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Medical Freedom or Medical Fascism: Dr. Elaina George vs. Kathleen Sebelius

Robert Wenzel posted a video of a speech given by Dr. Elaina George, who is an opponent of the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. “ObamaCare.” In the video, which I have posted below, Dr. George informs a group of other physicians about the harsh realities of this example of government bureaucracy run amok. Dr. George notes how dangerous it is to have a medical care system controlled by government bureaucrats with little or no experience in the actual medical field.

Dr. George’s website notes her own experience and qualifications: “Dr Elaina George is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist. She graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Biology. She received her Masters degree in Medical Microbiology from Long Island University, and received her medical degree from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. Dr George completed her residency at Manhattan, Eye Ear & Throat Hospital. Her training included general surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, pediatric ENT at The NY-Presbyterian Hospital, and head and neck oncology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. She has published in several scientific journals and presented her research at national meetings. As a solo practitioner in private practice who is also a small business owner, she has a unique perspective on the problems of health care delivery, the true costs of healthcare and viable solutions.”

Meanwhile, the professional government bureaucracy politician who has been placed in charge of the ObamaCare scheme, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, has no background or experience in the medical or insurance fields. Sebelius is a lawyer, and the former executive director of and lobbyist for the Kansas Trial Lawyers Association, and who was brilliantly placed in charge of tort reform by Barack Obama in 2009. (Doh!)

According to the American Spectator, the Secretary of Health and Human Services is mentioned in the Affordable Care Act more than 2, 500 times.

“A further breakdown finds that there are more than 700 instances in which the Secretary is instructed that she ‘shall’ do something, and more than 200 cases in which she ‘may’ take some form of regulatory action if she chooses. On 139 occasions, the law mentions decisions that the ‘Secretary determines.’ At times, the frequency of these mentions reaches comic heights. For instance, one section of the law reads: ‘Each person to whom the Secretary provided information under subsection (d) shall report to the Secretary in such manner as the Secretary determines appropriate.’”

Whoever the Obama second term HHS secretary will be, Sebelius or some other bureaucrat, that individual will have power and control over your private medical matters, and that’s the bottom line.

One of the stated goals of the ObamaCare activists is to get everyone insured. But as Dr. George notes, the main agenda behind this new bureaucracy is control — government control. Sebelius herself has no experience in the insurance field as well as the medical field. Oh, she was the Insurance Commissioner of Kansas for 8 years. But, according to the American Spectator, “In 2002 Sebelius was the insurance commissioner in Kansas and campaigning for governor. She blocked the sale of Blue Cross Blue Shield to Anthem Health because she ‘thought’ doing so would raise premiums. In 2003 when Sebelius was elected, Anthem decided against the merger. (Meanwhile, from 2000-2009 premiums in Kansas rose nearly 100 percent.)” (And see this.)

Now, a lot of people actually believe the stated goals of Obama, Nancy Pelosi et al, that they want everyone to be insured, but really, what they want is control. Their real goal is to have “single payer,” or complete government control over everyone’s insurance. The government will be your insurer. Hmmm. The government has done so well at everything else, hasn’t it? We might as well trust them with our medical care.

So what is really going on here, as far as why these bureaucrats want such government control over the private health matters of the entire population, is the bureaucrats’ insatiable craving for control over the lives of others. Why else would the Affordable Care Act state that physicians must participate in this scheme or else they’d be fined $100,000 for a first offense and be jailed for a second offense (as Dr. George noted in the following video)?

If you’re familiar with my writing and this blog, then you are aware of my analyses regarding the rise in fascism and totalitarianism in America, and it’s not just some “paranoid, right-wing conspiracy theories,” as you can see in the page linked at the top, USSA Amerika, which lists many articles about what a police state our society has become, and getting worse by the day.

Given the Soviet, Nazi Germany-like policies that were imposed on us since 9/11 (many of which were planned well before 9/11, by the way), any objective observer, one who can overcome initial denial of the terror that the State is preparing for the future, can see quite clearly that the intrusions, mandates, reporting requirements and punishments involved with ObamaCare will be used by these government bureaucrats for political purposes.

In the U.K., the bureaucrats now want medical providers to report on patients who show signs of being “prospective terrorists,” and that includes whatever various views or thoughts (such as criticism of government policies) that a medical patient might have. This is just like Homeland Security Secretary Jamit Napolitano’s “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign, in which the government wants people to snitch on their neighbors (for having the wrong political views, for criticizing government bureaucrats, etc.).

As I noted in my article, Why Are Government Bureaucrats Turning America into Nazi Germany?, many examples of government-brownshirt-Stasi encouragement include the DHS and FBI’s wanting Internet Cafe owners and others to report on “suspicious” people, including people who buy food in bulk amounts, people who support gold rather than government-dollars, those who pay with cash, people who believe in “individual liberty,” people who distrust “centralized authority” (I wonder why!), and people who “support political movements for autonomy.” (For more on that, see this, this, this, and this.)

Besides the economic and historical reasons (more info at the bottom of this post), these also are very good reasons to support full repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and not only NOT replacing it with something else (as the Republicans want to do), but further repealing all the pre-ObamaCareless bureaucratic regulations and intrusions, mandates, taxes, licensure, and so on. That is because in a society with the most medical freedom, the most number of people will be able to receive medical care when they really need it. I’ll provide links below the video of Dr. George for further information, if you are truly interested in knowing that there really is an alternative to the past 100 years of medical fascism and a totalitarian future with doctors as Soviet-government bureaucrats, that freedom is much better.

Post from a Year Ago on People’s Ignorance of Israel-Gaza Conflict

I found this post from December 30 of 2011, regarding talk radio blabbermouth Michael Savage’s ignorance of the Israel-Gaza conflict. I have been hearing similar ignorance this week from other talk show hosts (I’ve gotta stop listening to talk radio one of these days!), including Michael Graham, who referred to a protest at a university as being in support of “Hamas,” when, no, it was in fact in support of the Palestinians. Unfortunately, many ignorant people have developed their views that “Hamas” and “terrorist” = “Palestinian,” based on all the government-news media propaganda. (I think it’s really because those people just want to believe that.)

Anyway, here is that post from December 30, 2011, with links provided at the end. (I got rid of any links that no longer work.):

December 30, 2011

Sorry for the over-Savage this week, but I want to continue from my blog post yesterday regarding Michael Savage’s lying and smearing of Ron Paul from the night before, because last night Savage continued his tirade. But I don’t really have too much time today, so I am just going to have to leave some links for further details after I write this.

Last night Savage was going on about Ron Paul, this time about how Paul is siding with Hamas regarding the Gaza-Israel conflicts. Savage played a clip of Paul referring to Gaza as a “concentration camp,” which Savage found to be ludicrous. That is because Savage probably never has been to Gaza. Dr. Paul was probably referring to Gaza since the 2008-2009 “Cast Lead” war between the Israeli military and Hamas. Hamas has been the ruling agency of Gaza since 2007.

The Israeli military’s response to Hamas’s firing of rockets into Israel was an example of extreme overkill. The December 2008-January 2009 “Cast Lead” war killed many more Palestinians than Israelis. (Here is a graphic showing the disproportionately small number of Israelis killed in conflicts since 1987 compared to Palestinians killed.) The Israeli military severely damaged the Gazans’ water and sewage treatment centers (just as the U.S. military had done to Iraq in 1991), and the subsequent blockade prevents materials from being brought in to Gaza to make repairs (just as the sanctions and no-fly zones had done to Iraq throughout the 1990s). And just as in Iraq throughout the 1990s, the Gaza population have had to use untreated water.

And also, because of Israel’s blockade of Gaza, well over a million Palestinians are not allowed to travel outside of Gaza, not even for needed medical treatment. More recently, Hamas also has imposed travel restrictions on their own people. And many people are completely unaware of the Jewish settlers’ treatments of Palestinians, including stealing lands and homes with the consent of the Israeli government.

Here is video of Pat Buchanan in 2009, describing Gaza as a “concentration camp.” Unfortunately, because of propaganda that is spoon-fed to the masses from the Israeli and U.S. governments, many people have the mistaken belief that “Palestinian” = “terrorist.” There are over a million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, and only a minute fraction of them are members of Hamas. Savage referred to the million+ civilians in Gaza as “Hamas.” I challenge Michael Savage to actually visit Gaza and meet the Palestinians there, and see how things are there for himself. By the way, Israel did in fact create Hamas, as a way to deal with the PLO, which has been just as counter-productive to them as has the U.S. government’s creation of al Qaeda to deal with the Russians in Afghanistan, more examples of central planning run amok.

Here are some articles for further reading:

The Good News: Romney Lost. The Bad News: Obama Won (In 2012 Soviet Amerika)

Here is my post-election rant analysis, finally:

As I wrote in my August 17th article, Obama Will Win, Thanks to the Clueless Banana Republicans, “The so-called conservatives in America who preferred a socialist Big Government Establishment crackpot like Romney will nominate him and sweep Obama to a second term. The Romney supporters will once again put themselves in denial, call Romney a ‘conservative,’ (and) a ‘capitalist’ (which he certainly is not!)…”

And I was right. This was after all the cheating and voter fraud/intimidation in which the Banana Republicans stole the nomination away from Ron Paul, followed by their Soviet criminality in their suppressing the Paul delegates at the convention. Only in the Soviet People’s Republic of Amerika will the common sense people be referred to as “tinfoil hat” while the real tinfoil hat crowd are those very Banana Republicans and Democrats.

“There’s a sucker born every minute,” with the waste of time that people put into these meaningless elections, and the amounts of private wealth that soooo many people wasted on these political campaigns! Now, if you donated your hard-earned money to the Ron Paul campaign, I will cut you some slack. That is because Ron Paul is the only candidate who would actually restore our freedom, which would bring about prosperity. No other candidates would do that now.

So, the more freedom that people have, the more wealth is created in society, the higher the standard of living will be for the most people in the society. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand that.  The majority of the people are brainwashed to believe that the State is supreme, and they support the statist candidates and waste their money on them. Unfortunately, as Thomas DiLorenzo noted recently, the people are obsessed with “politics, politics, politics, government, government, government.” Everything government.

But billions of dollars worth of private wealth was wasted on the selfish ambitions of these Big Government criminals, sleazebags and shysters, money that could have been much better spent on helping the poor and the homeless, investing in entrepreneurs, funding kids’ education, etc, etc. Why do so many millions of people get suckered into throwing their money away at criminals like this? It’s very sad.

Well, as Jeff Tucker wrote recently in This Way to the Slaughterhouse,

Politics is the force that gives life meaning. It is what people do in order to convince themselves that they are making a difference in the world, that their lives are not petty and useless, but big and important. It is an illusion. They are dupes of a process. But they do it anyway because they want to affirm their own significance in the course of human events.

Sadly, political activism typically requires brains to be in the off position.

And there are those candidates who spent millions of their own wealth to further their own personal ambitions. Take Connecticut’s losing senate candidate Linda McMahon for instance. Please. McMahon spent $97 million of her own wealth on two losing campaigns, 2010 and 2012. And she should have lost, given what a degenerate she is. Imagine how much the needy and charities could have benefited from her $97 million. Oh, well.

In 2008, Romney spent $42 million of his own wealth on his first losing campaign for President. But in 2012 he spent only $150,000 — perhaps this time, thanks to Ron Paul, Romney had a better understanding of how many people will lose all their wealth when the economic collapse occurs, and that he had better keep much of his wealth now. Or, perhaps he knew that he was probably going to lose this race, and that’s why he wouldn’t waste the kind of money that he wasted in 2008. But Romney is nevertheless one of the most selfish, narcissistic and pathologically ambitious people I’ve seen in politics (or business).

But during this campaign, some of these talk radio people have really shown that they are not in touch with the real world. On election day, Howie Carr and Michael Graham in Boston were sounding like robots, saying things like “remember to get out and vote,” as they were promoting Romney, even though anyone in Massachusetts would just be wasting one’s time, given that we knew that Obama would win in this state.

Howie Carr and Michael Graham, and these other people on the radio like Jeff Kuhner and Michael Savage, live in a different world, not the real world. They live in the world of infantilism and fantasy. Graham, by the way, is a former political strategist who now runs a “candidates school,” in which he gives seminars and trains people to be up-and-coming political hacks and shysters, and on how best to run a political campaign to get to public office to join in the plundering and looting and to make more and more laws that remove more and more of their fellow citizens’ freedom. (I doubt that Graham would characterize his “candidates school” in such a way. I, however, believe that being realistic is important. That description might not be Graham’s initial intention, but the results are most always the same, no matter how saintly the candidates are as they begin in their life partnering with the criminal State. Unlike most other analysts, I understand the inherent nature of the political world.)

So these so-called conservatives, in their frantically promoting Romney for President, were openly supporting a candidate who, while he exited the State House as governor, seemed to engage in corrupt and perhaps criminal Nixonian cover-up shenanigans as his staff removed hard drives from their official government computers and deleted files, including emails that were a part of these bureaucrats’ wheeling-and-dealings throughout the Romney 2003-2007 term as governor. (Hmmm. I wonder if anything had to do with the possibly questionable assembling of their RomneyCare crap …)

And in their support of Romney, as I wrote here, the so-called conservatives supported a global warming wacko who said he would consider carbon taxes and whose energy and environmental advisors are also true believers and energy-corporatists, and a governor who raised taxes on businesses while supporting bankster bailouts! With capitalists like this, who needs socialists?

But socialist Romney wouldn’t have been any different from socialist Newt Gingrich (see this, this, and this), corruptocrat Rick Perry (see this), loony-tunes Rick Sanitorium (see this, and this), or total kook Michele Bachmann (see this).

And Carr and Graham were promoting Scott Brown‘s reelection. Brown is just as unprincipled a political hack and an opportunist as Romney. Brown started as a state representative, and then took advantage of a special election to replace state senator Cheryl Jasques, and then he took advantage of a special election to replace the late Ted Kennedy. Brown supported Romney’s fascist insurance mandate and health care bureaucracy now known as RomneyCareless. And as I wrote in my November 2009 blog post, Brown “‘voted to increase the use of clean energy biofuel in MA,’ ‘consistently supported funds for town recycling programs,’ ‘voted for statewide Climate Change standards to reduce pollution,’ ‘led the effort to promote alternative energy vehicles,’ etc., according to his website.”

But, like the hallucinating Romney supporters who referred to socialist Romney as a “capitalist” (Doh!), the Scott Brown supporters were referring to Brown as the “Tea Party candidate,” and a “conservative.” (However, these talk radio nutsos in Boston really had a little man-crush with Scott Brown, you know…) And, while he did vote against the ObamaCare bill, Brown voted for the Dodd-Frank bill. Could these nutsos on the radio possibly tell me why I should vote for someone who voted for that? And, the opportunist that he is, Brown voted for the Dodd-Frank monstrosity not out of any kind of principle involved — because anyone in his right mind and who read the bill could not have voted for that! — but probably because he foresaw that his opponent for reelection was going to be Elizabeth Warren, the architect of that rotten bill! My conclusion is that his vote was purely political strategizing, and nothing else. But he lost anyway. Good.

And he will be replaced by this total empty suit, or dress, whatever she is, Elizabeth Warren. Her new precious law, Dodd-Frank, creates a hundred new government bureaucracies to commit more criminal intrusions and restrictions against the freedom of entrepreneurs to enter their line of work in the financial industry. It will cause more chaos and corruption, as it exists to protect established businesses and lock out the entrepreneurs. It gives much more power to government bureaucrats. That is what Scott Brown voted for, and we will get more of this **** with Elizabeth Warren in the senate, a law professor who knows as much about banking as she knows about the law (i.e. nuttin’)!

So anyway, these elections are useless, futile, and meaningless, and I think that many Americans are living out there in their own little cocoons, way out of touch with reality. Total disconnect with reality, total cognitive dissonance, as so many people now are brainwashed to love their own tyrants and want more of their tyranny. I could go on, such as regarding the loony-tunes voters of Massachusetts who just elected yet another dumb Kennedy to Congress, little Joe Kennedy. And they reelected Democrat Congressman John Tierney, despite his corruption and obvious criminality. Even the Boston Globe endorsed Tierney’s Republican opponent!

These are the people who make the laws that the rest of us must obey! This is what the people want. They want the Soviet tyranny that a second term Barack Obomber will give us. Those stupid Republicans had the chance to nominate Ron Paul and win the election, but, being the idiots that they are … (see above).

And yes, only idiots would “boo” the Golden Rule, as the Republican debate-goers booed Ron Paul in his mentioning of applying the Golden Rule to U.S. foreign policy. As Amerika has become more and more fascist, the “Exceptionalists” have become more and more primitive and barbaric. Oh, well.

So, given how these elections are nothing but rearranging the deck chairs on Titanic Amerika, I have a suggestion to people who still believe that the way to resolve society’s problems and restore our freedom is through the political process: Read Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s book, Democracy, the God That Failed. And Murray Rothbard’s The Ethics of Liberty, And Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom.

And Tom Wood’s book, Nullification. In fact, Tom Woods recently reiterated the call for nullification on his blog. I’ll conclude with that.

More on the Texting Zombies and our Useless Elections

Karen De Coster has this article on the “Dysfunctional Texting Idiocracy.” I very much recommend it, as it expresses my own thoughts and feelings about people and their cell phones as a second sexual organ for them to play with (sorry). I can’t believe the number of people I see on a daily basis, looking down at their cell phones, like zombies. No wonder our election comes down to the lowest demagogues possible, Obomber and Rombo. I think that Rand Paul might be one of those cell phone zombies, and that it has affected his judgment. Not only has Rand endorsed Willard Rombo and his platform of war, murders of innocents, indefinite detention of Americans and foreigners, and ObomneyCare, but Rand has also been RoboCalling for Todd Akin. (Yuck.) Are you a cell phone-texting zombie? Put the damn cell phone away, for crying out loud!

But thank God this election is almost over. Tonight is the beginning of the 2016 presidential campaign, if there is to be one. (I don’t think there will be.)

On the race between indumbent U.S. Senator Scott Brown and challenger Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren, the polls are showing that it’s too close to call. Given how in the debates Brown harshly went after Warren’s “native American” claims and her apparently illicit corporate lawyering, which I think lost him many voters, it seems to me that Warren will probably win. They are both sleazebags and fascists. (Where’s Carla Howell when we need her?)

I don’t have a prediction as far as who wins the presidential election today. I don’t care who wins, as nothing will change either way. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but central planning doesn’t work. It just won’t work. People need to wake up and smell the coffee and face that fact. Lew Rockwell and Anthony Gregory mirror my thoughts about the presidency itself. It is useless, no one should have any power at the federal level, and if there is to be a “president,” it should merely be ceremonial, and that’s it!

The Knappster gives his prediction in electoral college votes: 303 for Obomber and 191 for Rombo. Arthur Silber also predicts that Obomber will win and he explains why that will be (or was meant to be). Anthony Wile had further elaboration on the same theme a month ago. And, according to Infowars, bookies are betting on Obama, big time.

And Tom Woods comments: “No matter what happens today, tomorrow we’ll still be fighting the same old fight. You can either find this depressing, or actually take comfort in it.” Yeah, I suppose.

Robert Wenzel has this update from Anonymous, that Ron Paul’s campaign manager Jesse Benton was paid off to intentionally sabotage the Ron Paul campaign. Jesse Benton, by the way, is married to Dr. Paul’s granddaughter. I hope she divorces him. Speaking of the Paul family, I’m sure Rand is already conjuring up his 2016 campaign for President. Except that there probably won’t be an America as we know it by 2016. Oh, well.

I received many emails responding to my recent article, Americans Proudly Voting for Evil. Sorry I can’t reply to all of them. One emailer quoted a passage that contained links, and the emailer asked what I meant by this or that. You see, if you’re reading something, and a passage comes up that you don’t quite understand, if it contains links the reason for the links is for the reader who doesn’t quite understand to actually click on the links for further reading and get further explanations of whatever it was you didn’t understand.

Anyway, that’s all for You-Know-What Day today. Oh, and here is a new one from Infowars, Obama: “You Know I Tell the Truth.” They present videos with Obama’s past lies, showing that “You know I tell the truth” is yet another one of his many lies. (That is what politicians do best.)

Americans Proudly Voting for Evil

November 1, 2012

Copyright © 2012 by (Link to article)

As our society continues to rapidly decay, we have a presidential election in which the zombies will be out there in droves voting for the two statists, Obama and Romney.

The conservatives continue to support an aggressive and belligerent foreign policy – despite all its blowback – that includes indiscriminate drone bombings and murders of innocent foreigners. So much for being “pro-life.”

These days, warmongers who claim to be Christian have lost touch with their Christianity, so it seems. The arrogant and narcissistic attitude of “American Exceptionalism” far supersedes traditional Judeo-Christian moral values with todays conservatives. So despite Romney’s many left-leaning problems, he will probably get the conservatives and the Exceptionalists’ vote.

And the progressives – many of them will vote for Obama, knowing full well about the Obama Administration’s drone-murders of innocents, and other anti-human rights, anti-civil liberties acts of immorality and criminality.

In a recent article on identifying and rejecting evil, Arthur Silber uses two articles, one from the New York Times and another from the Washington Post, to show how the Obama Administration not only wants its murder program known to the American people, but is doing so proudly.

The program in question is the U.S. President’s assassinations of “terrorists,” or “terrorist supporters,” without due process, and without the President being required to present evidence against the accused.

So really we are talking about suspected terrorists. And worse, most of those who have been murdered overseas by Obama’s drone bombings have been innocent civilians and not actual terrorists [.pdf].

To cover themselves, as noted in the earlier NYT article, the Obama Administration has defined as “militants” (and thus worthy of a U.S. Presidential execution by drone) “all military-age males” who were unfortunate enough to find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Silber notes how, while the Obama Administration (through its propaganda organs the Times and the Post) wants the American people to know about its murder program and that these officials are proud of it, most Americans nevertheless remain unaware of the implications of such a program. Silber writes:

Americans cannot legitimately claim ignorance of the immense evil being perpetrated by their government. They will not be able to claim, as others have tried to do in the past: “We never knew about the horrors that were being committed. How can you believe that we knew about that?”

Americans know all about it, in horrifying, endless detail. The State wants them to know. But the State knows that almost all Americans will refuse to admit what it means. Americans have chosen to sleepwalk blindly into the mouth of Hell.

However, while the Times, the Post and many amongst the MSM act as spokesmen for the Obama Administration’s drone-murder program, there are nevertheless many people who still don’t know about them, about Obama’s “kill list” and Obama’s NDAA provision of indefinite detention of Americans, and so forth. In this video, an interviewer talks to Obama supporters who can’t believe that those policies are Obama’s. And in this video, the same ignorance is shown by a sitting U.S. Congresswoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

And in this video, former Homeland Security Sec. Tom Ridge exemplifies many Americans’ cluelessness about the Obama “kill list,” and their lack of understanding of the meaning of a government program that administers death arbitrarily without any legality or due process.

But in his aforementioned article, Silber continues with a reference to German political theorist Hannah Arendt, the author of The Origins of Totalitarianism, and how the Post article is describing what could be referred to as the bureaucratization of terror. Silber writes:

Always remember that what these “U.S. officials” and “senior Obama administration officials” are discussing is the murder of human beings, including the murder of entirely innocent human beings. But they speak of a “disposition matrix,” and the “accounting of the resources being marshaled,” in the manner that might be used to discuss office supplies. “Oh, dear, we need more paperclips. Staplers, too.” “Hmm. This group of men — there seem to be about ten or twelve of them — seems to be engaged in a ‘suspicious pattern of activity.’ We’d better dispose of them.”

In his previous essay, Accomplice to Murder, Silber presents a scenario regarding a possible future for the very Americans who currently are knowingly supporting their government’s use of drones and indiscriminate murders of totally innocent human beings overseas. The rationalization by the government, of course, is the accusation of being “material supporters” to terrorism, with the government’s hired guns acting on behalf of the President as judge, jury and executioners. To the bureaucrats, even someone’s leaving comments on a blog that are critical of the government’s foreign policy could be considered “providing material support” to terrorism.

In a more high-profile example, American Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki was killed after having been targeted by Obama, without any due process, without Obama presenting any evidence against the accused.

Al-Awlaki had been a harsh critic of U.S. government foreign policy, and had used his religious sermons as a means to express his criticisms, expressions entirely protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

In Accomplice to Murder, Silber points out the similarities between Romney and Obama in their support of the indiscriminate drone murders of entirely innocent human beings. Silber notes that, while a vote for Romney or Obama amounts to support for the government’s drone-murder program and the killing of innocent human beings, he describes the people who nevertheless refuse to understand this, citing people such as Daniel Ellsberg and Noam Chomsky. Silber takes great pains to explain how voting for the lesser of two evils (in the case of his examples, progressives nevertheless voting for Obama), is still a show of support for evil, but states succinctly (his bold):

As I have written before: “the claim of a ‘right’ to dispense death arbitrarily — the claim that the State may murder anyone it chooses, whenever it desires — constitutes a separate category altogether, a category of which this particular claim is the sole unit. When death is unleashed, all possibility of action is ended forever.” For this reason — and it is the only reason required — it is not “perfectly rational and reasonable” to decide that “the evils of their candidate are outweighed by the evils of the GOP candidate.”

There is no evil beyond the claimed “right” to murder by arbitrary edict, to murder anyone, anywhere, anytime. If you support this particular evil — and if you vote for Obama, you support it — then you will support anything.

I very much recommend those two articles by Arthur Silber, The Refusal to Identify and Reject Evil, and Accomplice to Murder (the latter which may be quite lengthy but well worth your time). And in an even more recent article (NB: some profanity), Silber makes very clear just how deranged and psychopathic our rulers really are.

But regarding the increasingly transparent status of mainstream news media as government spokespeople, such as the New York Times and the Washington Post have shown, as I pointed out here and here, these outlets now are not particularly biased to the left or to the right, or liberal or conservative, but mainly are biased toward the State. This authoritarian deference to the State by the news media has grown especially since 9/11. Civil liberties expert Glenn Greenwald expressed just recently,

That is what explains why the US media has been so obsequious first with George Bush and now with his Democratic successor (for those who doubt that “the liberal media” venerated Bush as much as [Michael Lewis and Douglas Brinkley] do Obama, I’ll remind you of this still-remarkable, borderline pornographic display of giddy fawning on Mission Accomplished Day, or the fact that Bush’s own Press Secretary wrote a book mocking the US media for how “deferential” it was to the Bush White House). It’s why journalists joyously dance with top officials, swing on their tires, are creepily grateful when they’re sprayed in the face by their squirt guns, and play fun beach games with the very campaign officials they’re ostensibly covering.

Just this week, with one nauseating item of misinformation and pro-State propaganda after another in each editorial: The New York Times: “we enthusiastically endorse President Barack Obama for a second term…” The Washington Post: “Four more years for President Obama…”

Hooray! Four more years of drone bombings of innocents that provokes foreigners and makes us less safe, four more years of the drug war, ObamaCare, Dodd-Frank, stimulus, illegal warrantless wiretapping, and the TSA and DHS violating the American people!

With a Fourth Estate like this, who needs Goebbels?

But the mainstream news media’s growing subservience to the State merely reflects that of the masochistic American people in general, in my view.

So at the same time that the Times and the Post proudly advertise Obama’s “kill list” and drone-murder policies (as mentioned at the beginning of this article), the American people’s ignorance and infantilism nevertheless grow and grow, particularly their ignorance of the meaning of these policies and of the increasing probability of such policies’ subsequent domestic usage.

Silber points out how during Nazi Germany the Germans actually did know about their government’s policies of murdering innocents. Silber cites the book, Backing Hitler: Consent and Coercion in Nazi Germany by Robert Gellately.

As with the rise in authoritarianism and submissiveness toward the State here in the U.S., Gellately discovered how the news media played an active role in promoting the State, and how, like the American DHS program of “If You See Something, Say Something,” it was really the German people who willingly and enthusiastically turned in their neighbors (but the Gestapo not as much).

Now, I have described in various articles how totalitarian a police state America has become, with its bureaucratic Berlin Wall, and its being like the Iranian SAVAK, like North Korea, and like Nazi Germany.

I know, a lot of people feel uncomfortable with these assertions. But when things really are happening, and our own government really is doing all these things – and it is getting worse by the day – then it takes some courage to face these realities. Being in denial will not protect you from the State’s evil crimes.

And now, in addition to the many other articles to which I have linked detailing what a police state America has become, there has been yet another article, this one describing how the government intends to treat “doomsday preppers” as terrorists. And this despite the government’s own preparations for various disastrous events, as noted in that article.

Meanwhile, the real terrorists are those who fire drones and indiscriminately bomb and murder totally innocent human beings, targeting rescuers and funerals, and who engage in counter-productive security theater for no good reason, molesting and groping little children and yelling “freeze” to intentionally frighten the public for no damn good reason!

Americans have been letting their government bureaucrats get away with murder, while at the same time the government with all its unjust, intrusive and immoral laws and procedures has been criminally persecuting totally innocent Americans!

Well, I agree with Jacob Hornberger, President of the Future of Freedom Foundation, who believes that we need an “American Spring.”

Americans had better wake up and realize that the idea of “limited government” is impossible. They need to recognize the true evils of centralization and central planning, and maybe then will they understand that the way to reverse the evil is to totally decentralize and desocialize America.

But sadly, many Americans are zombies these days, addicted to TV and obsessed with their cell phones and their texting nonsense while compulsively checking emails from nobody. The zombies who vote will proudly vote for The Obomber or his pal Rombo, knowing what their policies are, but not really understanding the real implications of those policies, to our detriment.