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More Reasons to End Foreign Interventionism

Former FBI translator and censored 9/11 whistleblower Sibel Edmonds has this recent post on her website’s track record regarding Syria, and how she has been writing about the U.S. regime’s preparations for another war, this time in Syria, since the Fall of 2011 — two whole years. And she gave information to MSM but they wouldn’t go with it.

The mainstreamers are really government propagandists for the regime. If the U.S. government tells CBS, ABC, etc. to not run a particular story or a particular new angle or controversial aspect of the story, then these government stenographers will not run it. It’s embarrassing. Thank God I am not Scott Pelley or Diane Sawyer, or, frankly, I’d be ashamed of myself and would probably have a hard time calling myself a news “journalist.”

And Michael Snyder of the Economic Collapse Blog has this post on who benefits from an Obama war of aggression against innocents in Syria. Snyder brings up an exclusive report from the AP’s Dale Gavlak for Mint Press News, which claims that Saudi-supplied rebels were behind the chemical attack in Syria. Supposedly, as Infowars reports, Gavlak is a long-time correspondent for AP, as well as PBS, NPR, and the BBC.

Some of the rebels interviewed by Gavlak had claimed that they were being paid by the Saudi government. Hmmm. weren’t some of the 9/11 hijackers Saudis? Does it matter? I will not be surprised if we don’t hear about any of this from the little Goebbels-wannabes of the mainstream media.

bush-abdullah   obomber-abdullah

And Jacob Hornberger highlights the WMD hypocrisy of the U.S. government‘s power-grabbers, oil-grabbers and weirdos and misfits. Meanwhile, Mike Holmes has this article on the U.S. government’s own use of gas on its own people. And Eric Margolis writes, “Look before you leap, Mr. President!

So, if Congress moves to impeach our rogue President, does that mean that a President Biden will still continue with this new war of aggression in Syria? If so, will HE be impeached as well? If so, that would mean a President Boehner. Frankly, I don’t know which is worse. Oh, well.

“This Will Not Be Another Vietnam”

The rogue President Obama is starting yet another unprovoked war of aggression on yet another country, Syria, that didn’t attack us and was of no threat to the United States.

As I have pointed out several times including in this article, the Iraq War really began when the first President Bush started a war of aggression on Iraq in 1990-91. That never really ended, as it was continued throughout the 1990s with sanctions and no-fly zones against Iraq, and George W. Bush’s 2003 Iraq War was merely a continuation of what his father had started.

Anyway, here is the elder President George H.W. Bush in January 1991 telling the American sheeple about his new war of aggression against Iraq which started all the crap we have had to deal with since then. At about 6:45, he claims that this “will not be another Vietnam.”

Labor Day Weekend

I am hardly an expert on these issues, but at least I like to offer my two cents worth. I wrote this in October of 2009:

Labor Has Value

October 17, 2009

Obama Pay Czar Kenneth Feinberg is demanding that Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis receive no salary nor bonus for 2009, and will also have to repay the bank the $1 million he’s already earned. Granted that BOA was one of the large financial institutions that received TARP Bailout money, and that the takeover by BOA of Merrill Lynch (for which Lewis had strong reservations) was quite controversial, still, the very idea of a “Pay Czar” is very fascist in nature, like many of President Obama’s policies and proposals. There’s little doubt that it will go from applying to companies receiving TARP money to all businesses, and this kind of government intrusion into the private sector only comes from the resentment and envy of the Left, and control-freak politicians.

A private business, no matter how large, has a right to pay its CEO and top executives what the owners and shareholders think their labor is worth. Many people don’t see what the executives do as “labor,” but that concept includes intellectual as well as physical labor. A CEO doesn’t just sit there at his or her desk looking out the window, but makes very important, sometimes stressful decisions. A lot of pressure, for example, was on Ken Lewis when he was testifying before Congress regarding his misgivings on the Merrill Lynch acquisition. Just one decision by a company CEO can affect millions of people, and billions of dollars. Most business owners and shareholders think that their CEOs’ labor is worth their high salaries.

Likewise, the NFL (in the news a lot this week) values the labor of dog-fighter/dog-executioner Michael Vick and that’s why the NFL hired him back, although fans have been split on that. That reflects more on the decline of values in America in recent years. But Vick’s labor is valued.

When or if the government takes over the entire medical care system, the value of doctors’ and nurses’ labor will decline, along with the quality of care. Already we are seeing doctors planning to retire early or college students deciding against that profession if the government takes over. Those less skilled but who don’t mind being servants of the state will enter the profession as government doctors. The good doctors now are usually those who prefer independence, and who value the confidential relationship between doctor and patient. Doctors and nurses will be paid what government officials, not markets, decide their labor’s value is worth, hence the decline in quality.

We can see how things get devalued when controlled by government bureaucrats. Just look at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. And look at the products of government-run (aka “public”) schools.

A further example of that has been the Cash For Clunkers program, with more people trading in their clunkers for foreign made vehicles, because of the decline in the value of American-made cars. That isn’t just because of the government takeover of General Motors, but in large part because the quality of American-made cars has declined over the years, as the labor unions’ workers compensation and benefits packages have greatly increased.

And that situation isn’t because their employers put a higher value on their labor, but because of the unions’ strong-arm tactics and pressures on the auto makers. In contrast, the Americans who work at Toyota plants in the United States, for example,  are payed less and, with the exception of at only one plant which is closing next year, are not unionized. Toyota pays American workers the value of their labor, calculated much more accurately according to buyers in the free market and the employers, not an organized labor union.

The value of labor and the products of labor are promoted by freedom and free markets, and downgraded by mobs and government intrusions.


The Deified State

Judy Morris has this very good post asking, “Is Religion a Bad Thing?” Here is what I have to say about that:

Well, some people think that the various “official” religions have been a plus. Some people think otherwise.

However, the one worldwide religion that I would bet most Earthlings agree to worship is the State. The State is their god. People love, adore and worship the State, whether it is the U.S. government, the U.K. government or elsewhere. Despite the monstrosities, the atrocities, the hundreds of millions of murders perpetrated by governments especially throughout the 20th Century, the destruction of whole cities like Detroit, the economic depressions caused by direct governmental interventions into private economic matters, despite how much the State is destroying society, culture and civilization, people nevertheless love and worship the State.

Go figure.


Here is a YouTube video of MSNBC’s Chris Matthews interviewing then-Sen. Joe Biden (in one of his more “clean and articulate” moments) from 2007 discussing the Bush propaganda effort to go to war against Iran. At about 5:20 Matthews asks Biden about his statement that Bush’s going to war would be an “impeachable offense.” (h/t

But now, Biden joins Barack Obomber and David Cameroon to bamboozle the gullible Brits and Amerikans to begrudgingly get behind their corrupt and neanderthalish leaders to bomb Syria and murder more innocents.

The Rulers: Sick, Insane Murderers

You know, three years ago Prime Minister David Cameroon brought up the old “special relationship” thing between Britain and the U.S. and stated that he wanted to continue that aging phenomenon of co-dependence, with the U.K. being the “Junior Partner.” (I guess Cameroon prefers Barry to be on top, if you know what I mean. Perhaps they will switch places after it begins to get a little boring, who knows.)

Sorry. I won’t do that again.

But there are more serious comments that people have on this Syria issue.

Spiked’s Brendan O’Neill writes in “War as Therapy” about the British and U.S. warmongers who want to teach Assad a lesson mainly out of selfish, narcissistic reasons.

All the discussion so far has focused, not on the potential moral consequences of bombing Syria, but on the moral needs of those who would do the bombing. US secretary of state John Kerry says failing to take action on Syria would call into question the West’s ‘own moral compass’. Others talk about Syria as a ‘test for Europe’, as if this rubble-strewn country is little more than a stage for the working-out of our values. So intense is the narcissism of the bomb-Syria brigade that that one of its number describes the slaughter caused by the use of chemical weapons as ‘a question mark painted in blood, aimed at the international community’. They’re so vain, they think someone else’s war is all about them. One pro-bombing commentator says the situation in Syria ‘holds a mirror up to Britain’, asking ‘what sort of country are we?’. Like Narcissus, the beaters of the drum for war on Assad are concerned only with their own image, their own reflection, and the question of whether they’ll be able to look at themselves in the mirror if they fail to Do Something.

David Cameroon and Barack Obomber are no different from George Bush (either one), Dick Cheney and Tony Blair. Most politicians are extremely self-centered. That is why they enter politics and want to enmesh themselves into the power of the State. They love the power to be above the law, and they love to act criminally against others, because it further satisfies their lust for more power. Most politicians are cowardly and love to use the armed might of the State to act out their own “id”-satisfying need to inflict aggressions on others from afar.

Speaking of the spineless, slithering snakes who rule over us, they are also good at lying as well. Thomas DiLorenzo has this piece at on the lies that were told by U.S. leaders to get the American people to support the Rulers’ new wars. It’s as though every major war involving the U.S. involved lies to get Americans to support starting a war of aggression or entering other countries’ wars.

And, among other things, Chris Floyd writes:

These Western leaders, primarily Barack Obama and the pathetic, feckless ex-PR shill David Cameron, will knowingly murder an unknown number of people while braying all the while of their own righteousness and the strict “legality” of their acts of mass murder. They will be supported in these murders by the leaders of the so-called opposition parties, who will, as always, line up like automatons and spew out mindless, spineless rhetoric in favor of murdering people, because they too are deeply damaged moral cretins who hope one day to have the opportunity to sit in well-wadded comfort and order human beings to be killed.

These wretched, cowardly weaklings — the leaders, their opposition, their minions — believe that the exercise of brutal, death-dealing power (at a distance; always, always at a safe distance!) will somehow fill up the howling emptiness inside them. It will not, of course, but they are too stupid to know this — or else they are already so far steeped in blood that they can’t stop, can’t go back, their humanity is already lost.

These leaders know that their action will murder innocent people (as so many of their actions do, week after week, year after year), they know (because their own analysts and experts tell them) that it will exacerbate extremism, worsen the conflict in Syria, destabilize the region, increase global tensions and lead directly and indirectly to the needless death and horrific suffering of countless people in the days and years to come.


Syria Isn’t the Only Subject in the News

I know that all this stuff is going on in Syria, and our corrupt government bureaucrats want to distract the American people away from the NSA scandal, the debt ceiling and other screw-ups.

But there are other things of note going on, such as U.S. Homeland Security “made in Israel,” how public schools are the “most dangerous places” to put your kids, how DNA degeneration will lead to the end of the human race in about 6,000 years, about the anti-discrimination lunacy at today’s institutions of higher education, and how Walter Block cheers for “3 x 4 = 11.”

More on Vaccine Hysteria

Michael Alford has this article on his experiences with his kid’s pediatrician, who mandates that the older kids get several new unnecessary and possibly dangerous vaccines. I can see vaccinating the kids early on for the three or four “major” things, just as we got when we were kids. There’s no reason for all those extra ones except for further profits for Big Pharma.

Alford’s point is that he should decide whether his kids get those other vaccines or not, based on his own informed opinion.

A lot of doctors now are completely in the tank with Big Pharma. Ugh, three different doctors I’ve had just in the past 15 years, clueless ignorant clucks. Don’t get me started on that now. The majority of these quacks either know nothing about nutritional medicines, vitamins and supplements and their importance toward prevention, or they do know but they are so loyal to Big Pharma they would rather their patients not know.

If Michael Alford’s children are abducted by CPS, as he fears could happen, and it is because the doctor sicced CPS on them, then he should have that doctor arrested and charged with endangerment, and the doctor should be sued financially.

It really is criminal what these Establishment people are doing to innocent human beings, as well as making them sick and sicker with those damn prescription poisons.

Old Post on Health Fascism

I wrote this post in July, 2009:

July 17, 2009
Health Fascism Results From Societal Sickness In Need Of Healing

There has been an acceleration toward a complete government takeover of Americans’ health and medical affairs, with a rush in the United States Congress to shove it into law before the August recess. These sweeping proposals of health fascism are pushed by special interest groups, lawyers and lobbyists, and otherwise nudniks, nincompoops and misfits.

Here is an article about philosopher Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and the enslavement of doctors. In my opinion, the fascist politicians seem to want so much control over every aspect of our daily lives. They have this insatiable craving to search into our most personal, private matters–they are very invasive people, these fascists. No, we don’t have a right to health care, to force doctors to treat us or give us medication. We do, however, have a right to take care of ourselves, and we also have a right to our liberty and property, which includes our right to be free from those politicians and bureaucrats sticking their dirty hands into our private matters. We also have a right to free, voluntary associations. That includes the individual’s right to deal with whatever doctor one chooses, and the right to confidentiality of private health matters between the individual and the doctor. We also have a right to not be treated by doctors if we don’t want to be, and the right to not have health insurance if we don’t want it, and certainly have the right to not be forced to have health insurance.

What should be encouraged–and hardly ever is, at least not by bureaucrats–is individual responsibility and prevention. People who smoke or eat like pigs should not be allowed to any “free” health care! There can’t be a more self-destructive behavior than deliberately inhaling burning garbage into your lungs.

And smoking is probably one of the most anti-social behaviors I can think of– Don’t get me started on that. And people who over-eat and consume heavy cholesterol foods and who are obese do not deserve to force any doctor to treat them, or force their neighbors to pay for it.

With this ever increasing fascism and more access of government officials into our private lives, we will have less freedom and less security. I know the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution addresses searches and seizures, but it does mention the “right to be secure in our persons, papers, houses and effects.” We have a right to be secure. Government officials should not be trusted with so much personal information about us. That makes us much less secure in many ways. It’s an old saying, but people who don’t know or understand history are more likely to repeat it, as the history of even the last century will suggest. The crimes of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany aren’t even a century ago. It is not an exaggeration to suggest that once this huge new fascist program goes through, the good doctors will leave the practice in droves, and the Doctors Mengele will be welcomed with open government tentacles. And it is not hysteria to predict that euthanasia will be institutionalized and abortions made mandatory, at least for white males, as ethnic cleansing is something for which fascists are notorious.

If it’s really true that these Congressman and Senators are doing all their wheeling and dealing behind closed doors and not having any or enough debate or hearings on this pending serious loss of liberty, then they really ought to be criminally charged with conspiracy or theft or otherwise high crimes.

I’m really serious. Someone ought to get the Washington D.C. District Attorney or FBI or some Federal officials to arrest these hooligans  for conspiracy or theft or fraud. Wikipedia states that a Kleptocracy is a “government  that extends the personal wealth and political power of government officials and the ruling class at the expense of the population,” and that’s exactly what we have now. This really is a sick society, which needs to be healed with a restoration of freedom and individual responsibility.

Private Property and Liberty; and the Anti-Private Property Police

I’ll probably have more time to write more blog posts soon when things lighten up a little.

In the meantime, the Mises Institute has posted a speech from 1999 by Ron Paul on the importance of private property to liberty:

Private Property Is the Essence of Liberty   by Ron Paul

And Radley Balko has an article on the “heroes” of America, the ones who have no understanding of private property, the most covetous and barbaric amongst us, the police:

SWAT Cop Says American Neighborhoods Are ‘Battlefields,’ Claims Cops Face Same Dangers As Soldiers In Afghanistan By Radley Balko