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Further Comments on Preventing School Shootings

There is still a lot of talk about the most recent school shooting, and I have some further comments in addition to my posts here and here on this issue.

The first issue regarding the suggested solutions for how to prevent these school shootings, some people including the talk radio so-called “conservatives” I listen to, are suggesting the the schools should only have one door to enter or exit, and it should be locked during the day, which are both absurd suggestions.

Why don’t “conservatives,” including the ones on talk radio and the ones in CONgress, repeatedly remind people that “Gun Free Zone” laws, particularly the 1990 federal mandatory gun-free zone law, be repealed? Those laws essentially make the schools say this: “We do not allow guns on this property, and therefore we are sitting ducks. Psychopath shooters welcome.”

Not only should the people who supposedly believe in the right to self defense and the right to keep and bear arms be repeatedly telling CONgress to repeal those gun-free zone laws, but they should also be suggesting that the schools’ teachers and staffs should be armed if they want to be armed.

All gun-grabbing and gun restriction laws do is disarm law-abiding citizens, and that’s it. If someone wants to go shoot up a place and can’t legally obtain a firearm then that person will steal the guns and ammo, or use knives or use his car to run over kids in the playground. Criminals don’t obey the law, duh gun-control people. Criminals don’t care that it’s illegal to shoot and assault and kill people, why would they care that having a gun or stealing it is “against the law”?

Now, back to the suggestion of having only one door to enter or exit the school, and that it should be locked during the day, totally absurd suggestions.

So, you have the one locked door in the school. What will they do if there’s a fire in the building? What if the fire is close to that one door? Most people run to a door to get out. Sure, they may have to climb out windows. But in my view the more actual doors the better. And that also includes if there is an active shooter situation, is it better for potential victims to have the choice of multiple exits (doors) to get out, rather than staying huddled under a desk in a classroom?

In the “Station” nightclub fire in Rhode Island in 2003, 100 people were killed, mainly because most of them rushed toward the main entrance that was, if my memory of the story is correct, locked. They couldn’t get out the locked door, although, according to Wikipedia,

By this time, the nightclub’s fire alarm had activated, and although there were four possible exits, most people headed for the front door through which they had entered. The ensuing crowd crush in the narrow hallway led to that exit being blocked completely and resulted in numerous deaths and injuries among the patrons and staff.

And it doesn’t mention in that article that the door was locked, but I specifically remember hearing that in the story at that time.

As I already stated, rather than reconstructing schools and doors to accommodate the possibility of school shooters, how about repealing the laws that prevent people who are already there in the school from taking out such psychopath shooters?

And as I also mentioned in the previous posts, there’s no reason to have government police in the schools. (Getting any and all government out of education and abolishing government schools is obviously the best solution to this whole mess!)

And the second issue is, as far as what is causing these young “men” to want to go kill people? I have already discussed the common theme of psychiatric drugs being given to the youngins, including many of the mass killers of the past 20 years. There are also the video games these young people play.

Not only do they play video games, but apparently they literally plug themselves into them, with headphones and other head gear like their whole head is covered in gear so they are placing themselves (psychologically, or their senses and or their sensory perceptions) right into the scenes they are watching, so they are almost literally participating in the scenes. Unfortunately some videos include very graphic and realistic scenes of killing people, etc.

On the blog, a reader wrote:

Salvador Ramos [the Uvalde, TX school shooter] is reported to have been addicted to the Call of Duty military video game. As was the Sandy Hook shooter and do doubt others. This isn’t so much a Second as a First Amendment issue.

I’ve witnessed – alas in my own family – adolescents “playing” this sort of game that is clearly coordinated with the Pentagon in some manner and in which the participants gleefully delighted in getting extra points for, among other matters, “head shots.”

Now, the writer also wrote, “There are ‘realistic’ settings adjusted to the topography and costumes of the part of the world targeted at the time by the White House and State Department.” Hmm.

I don’t know if he was suggesting that somehow the gubmint was able to use the video games to implant suggestions into the player’s mind to go shoot up innocent people? That would be “tinfoil hat conspiracy” stuff. However, this article on the U.K. Guardian discusses information released by Edward Snowden nearly 10 years ago which details how the U.S. and U.K. regimes and their respective spy agencies infiltrate those games like Xbox to “influence” users and that especially can affect teenagers and young adults. And this Infowars article gives some further info on all that. 

And finally, “What is making these young ‘men’ commit these horrible acts of violence against innocent people?” Well, I have mentioned the Xanax and Zoloft, which includes the effect of reducing one’s inhibitions as well as possibly suppressing one’s sense of conscience. (Read Dr. Peter Breggin on all that.) And then there are those aforementioned kinds of video games.

But also, in the schools now we have this cult-like anti-gender activism, in which boys are made to feel bad or guilt for being a boy, and girls are being made to feel bad or guilt for being a girl. “Are you sure you’re a boy?” “Would you rather be a girl?”

Fred Reed wrote some articles on what today’s “teacher” activists are doing to the kids especially boys, their “feminization with fangs,” and this follow-up in which he says he dislikes the “feminized, therapeutic view of schools as places not to teach anything but to engage in Pavlovian conditioning of kids to female norms of syrupy goodness … conformity, and warm interpersonal glop. Learning anything gets short shrift.”

So, what we have in the schools is really just child abuse and emotional abuse. I don’t want to get into all that here like I did in this recent article.

But the boys are being conditioned to suppress their natural masculinity, and their individual personalities as well. Conformity and obedience to the “teacher” activists are required. And if the girls express their natural femininity and show their nurturing instincts and want to play with dolls, it sounds like they are discouraged as well.

It’s an anti-gender cult pervading the schools now, in my view. Add “Common Core” to the mix and we have real trouble.

And how is all that kind of irrationality and abuse, combined with the video games and psychiatric drugs, going to affect the kids? Hmmm?

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Bamboozled Amerikans

Yes, some of my posts here can be very sarcastic and cynical, but I think it’s important to tell the truth about things, especially the truths that counter official narratives, which are false narratives most of the time.

But the truth is, a lot of people have been bamboozled by the government, especially when it comes to “public health,” and war. Especially war.

So, Americans are bamboozled by a lot of crap these days, as much as in days past. One of the most recent examples has been the Covid scamdemic. And yes, it is a SCAM, every aspect of it.

Already by mid-2020 it was clearly known that the Covid “virus” had an infection fatality rate of less than .5% – that’s less than half of one percent. The CDC had changed its guidelines to count non-Covid deaths as “Covid deaths,” which means that even if someone had died of heart disease or kidney disease or cancer, as long as that individual tested positive for the “virus” then that death was counted as “Covid.” And the testing was based on high cycle threshold numbers to guarantee false positives, and they’re STILL doing that! The bamboozled sheeple are still needlessly sticking swabs up their nostrils for no good reason!

And the bamboozled Amerikans with the mRNA “vaccine” that’s not a vaccine, that doesn’t prevent infections or transmission and wasn’t intended to do those things, continuing to have their third, fourth, fifth boosters that are gradually destroying their own immune systems and making them sicker. But they are true believers, the bamboozled Americans.

Many Americans still believe that Trump “colluded with Russia” to “hack the 2016 election,” which never happened. The Mueller report thoroughly debunked that conspiracy theory. It was all a lie continually disseminated by the apparatchiks in government and corporate media. Yet, people still believe it. Gullible sheeple don’t want to believe that their “news”casters are lying to them.

And after 9/11 Americans the Bamboozled believed a lot of propaganda that was spoon-fed them by their Washington masters, that “we were attacked, unprovoked!” when, well, we were attacked, that is our civilian population was attacked in New York, and Pennsylvania and the Pentacon was attacked.

But the attacks were provoked, not by us in America but by our criminal government in Washington who had been invading and bombing Iraq and other areas throughout the 1990s. The U.S. military in 1991 bombed Iraq and its civilian water and sewage treatment facilities and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians by the year 2000. But the bamboozled sheeple believe that the 9/11 attacks were “because they hate us for our freedoms.” Yep. (And that first war in Iraq, by the way, started by President George H.W. Bush in 1991 was given approval by the Amerikans based on lies and propaganda as well.)

And it’s another Memorial Day now. Time to memorialize our “heroes” from foreign wars, that is, Americans who were sent over by Pentagon and media liars to invade foreign countries, bomb homes and businesses, schools and churches, and murder innocent civilians. In Iraq and Afghanistan, and Vietnam and Korea and so on.

Many people who are bamboozled continue to rationalize the immoral crimes against innocent foreigners by our “heroes.” I’ve mentioned this before, but in Iraq some of the U.S. soldiers went door to door to seize firearms from civilians from their homes. (The U.S. soldiers might believe in the 2nd Amendment in America, until they invade other countries, apparently. Just dismiss those trying to defend their home turf from invaders as “militants.” Okay.)

So they were really just criminal marauders stealing weapons and disarming innocent people, just like the people on the left here in Amerika want to do to the Amerikan sheeple. Remember, in Iraq the Americans were the invaders, not the other way around. And the U.S. military actively inflicts psy-ops on the U.S. soldiers to extinguish their sense of conscience. An institution based on moral relativism if there ever was one.

The real heroes were the ones who revealed the war crimes of the U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, such as Bradley Manning, now known as Chelsea Manning. See the Afghanistan war logs and the Iraq war logs.

But many people, probably most people, have been indoctrinated by years and years of propaganda (i.e. lies) in their schools, from their families while growing up, in pop culture and media, made to believe that the U.S. military invading, bombing and shooting up foreign countries and murdering innocent foreigners was justified.

At the end of World War II, President Harry Truman authorized the atom bombing of civilian populations in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (after bombing and killing civilians in Tokyo as well as Germany and elsewhere), killing tens of thousands. “Oh, ‘we’ had to do that to save a million U.S. soldiers” is the repeated mantra, even though government soldiers’ role unfortunately includes having to die at war. Targeting civilians is a war crime. And by the way, the war was coming to an end prior to the atom bombing crimes of the U.S. regime, and Truman knew that.

The U.S. murdered over a million civilians in Korea, too. And our government lied us into war in Vietnam, supposedly to “prevent the spread of communism.” After the war officially ended, Vietnam was then a reunited North-and-South communist Vietnam. 58,000 U.S. slaves were brought to their early deaths for no good reason. After the Pentagon Papers were published in 1971, it was clearly known that the U.S. military officials knew as early as 1967 that the war could not be won. Yet the war criminals in Washington continued right through 1975. The real hero here was Daniel Ellsberg, who gave the documents to the New York Times and the Washington Post, who published them.

To this day, even though Vietnam then became a communist, united Vietnam, many Americans still believe the U.S. military bombing Vietnam was justified. (Did the Vietnamese come over here and bomb us? Now, there’s a rhetorical question.) So, bamboozled Amerikans believe that it was worth sacrificing the lives of 58,000 Americans and a million Vietnamese and Cambodians. That is because they are bamboozled Americans.

And finally, another group of bamboozled Americans, the “climate change” True Believers. We’re going to have millions of cars and trucks on the road, powered only by batteries juiced by wind and solar sources. Riiiight. We even have auto makers who are going to discontinue the manufacturing of fossil-fueled vehicles by such-and-such a year, 2030? 2050? Now that’s a True Believer! And look at the havoc that the current U.S. President has caused by removing the energy independence that we briefly had! Talk about “bamboozled.”

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School Shootings, and More Reasons to Abolish Government Police (Updated)

We are now hearing more about the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas this week. It appears that the police waited outside the school while apparently the shooter was inside having barricaded himself in a classroom where he killed the little children.

Why wouldn’t the police go into the school building?* Why did they have to form a “perimeter” outside? So, we know that they should have gone into the building at least in the hallway outside the classroom where the shooter was. Were they given an order to “stand down” by superiors? (Like the police in many of those 2020 BLM riots, looting, arson and burning down buildings, and other previous riots.)

And we are now hearing that parents who had rushed to the school were telling the police to go in, and some parents were trying to go in themselves to save their kids. I guess parents have more guts than government police when it comes to saving kids. One mother was able to get in and take her kid out to safety. Another parent, however, was TASERED by the government police and still other parents were actually handcuffed!

Talk about nazis. No wonder they call them “pigs.” Another good reason to abolish and de-monopolize government-monopolized community policing and security, as I wrote in this article.

And did you see some of the photos of the shooter? He had this kind of feminine-like sucking face, and a spooky resemblance to Elliot Rodger the Santa Barbara college shooter. I wrote about Rodger and Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza here and here. Yes, psychiatric drugs did play a role in those other shootings, as did video games (more the non-violent ones) and a general dysfunctional life. Oh, well.

And on talk radio, those “conservatives” are obsessed with police, with putting more police in the schools (or, as the nudnik Sean Hannity constantly says, “former police and military”). No, we don’t need ANY police in the schools! All they will do is arrest and handcuff little kids for “acting up” or for making a finger gesture like a gun and saying, “bang, bang!” and the government police otherwise assault the little kids. John Whitehead at the Rutherford Institute has written about those things many times now in his great articles.

No, rather than police, as I recently mentioned, just let teachers and staff be armed if they want to. (And let kids be armed as well, as long as they are trained with firearms, like in the old days.) I know, to some brainwashed sheeple, that sounds absurd. Things have changed since decades ago when that didn’t sound absurd at all, as society has further decayed and continues to decay.

And repeal all the “gun-free zone” laws!

If at least a teacher or staff member had been armed there at the school, he or she could have taken out the shooter early on, saving many lives! WHY don’t the so-called “conservative” talk radio personalities mention that? But no, they are obsessed with their love, the police, and they love the police state as well.

And the Democrats and leftists really just want to disarm law-abiding citizens and make them defenseless. They are a part of some sort of demonic, satanic cult, I am now convinced of that.

The Democrats and leftists side with criminals, we know that’s the case. They get rid of bail and let arrested violent thugs go right back out to hurt more people. They have bail funds like Kommie-la Harris did with the 2020 rioters, arsonists, looters and thugs. And contrary to their grandstanding, Democrats and leftists do not want to protect children. We know that as a fact in their not just pro-abortion fanaticism, but pro-“abortion” after the baby is born. They are pro-aggression, they don’t want people to defend themselves against aggressors, they believe in violence, they want civilians to be disarmed, unarmed and defenseless, and they want only military and police to have guns. How did that work out for the Jews in Germany? And for people in Mao’s China? Hmmm.

*UPDATE (May 28): And now we are hearing in the news that the police were in the hallway outside the classroom, and waited an hour before going into the classroom. They claim that they assumed that the kids in the classroom, where the shooter was barricaded, were already killed. But that doesn’t make sense. The police didn’t hear kids inside the classroom talking, or yelling or crying? We know the kids in there had been repeatedly calling 911. And also, there are already plenty of witnesses and videos showing that police waited outside the building, and were actively preventing parents from going in the building, So, I do not believe the claim that police were inside and in the hallway outside the classroom.

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Like in USSA, Rulers in China are Crazed Nutjobs

I can’t believe the craziness in China. The rulers there are crazed nutjobs, just as they are here in good ol’ USSA. They’re demanding that people be tested for Covid every 48 hours. Because of an alleged “virus” that has a .1 to .2 percent infection fatality rate.

Also in that article it mentions that the Chinese are at Davos with their plan to track people based on “green” “social credit” score and monitor every aspect of the lives of the people.

Well I consider such invasive tracking of innocent people as being a form of social rape. The rapists here are the government rulers and the tech and medical apparatchiks who want to track your every move, track your purchases, track your life. They are rapists because their act of invasiveness and intrusiveness, in my view, is an act of rape, digital rape, social rape. And even physical rape with the insistence on sticking Covid testing swabs up your nostrils or worse, implanting tracking devices into your skin or your internal organs. They are rapists, as well as murderers, assaulters, and otherwise psychopathic thugs and hooligans.

When Will the Gun Control Crowd Ever Learn?

There was another mass shooting, another school shooting at a school in Uvalde, Texas, killing 19 children and two adults. And once again the gun control crowd irrationally calls for more restrictions on guns.

The problem with gun control laws is that they do not disarm criminals, they merely disarm law-abiding citizens and make them defenseless.

Criminals don’t obey the law, and that is why we call them criminals.

Criminals and violent psychopaths obviously don’t care that it’s illegal to assault and murder innocent people. Right? So they obviously don’t care about laws restricting gun ownership, possession, buying or selling of guns. If guns are not available and the criminal psychopath wants a gun then he will steal a gun. Criminals don’t care that stealing is illegal, either.

Why can’t we get the hysterical, irrational gun-grabbers to understand these basic facts? (Because they’re hysterical and irrational?) Instead, they want to disarm law-abiding citizens so they can’t defend themselves.

And someone who is hell-bent on killing a lot of people is going to do so with or without guns. If he can’t get a gun then he might get into a car and run into those kids in the playground. What are you going to do, ban cars? Or he’ll get knives and stab a bunch of people like they do in England. So ban knives?

In the school where 20 people were murdered, if a teacher or staff member had been armed then that person could have taken out the shooter early on, saving at least some of those lives, or most of them.

So that really is the choice. Either keep gun-free zone laws in place, in which wackos will target the kids and no one around can disable the shooter and more victims will be killed, OR let people at the school be armed and they can save lives. THAT’S the choice.

In the old days, even kids had guns. They brought them into school. There were school rifle teams and gun clubs. No one thought anything of it. And there were NO SCHOOL SHOOTINGS! Hmm, why was that?

(There was also no xanax, zoloft, and other anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drugs given to the kids, as well as adderall and ritalin being given to the kids. Was the Texas school shooter taking those horrible psychiatric drugs?)

There are other factors, of course, as to what drove the school shooter to murder innocent people. Many societal and family-related factors. A militaristic culture. A decaying society. Two years of the Covid scamdemic, suffocating masks. I’m glad I’m not a kid these days, that’s for sure.

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Some Recent Tweets:

I found some interesting tweets recently, from the Libertarian party or retweeted by the LP:

By the way, several of the defendants in the New Hampshire case who protested outside Gov. Chris Sumumu’s home were found NOT GUILTY! according to the “Free Keene” blog. I wrote about them in this post.

And, another recent tweet:

And this, another example of the integrity of today’s “news” media:

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The Covid Scam Is on the Rise Again

After two years of the scamdemic, and given what we now know about the fraudulent “vaccines” that are not vaccines, the ineffective and harmful masks, and lockdowns that made people worse off, there are still a lot of people in denial of the truth of what the scammers are getting away with.

Many people still obediently wear their bacteria-laden oxygen-depriving face masks and getting their fifth or ninth boosters to further weaken their own immune systems. People are in denial of the crimes against them committed now for over two years by the scum who rule over them.

And the rulers, the activists, the media, they’re pushing “increasing cases and infections,” to try to reinstate mandates and lockdowns. They are sick people, and the low-IQ media activists are just following along like brain-dead robots.

And the mRNA drug injections falsely called “vaccines” that are not vaccines, are causing people to have new illnesses and conditions they didn’t have before. But because they are in denial, and because they are gullible sheeple they (including their “doctors”) will not consider the possibility that it’s the mRNA drug injections causing their new illnesses. (I know someone who fits into this category, and it’s very distressing now.)

But I can’t write anymore on this because of lack of time, and other reasons. However, Stephen Lendman describes how the New York Slimes and “mainstream” media, and “public health” officials are continuing the Big Lie of Covid, pushing masks, etc. And he quotes a former Pfizer scientist Michael Yeadon in criticism of the mRNA drug injections. Lendman points out that the illnesses that are rising now are not from Covid but from the toxic “vaccines” that are not vaccines.

And more idiocy. This college student was expelled from her college for not getting a poisonous booster shot, which she didn’t get because of the long-lasting adverse reaction she had from the original injections. And she was expelled despite her doctor’s requested exemption, according to Gateway Pundit. I am so glad I went to college 40 years ago. We didn’t have to go through any of this crap.

And then there is the World (anti-)Health Organization who will meet on May 22 to then impose a new pandemic treaty on all nations who will be made to submit to the will of the WHO, which will mean that all individuals  comply with WHO’s anti-health diktats whether they like it or not. Such a fascist scheme will override the U.S. Constitution in Amerika. Daniel Horowitz at The Blaze gives the details of that. The Alzheimer’s patient in the White House is all for it.

Hmm. World fascism. Who’d a thunk it? In my view, here in Amerika, USSA, the “Freest Country in the World,” if the federal gubmint goes along with this fascist crap then states and localities must NULLIFY any and all WHO diktats, as Horowitz suggests.

But there is some good news. According to the Post-Millennial, courts are ruling in the favor of Canadian churches who wouldn’t close during the Covid lockdowns criminally imposed by retarded bureaucrats. So at least there’s that.

And finally Lew Rockwell reviews Robert F. Kennedy’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. Currently that book is ranked #1 on Amazon in Scientist (sic) Biographies, #1 in Medical Ethics (books), and #1 in AIDS (books). As Lew Rockwell states, it is a vital book.