukraine

Bobbie Anne Flower Cox ( Inside an Australian Quarantine Camp

Jacob Hornberger ( We Got a National-Security Police State

Jim Hoft ( Cases of Medical Incidents Reported by Military Pilots Increase by 1,700% More During Pandemic – Pentagon Blames it on Covid

Life Site ( Mississippi Republicans Kill Vaccine Religious Exemption Bill for School Kids: Report

And Steve Kirsch ( New Paper: An Estimated 13 Million People Worldwide Killed by the Covid Vaccines

I Am Anti-War, Pro-peace

Libertarian activist Thomas Knapp has this article on why he is antiwar, and what he says applies to me, too.

I am not a pacifist or an “isolationist.” Just a non-interventionist. The government shouldn’t intervene in other countries’ business or their conflicts. (And the government shouldn’t intervene in its own country’s domestic business and economic affairs as well.)

Knapp writes:

Non-interventionism is the belief that regimes (or at least some particular regime or regimes) shouldn’t intervene in disputes between other regimes…
…War is organized, violent conflict between nation-state regimes. To be antiwar is to oppose such conflict, period, end of story.

And my antiwar position is, in turn, a product of my position on nation-state regimes as such. In my view, they are simply violent criminal organizations. Their disputes are of a piece with turf wars between mafia “families” or brawls between street gangs – the difference is one of degree, not kind.

Joe Biden, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and Vladimir Putin are just Corn Pops or Tony Sopranos with bigger crews and better public relations departments.

They’re no-goodnik psychopath crooks, and my sympathies are reserved for their victims, not for their turf claims or their lame excuses for calling out their hired – or conscripted – guns.

I don’t and won’t support them. Or their wars.

And this means certainly not supporting the U.S. government’s stealing money from the workers and producers of America and redistributing it over to the Zelenskyy parasite cronies, or the U.S. government sending weapons over to Ukraine to further enrich the merchants of death Boeing, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, etc., etc.

That does not mean supporting Russia in that current war. There’s no obligation to take sides in other countries conflicts.

By the way, I’ve linked to articles showing how the bureaucrats of the U.S. regime do not support the people of Ukraine, as U.S. bureaucrats are not pushing for diplomatic talks, and they have shown that they oppose diplomatic talks and peace. As I have said before, today’s “liberals” are warmongers, they are pro-war, they are pro-violence, anti-peace.

More News and Commentary

Ryan McMaken: Social Security Taxes Aren’t “Your” Money

Thomas Knapp: Guns: When “Constitutional Carry” Isn’t

Caitlin Johnstone: The Mass Media Used To Publish Perspectives On Ukraine That They Would Never Publish Today

Derrick Broze: Who is the Better Identity Coalition?

Joe Hoft: “This is a Hell-Hole Here on the Left” – Dr. Naomi Wolf Discusses How Americans Are Looking at Politics and How COVID Vaccine Facts Affect Their Perceptions

Joseph Mercola: Why Are the EKGs of Pilots No Longer Normal?, and How Covid Patients Died for Profit

Laurence Vance: Americans Have a Drug Problem

George Ford Smith: Fighting Inflation Really Means Fighting the Federal Reserve

Steve Kirsch: Cochrane Study Shows That the Debate Is Over: Masks Do NOT Work

Jacob Hornberger: The CIA’s Deadly Drug-Running Operation

Janet Phelan: The Draft of the WHO Pandemic Treaty Promises to EQUALLY Destroy Your Rights

Jordan Schachtel: Zelensky’s Great Purge Continues, Launching Police Raid against Oligarch Who Fell Out of Favor with Biden Admin

Ted Snider”: U.S. Is Sending Tanks to Ukraine. But Why?

And Middle East Eye: The Palestinian Couples Kept Apart by Israel’s ‘Separation Policy’

More News and Commentary with Truth (i.e. Not from MSM)

James Bovard: Davos’ Damndest Delusion: FBI As Good Guys?

John Whitehead: Evil Walks Among Us: Child Trafficking Has Become Big Business in America

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity: Alert Memorandum for the President on Ukraine and Your Intelligence Advisors

Mises Institute on Twitter: Yuri Maltsev, RIP

Jacob Hornberger: The Pentagon’s Perpetual Crisis Machine

Jeff Deist: The New Rules of Engagement

Thomas Knapp: “Seditious Conspiracy”: Trying to Do Unto Government as Government Does Unto You

James Lyons-Weiler: Did Protocolists Euthanize Covid Patients with Ventilators and Sedatives “To Save Other Patients”, >50% Kill Rate? Up to 70% of Covid Deaths Due to Ventilators

Andrew Napolitano: How Local Cops Get Your Bank Records

Caitlin Johnstone: The West Is Incentivizing Russia to Hit Back

Karen Kwiatkowski: Some Questions for Our Congressmen and Senators on Ukraine

Trenton Hale: Questioning the Military Necessity of Dropping Atomic Bombs on Japanese Cities

Alex Berenson: New Zealand Study Reveals High Rates of Kidney Injury after the Pfizer Jab

Joseph Mercola: Health Care – a Monopoly of Monsters

New York Post: Physician Who Claimed Obesity Can’t Be Treated with Diet and Exercise Now on Biden USDA’s Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee

Just the News: Feds Adapting AI Used to Silence ISIS to Combat American Dissent on Vaccines, Elections

Mike LaChance: REPORT: A Surprising Number Of Antifa Members Are White Children Of Privilege

And Red State: WATCH: Sen. John Kennedy Stumps a Biden Judicial Nominee With Some Basic Questions

U.S. Foreign Wars Do Not End Well

So, we need to end the warmongering. This proxy war against Russia that the U.S. government is having via Ukraine may very well go nuclear. Why are “liberals” risking a nuclear holocaust and “TEOTWAWKI”? That’s who is in control in Washington now. “Liberals.”

And as Caitlin Johnstone’s article points out, the insane warmongers in Washington want to “help” Ukraine attack Crimea, which is considered to be Russian territory. Such a move is bound to escalate.

Not a moment too soon, a “Not One More Penny for War in Ukraine” protest will take place in Washington on February 19, according to John V. Walsh. The group arranging the protest is a “Right-Left” coalition, supposedly.

And by the way, many people in the West have been condemning Russia for its war of aggression in invading Ukraine, but what about the U.S. regime invading Iraq? As Jacob Hornberger asks in his post today. Hornberger points out that the U.S. regime and its military were the aggressors in that war, not Iraq.

Meanwhile, U.S. warmongers might be getting involved in a possible future war with China if China invades Taiwan. Not good.

Truthful News and Commentary (Not from Regime Media)

Laurence Vance: The Conservative Cradle-to-Grave Welfare State

Ron Paul: Isn’t it Time For Adam Schiff to be Expelled From Congress?

James Bovard: Elite ‘Extraterrestrials’ Plot in Davos to Take Away Your Freedom

Jeff Thomas: Taxation=Theft

Jeremy Kuzmarov: Did J. Edgar Hoover Order the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr?

Joseph Mercola: Fear Is Pfizer’s Financial Fertilizer, and Are Athletes Dropping Dead From the Covid Jab?

Alex Berenson: After Four Shots, Covid Jabs Sharply REDUCED Immune Function in Mice

Steve Kirsch: The FAA Has Very Quietly Tacitly Admitted That the EKGs of Pilots Are No Longer Normal.

Jacob Hornberger: JFK’s Different Direction for America Got Him Killed

Ryan McMaken: The Fed Is a Purely Political Institution, and It’s Definitely Not a Bank.

Hans-Hermann Hoppe: Rothbard’sFor a New Liberty at 50

Andrew Napolitano: The FBI and Personal Liberty

Jessica Corbett: Docs Reveal Hundreds of U.S. Agencies Spying on Americans’ Money Transfers

Aaron Maté: ‘NATO’s Mission’ Leaves Ukraine Destroyed

Jim Hoft: “The First Step Here is Exposure… So We Can Actually Have Accountability” – Senator Ron Johnson Discusses the “Covid Cartel” and the Nuremberg Trials

And Brian Shilhavy: Dr. Aseem Malhotra on the BBC: Hero or Controlled Opposition?

Important News and Commentary

James Bovard: Biden’s Toxic January 6th Demonology

Caitlin Johnstone: Western Journalists Are Cowardly, Approval-Seeking Losers

Antony Sammeroff: The Government Throws Money at Heart Disease, but Prevention Is Better than Cure

Matt Taibbi on Twitter: Twitter Files: The Russiagate Lies, the Fake Tale of Russian Bots and the ReleaseTheMemo Hashtag, and Twitter Files Supplemental: More Adam Schiff Ban Requests, and “Deamplification”

William Anderson: Yes, Virginia, There IS a Deep State—and It Is Worse than You Think

Jonathan Cook: How the U.S. Paved the Way to Moscow’s Invasion of Ukraine

Doug Bandow: Saudi Arabia Is No Ally of America

Jim Davies: Yes, But… and America in 1923

And Patrick Carroll: Jordan Peterson’s License Fiasco Highlights Why Government Licensing Should Be Abolished

More Truthful Information That Corporate Swamp Media Don’t Want You to Know

Jonathan Turley: Trust But Verify: New Documents Show How Twitter’s “Trust” Executives Misled Congress and the Public

Bari Weiss on Twitter: The Twitter Files, Part 2: Twitter’s Secret Blacklists

Libby Emmons: Elon Musk Confirms U.S. Political Candidates Were Blacklisted While Running for Office

Jessica Corbett: Revealing He Too Had Manning Leaks, Daniel Ellsberg Dares DOJ to Prosecute Him Like Assange

James Bovard: Smile! TSA Has Yet Another Boondoggle to Make Traveling More Painful

Laurence Vance: The Hypocrisy of Marijuana Crusaders

Libertarian Party on Twitter: House Passes NDAA: 4,000 Pages, Another Welfare Package for the Rich Warmongers in the Military Industrial Complex

Michael Tracey on Twitter: New NDAA Bill Gives Pentagon “Emergency” Procurement Authorities for Ukraine (and Lockheed Martin, et al.)

Jacob Hornberger: We Must Not Forget the U.S. War on Afghanistan

Aaron Sibarium: The Hijacking of Pediatric Medicine

Thomas DiLorenzo: Why the Left Must Destroy Free Speech – or Be Destroyed

Doug Casey: The Struggle Between the Powerful Forces of Centralization and Decentralization

Andy Ngo on Twitter: Head of Twitter’s Strategic Response Team Worked for Both CIA & FBI, Just Deleted His LinkedIn

Brian McGlinchey: America’s Insolvency Is Mandatory

Gilbert Berdine: United Kingdom Mortality Data by Age Group and Vaccination Status: Looking at Vaccine Effectiveness

Marcy Winograd: Letter to the Left on Ukraine

And Peter Van Buren: Whither Ukraine?