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And Gateway Pundit: Tech Giants Are Censoring, Blacklisting and Banning Posts on the “2000 Mules” Ballot Trafficking Documentary Across Social Media Platforms, and Investigator Gregg Phillips: FOX’s Lawyers Are Keeping “2000 Mules” Off of the Channel

Don’t Criticize the Regime


Testimony Reveals Zelensky’s Secret Police Plot to ‘Liquidate’ Opposition Figure Anatoly Shariy by Dan Cohen

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Real News and Commentary (for conspiracy theory, go to MSNBC, CNN, NYT, etc.)

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The Latest Realistic Commentary on the Russia-Ukraine Issue

There are many people now who are ignorantly and stupidly just repeating propaganda and the anti-Russia talking points of the warmongers who want to continue expanding U.S. government and military overseas, and apparently want World War III. I am just here and watching all this unfold. The mindless crap is unbelievable.

Meanwhile, Laurence Vance discusses what Americans should do if they are concerned about Ukraine.

Jonathan Turley has a great post about the politicians and commentators labeling war opponents as “traitors.” And the artistic venues like the Metropolitan opera kicking long-time opera stars off the stage because they will not sufficiently denounce Vlad Putin. Really, Peter Gelb? You take after Joseph McCarthy, apparently? And it seems that Claire McCaskill, Alyssa Farah, Ana Navarro, and Whoopi Goldberg, of MSNBC, CNN and “The View” all must have a cumulative IQ of about 75, if that much.
David Stockman has this historical summary of the Russia-Ukraine situation, with his own usual witty commentary mixed in. And Joseph Solis-Mullen has some unpleasant facts that we’re not supposed to say about the war in Ukraine.

And Jacob Hornberger reminds us of JFK’s rejection of the national security state’s anti-Russia animus.

Why Is Putin Invading Ukraine?

March 14, 2022

During this time of international crisis, the Putin-Russian invasion and attack on Ukraine and a possible World War III and nuclear holocaust, I am wondering why exactly Vladimir Putin is invading Ukraine. “WTF,” as it were.

But because of government/media censorship and propaganda people are in the dark as to the threat that Putin perceived from Ukraine’s possibly joining NATO and its being right up close to Russia.

But the whole thing just doesn’t make sense in any case. And I heard Glenn Beck on the radio recently expressing this. The Last Refuge has an article on how most people also think that things don’t add up on the Ukraine narrative.

The Last Refuge also notes the censorship that is taking place by a desperate government/media complex in its attempt to control the narrative. Yet, the American people can sense that something isn’t right, and that what we’re being told isn’t the whole story, or may not even be factual in any way.

Because of government/media propaganda and misinformation, most people believe the government’s narrative about Russia and Ukraine, and that is why most people support sanctions against Russia even if it means higher gas prices.

And because of the same government and media liars, most people still believe the “Trump-Russia collusions” narrative, despite its being debunked. Most people are probably still convinced that Covid has been a serious threat to the health and life of more than the .5% of the population that it actually does threaten, thanks to government and media liars. So we shouldn’t be surprised about the influence that the anti-Russian propaganda has on the majority of the people.

Now, even if the Ukraine regime is also a bad actor in its relationship with the Donbas, I think that Putin’s invasion into what seems like all of Ukraine and all his destruction and violence is obviously a bit overkill. Ya think.

And how to explain Putin’s invasion and overkill? My own conclusion is that he’s being coerced or threatened or blackmailed in some way by the globalists/interventionists/CIA to exploit the Donbas situation and start a whole new war, that I think the CIA just wants as an excuse to keep the military-industrial-intelligence-security complex gravy train going.

These people in Warshington love war, death and destruction, and they hate peace, Democrat and Republican. “War is the health of the State,” and all that. After all, these are the real reasons, I believe, that George H.W. Bush started his first war in 1991, imposed sanctions and no-fly zones, and provoked retaliation and blowback, including the 9/11 that would never have happened otherwise.

But now, because statist interventionists are such utter morons, bordering on retarded, this time their little schemes may very well end up as a nuclear ending to society as we know it. Oh, well.

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And Ted Galen Carpenter: NATO Set Precedents for Russia’s Attack on Ukraine

The Evangelicals and Christian Zionists Want More War

Laurence Vance writes:

They’re  back. Some of the greatest supporters of Bush’s wars in Afghanistan were evangelical warvangelicals, bloodthirsty Christian conservatives, and fundamentalist Christian militarists. What I starting to hear from the Christian grapevine is that in some evangelical, conservative, and fundamentalist churches the same stupid and evil things are being said regarding the situation in Ukraine. Ignorant and unlearned Christians think that Ukraine was just minding its own business when Russia attacked for no reason, Putin is another Hitler who wants to take over Europe, and the United States should “do something” to stop him.

Let them or their sons and daughters be the first to go fight on behalf of Ukraine. I say it is not worth one drop of American blood, just like Iraq and Afghanistan was not worth one drop of American blood. And yet, I am said to be unpatriotic.

Yes, that is what I’ve been hearing now. But it’s people on all sides of the political spectrum now who want war. Very Irrational people. I never thought I would see the day when the “liberals,” “leftists,” “progressives” would be the warmongers. But that is what we have now. Besides the bloodthirsty Christian warvangelicals.

Laurence is also referring to the Dick Cheneys and George Bushes of the world.

In fact, I think that the Christian evangelicals and what I call the Christian Zionists are the ones who want war — any war, as long as there’s war — because they are Bible thumpers who believe in the “End Times,” and probably actually want the “End Times” to happen. They probably want nuclear war.

According to the New York Times, in 2019 then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was one of those Bible-thumping Christians (and still is):

Mr. Pompeo talks about the rapture. “We will continue to fight these battles,” he said at a “God and Country Rally” in 2015, because there is a “never-ending struggle” until “the rapture.”

“Be part of it,” he said at the meeting, at the Summit church in Wichita, Kan. “Be in the fight.”

In November, Mr. Pompeo told a reporter for The New York Times Magazine that the Bible “informs everything I do.” The reporter noticed an open Bible in his office, with a Swiss Army knife marking his place at the end of the book of Queen Esther.

Hmm. The “Rapture.” Oy, vey.

Mike Pence and George W. Bush are also a part of that crowd.

My understanding of the Christian Zionists and the “born again” people are this. They are so supportive of “The Jews” and of Israel because they hope for the “Rapture” and the End Times and they hope to make Jews “see the light” and decide to convert to Christianity (for the Jews to be “saved,” and all that stuff). So, obviously I don’t agree with them on those points.

Anyway, now the “liberal” warmongers — along with the Christian Zionists, neocons and all points between — want more war, now with Russia via “no-fly zones” this time to protect Ukraine. (I’m seeing similarities between “Kuwait” and “Ukraine” now. Arg.)

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And Naomi Wolf has some interesting things to say about doctors and others who wouldn’t speak out about what a scam the Covid scam is because they were afraid of…whatever (their own shadows?), and she writes about her testing the mandates by seeing if she would get arrested for being “unvaccinated” in a “vaccinated only” zone, of a restaurant or bar, etc.

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