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If You Speak Out in Dissent, TPTB Will Arrest You

Not only are TPTB who actually are in power extremely intolerant toward dissent or of being questioned or challenged in any way. But even those who are out of power — such as former CIA analyst and Iraq War Army General (and war criminal) David Petraeus. It appears that, following his previous appearances at the 92nd Street Y in New York City, the former head spook didn’t like getting heckled or questioned by critics. So this time around several well-known activists were prevented from entering the latest event, including former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, 74, who was arrested just for being there and was injured by the over-zealous guards and NYPD. According to Kevin Gosztola,

McGovern, who is 74 years-old, told the guards something to the effect that the Bill of Rights gave him the right to go into the event. McGovern had a ticket too. But the guards would not let him pass and soon New York police officers surrounded him.

Richard Marini, also an activist with World Can’t Wait, approached the entrance to the 92nd Street Y Center and saw McGovern, who is 74-years-old, being apprehended.

According to Marini, his arms were twisted tightly behind his back and he was in immense pain while they were dragging him to the police car. He was squeezed into the back of a patrol car and taken to the 67th Street station.

Rugoff heard him screaming. He was shouting about how they were hurting his shoulder. He asked the officers to stop twisting it so they did not aggravate his shoulder and possibly re-injure it.

“I had a ticket as well,” Marini explained. “They recognized me as well and called me by my name, my first name. They seemed to know who people were.”

So, the guards and the NYPD knew in advance that McGovern and other activists would be there, but Gosztola writes that it is not known how they knew that. I’m sure that the NSA and CIA know by now how to use their “tools” of surveillance to know exactly the whereabouts of political activists and dissenters in order to prevent them from having access to speakers to ask them questions. This time, as well, I’m sure the guards and police also knew that McGovern and the others were going to wait until Q&A to ask Petraeus legitimate questions, as opposed to heckling him during his speaking.

McGovern has also been harassed and his First Amendment-protected freedom of speech rights trashed by the Hillary Clinton State Department in 2011, simply because he turned his back on Madame Secretary. Gosztola explains:

Previously, McGovern was placed on the State Department’s Diplomatic Security “Be On the Look Out” (BOLO) list. He turned his back on Hillary Clinton at event at George Washington University in 2011.

“University cops grabbed McGovern in a headlock and by his arms and dragged him out of the auditorium by force, their actions directed from the side by a man whose name is redacted from public records,” according to Peter Van Buren. “Photos of the then-71 year old McGovern taken at the time of his arrest show the multiple bruises and contusions he suffered while being arrested. He was secured to a metal chair with two sets of handcuffs. McGovern was at first refused medical care for the bleeding caused by the handcuffs.”

The disorderly conduct charges he faced were eventually dropped, as it was found he committed no crime. McGovern obtained documents through the Freedom of Information Act that showed he had been investigated by the State Department, which was interested in his “political beliefs, activities, statements and associations.” He sued the State Department  for violating his First Amendment rights and won an injunction against the State Department in September to halt the “Be On the Look Out” alerts for McGovern.

If Hillary Clinton is to be the 2016 Democrat Presidential nominee, maybe she will choose fellow-totalitarian warmonger and war criminal David Petraeus to be her running mate. After all, he has shown interest in higher office in the past. (But would there be room for a Paula Broadwell in a Hillary Clinton Administration? Perhaps Paula could perform surveillance on dissenters for these schmucks.)

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And Gary North writes about how 1936 consolidated the progressives’ triumph of 1913.

Political Distractions

Last night there was another debate between the two major party clowns candidates for governor of Massachusetts, Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Charlie Baker. And it really was a clown-fest, aided and abetted by three media stooges — Larry, Moe and Curley — who claimed to be news “journalists” there asking the questions. In fact, the moderator, long-time local political reporter Janet Wu, who was named after Curley as in “Wu-Wu-Wu-Wu-Wu,” etc, etc, asked such tough questions as, “What’s the best Halloween costume for your opponent?” while morning radio news DJ Bob Oakes asked,”What’s your signature dish in the kitchen?” (as reported by Joe Battenfeld of the Boston Herald). And “When was the last time you cried?” (“When I agreed to come to this debate, you moron!” would have been my response.) And regarding whether either candidate would raise fees, Charlie Baker said that he won’t raise fees, to which Coakley responded, “Then I’m not going to raise fees, either.” My, how independent-minded of her. Sadly, there are no Carla Howells to be seen in Massachusetts. Howell ran for governor as the Libertarian Party candidate in 2002 against Willard, sarcastic Shannon, smoky-voiced Barbara and Dr. Jill. And clearly there are no more David Brinkleys and Marvin Kalbs in the media. Some of the questions the three stooges asked showed that it isn’t just the younger news people who are clueless.

So the Boston Globe has endorsed Republican Charlie Baker, but I don’t think this will be a repeat of 1990 in which the Globe endorsed liberal Republican Bill Weld (who won) while the Boston Herald endorsed conservative Democrat John Silber. This time, obviously the Herald won’t endorse Democrat Martha Coakley, but I don’t think the Herald will endorse Republican Charlie Baker either, even though it endorsed Baker in 2010 against incumbent Democrat Gov. Deval Patrick. Rather than endorsing a far-left liberal Republican Charlie Half-Baker, I’m sure the Herald will assume that the Globe‘s endorsement should be sufficient. The Herald probably would rather endorse extreme ultra-conservatives such as Ray Shamie, which in 1984 was the last time Massachusetts voters seriously considered electing a far-right conservative Republican to state-wide office. Now we have “socially liberal, fiscal conservatives” (such as Bill Weld in 1990). But Charlie Half-Baker’s support for federal intrusions into medical care (“All in all, my big hope is that the federal government will do something on health care. It’s too big a player with too much influence and too much at stake to sit idly by and perpetuate the status quo,” he wrote in 2009) and raising the minimum wage shows a clear bias against free markets and workers’ rights.

Elsewhere, I think that Jeanne Shaheen will win reelection to U.S. Senate in New Hampshire against Scott Brown. Brown moved up to NH to run for office there after losing to Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts. After he loses in NH, he will probably run for some office in Canada. (If I hear, “I know how to get things done” one more time . . .!)

And I don’t believe that the Republicans will take the U.S. Senate. Besides Shaheen, Alison Lundergrime or whatever her name is, will beat Shovel-Face, I mean, Sen. Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. I’m sick of him, too.

So, what is the best thing for voters to do on November 4th? DON’T VOTE!! And for those who scream that if someone doesn’t vote that you then have “no right to complain” about the government, it’s actually the other way around. Everyone who voted approved of the current system, and they voted for the criminals in charge and are thus responsible for the outcomes, and it is they who have “no right to complain” — THEY voted for it!!

The Ebola Controversy Continues

I’m really tired of writing about ebola. But for those including alleged libertarians who want to forcibly, involuntarily apprehend and incarcerate someone who is accused of having ebola, you really had better have actual scientific proof, such as blood tests which reveal the actual ebola virus, such tests of which should only be performed if symptoms such as vomiting and bleeding are occurring. A “fever” is not sufficient in my view. The nurse who had a slight fever but was exhibiting no other symptoms then had a more accurate temperature reading and was shown to not have a fever. Traveling by air has various effects on people. The stress of traveling and dealing with changes in climate etc. could have effects on someone including one’s body temperature.

While the subject is not ebola but fishing expeditions to find drunks, this Infowars article discusses unconstitutional mandatory roadside blood draws. Now, do those who support mandatory-quarantine/testing for ebola want to have checkpoints in which everybody’s blood must be drawn, without reason to suspect that specific individuals have ebola? (I think that panic and fear have been winning over reason and common sense. It is common sense to understand that government bureaucrats and their enforcers cannot be trusted with the power to seize property, money or bodily fluids from peaceful and presumably innocent people without suspicion and probable cause.)

Meanwhile, Patrice Lewis says that perceptions of ebola can be just as damaging as the virus itself.

And Brandon Smith explains why he will not submit to medical martial law.

Walter Williams says it would be better if Western nations didn’t send aid to Africa.

Robert Wenzel writes about the U.S. gunvernment testing ebola as a bio weapon. (Hey, U.S. bureaucrats: why the hell do you need to use “germs” to attack foreigners? Why don’t you just shoot them and bomb them? I guess being sadists, the bureaucrats like to cause people extra suffering and misery, so they will give “the enemy” ebola.)

And the New York Times writes an editorial on the dangers of forced quarantines. But because they are so entrenched and enmeshed with government, the Slimes Times doesn’t mention that the real danger is the harm such policies will do to innocent and non-ebola-carrying people. By the way, if politicians and police forcibly throw someone into an “ebola quarantine facility,” regardless of whether they actually have ebola, and they don’t have ebola but then get it from someone else at the facility and then they die, do the families of these innocent victims of government bureaucrat-Nazis have the right to file murder charges against those who forced people’s loved ones to their deaths?

Reposting My 2012 Post-Election Rant

I wrote this here on November 9, 2012 following the 2012 elections, and thought it would be appropriate here now on this two weeks before the 2014 elections.

The Good News: Romney Lost. The Bad News: Obama Won (In 2012 Soviet Amerika)

November 9, 2012

Here is my post-election rant analysis, finally:

As I wrote in my August 17th article, Obama Will Win, Thanks to the Clueless Banana Republicans, “The so-called conservatives in America who preferred a socialist Big Government Establishment crackpot like Romney will nominate him and sweep Obama to a second term. The Romney supporters will once again put themselves in denial, call Romney a ‘conservative,’ (and) a ‘capitalist’ (which he certainly is not!)…”

And I was right. This was after all the cheating and voter fraud/intimidation in which the Banana Republicans stole the nomination away from Ron Paul, followed by their Soviet criminality in their suppressing the Paul delegates at the convention. Only in the Soviet People’s Republic of Amerika will the common sense people be referred to as “tinfoil hat” while the real tinfoil hat crowd are those very Banana Republicans and Democrats.

“There’s a sucker born every minute,” with the waste of time that people put into these meaningless elections, and the amounts of private wealth that soooo many people wasted on these political campaigns! Now, if you donated your hard-earned money to the Ron Paul campaign, I will cut you some slack. That is because Ron Paul is the only candidate who would actually restore our freedom, which would bring about prosperity. No other candidates would do that now.

So, the more freedom that people have, the more wealth is created in society, the higher the standard of living will be for the most people in the society. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand that.  The majority of the people are brainwashed to believe that the State is supreme, and they support the statist candidates and waste their money on them. Unfortunately, as Thomas DiLorenzo noted recently, the people are obsessed with “politics, politics, politics, government, government, government.” Everything government.

But billions of dollars worth of private wealth was wasted on the selfish ambitions of these Big Government criminals, sleazebags and shysters, money that could have been much better spent on helping the poor and the homeless, investing in entrepreneurs, funding kids’ education, etc, etc. Why do so many millions of people get suckered into throwing their money away at criminals like this? It’s very sad.

Well, as Jeff Tucker wrote recently in This Way to the Slaughterhouse,

Politics is the force that gives life meaning. It is what people do in order to convince themselves that they are making a difference in the world, that their lives are not petty and useless, but big and important. It is an illusion. They are dupes of a process. But they do it anyway because they want to affirm their own significance in the course of human events.

Sadly, political activism typically requires brains to be in the off position.

And there are those candidates who spent millions of their own wealth to further their own personal ambitions. Take Connecticut’s losing senate candidate Linda McMahon for instance. Please. McMahon spent $97 million of her own wealth on two losing campaigns, 2010 and 2012. And she should have lost, given what a degenerate she is. Imagine how much the needy and charities could have benefited from her $97 million. Oh, well.

In 2008, Romney spent $42 million of his own wealth on his first losing campaign for President. But in 2012 he spent only $150,000 — perhaps this time, thanks to Ron Paul, Romney had a better understanding of how many people will lose all their wealth when the economic collapse occurs, and that he had better keep much of his wealth now. Or, perhaps he knew that he was probably going to lose this race, and that’s why he wouldn’t waste the kind of money that he wasted in 2008. But Romney is nevertheless one of the most selfish, narcissistic and pathologically ambitious people I’ve seen in politics (or business).

But during this campaign, some of these talk radio people have really shown that they are not in touch with the real world. On election day, Howie Carr and Michael Graham in Boston were sounding like robots, saying things like “remember to get out and vote,” as they were promoting Romney, even though anyone in Massachusetts would just be wasting one’s time, given that we knew that Obama would win in this state.

Howie Carr and Michael Graham, and these other people on the radio like Jeff Kuhner and Michael Savage, live in a different world, not the real world. They live in the world of infantilism and fantasy. Graham, by the way, is a former political strategist who now runs a “candidates school,” in which he gives seminars and trains people to be up-and-coming political hacks and shysters, and on how best to run a political campaign to get to public office to join in the plundering and looting and to make more and more laws that remove more and more of their fellow citizens’ freedom. (I doubt that Graham would characterize his “candidates school” in such a way. I, however, believe that being realistic is important. That description might not be Graham’s initial intention, but the results are most always the same, no matter how saintly the candidates are as they begin in their life partnering with the criminal State. Unlike most other analysts, I understand the inherent nature of the political world.)

So these so-called conservatives, in their frantically promoting Romney for President, were openly supporting a candidate who, while he exited the State House as governor, seemed to engage in corrupt and perhaps criminal Nixonian cover-up shenanigans as his staff removed hard drives from their official government computers and deleted files, including emails that were a part of these bureaucrats’ wheeling-and-dealings throughout the Romney 2003-2007 term as governor. (Hmmm. I wonder if anything had to do with the possibly questionable assembling of their RomneyCare crap …)

And in their support of Romney, as I wrote here, the so-called conservatives supported a global warming wacko who said he would consider carbon taxes and whose energy and environmental advisors are also true believers and energy-corporatists, and a governor who raised taxes on businesses while supporting bankster bailouts! With capitalists like this, who needs socialists?

But socialist Romney wouldn’t have been any different from socialist Newt Gingrich (see this, this, and this), corruptocrat Rick Perry (see this), loony-tunes Rick Sanitorium (see this, and this), or total kook Michele Bachmann (see this).

And Carr and Graham were promoting Scott Brown‘s reelection. Brown is just as unprincipled a political hack and an opportunist as Romney. Brown started as a state representative, and then took advantage of a special election to replace state senator Cheryl Jasques, and then he took advantage of a special election to replace the late Ted Kennedy. Brown supported Romney’s fascist insurance mandate and health care bureaucracy now known as RomneyCareless. And as I wrote in my November 2009 blog post, Brown “‘voted to increase the use of clean energy biofuel in MA,’ ‘consistently supported funds for town recycling programs,’ ‘voted for statewide Climate Change standards to reduce pollution,’ ‘led the effort to promote alternative energy vehicles,’ etc., according to his website.”

But, like the hallucinating Romney supporters who referred to socialist Romney as a “capitalist” (Doh!), the Scott Brown supporters were referring to Brown as the “Tea Party candidate,” and a “conservative.” (However, these talk radio nutsos in Boston really had a little man-crush with Scott Brown, you know…) And, while he did vote against the ObamaCare bill, Brown voted for the Dodd-Frank bill. Could these nutsos on the radio possibly tell me why I should vote for someone who voted for that? And, the opportunist that he is, Brown voted for the Dodd-Frank monstrosity not out of any kind of principle involved — because anyone in his right mind and who read the bill could not have voted for that! — but probably because he foresaw that his opponent for reelection was going to be Elizabeth Warren, the architect of that rotten bill! My conclusion is that his vote was purely political strategizing, and nothing else. But he lost anyway. Good.

And he will be replaced by this total empty suit, or dress, whatever she is, Elizabeth Warren. Her new precious law, Dodd-Frank, creates a hundred new government bureaucracies to commit more criminal intrusions and restrictions against the freedom of entrepreneurs to enter their line of work in the financial industry. It will cause more chaos and corruption, as it exists to protect established businesses and lock out the entrepreneurs. It gives much more power to government bureaucrats. That is what Scott Brown voted for, and we will get more of this **** with Elizabeth Warren in the senate, a law professor who knows as much about banking as she knows about the law (i.e. nuttin’)!

So anyway, these elections are useless, futile, and meaningless, and I think that many Americans are living out there in their own little cocoons, way out of touch with reality. Total disconnect with reality, total cognitive dissonance, as so many people now are brainwashed to love their own tyrants and want more of their tyranny. I could go on, such as regarding the loony-tunes voters of Massachusetts who just elected yet another dumb Kennedy to Congress, little Joe Kennedy. And they reelected Democrat Congressman John Tierney, despite his corruption and obvious criminality. Even the Boston Globe endorsed Tierney’s Republican opponent!

These are the people who make the laws that the rest of us must obey! This is what the people want. They want the Soviet tyranny that a second term Barack Obomber will give us. Those stupid Republicans had the chance to nominate Ron Paul and win the election, but, being the idiots that they are … (see above).

And yes, only idiots would “boo” the Golden Rule, as the Republican debate-goers booed Ron Paul in his mentioning of applying the Golden Rule to U.S. foreign policy. As Amerika has become more and more fascist, the “Exceptionalists” have become more and more primitive and barbaric. Oh, well.

So, given how these elections are nothing but rearranging the deck chairs on Titanic Amerika, I have a suggestion to people who still believe that the way to resolve society’s problems and restore our freedom is through the political process: Read Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s book, Democracy, the God That Failed. And Murray Rothbard’s The Ethics of Liberty, And Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom.

And Tom Wood’s book, Nullification. In fact, Tom Woods recently reiterated the call for nullification on his blog. I’ll conclude with that.

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Protests at the Met on Monday

Tomorrow night the Metropolitan Opera will begin the New York premier of the new production of John Adams’s 1991 opera, The Death of Klinghoffer. I have written about this previously. The opera is based on the true story of the 1985 hijacking of cruise ship Achille Lauro by Palestinian terrorists and the murder of an elderly American passenger Leon Klinghoffer. Some people have ignorantly labeled the opera “anti-Semitic” and “racist,” which it is not. Sadly, there has been a push not only to protest the performances but to have them shut down completely. The anti-free speech crowd, however, did succeed in getting the HD simulcasts canceled so that those people who can’t travel to New York or afford to attend such performances could nevertheless view it on HD. Now they can’t, because of the selfishness and intolerance of political activists who apparently don’ t have the time to think things through. Only an ignoramus could possibly claim that this opera “glorifies terrorism,” as some people have suggested.

“Insiders” have informed Norman Lebrecht of that “trouble is expected Monday night. Police will be on standby. Big demonstration expected on Amsterdam Ave. . . . If there is an interruption in the audience the cause will be found and removed. If necessary the music will be stopped and resumed after disturbance removed. High security in house.”

The “trouble” is not going to be caused by Islamists or Palestinian activists, but by intolerant people who allegedly “support” Israel. Among the protesters who probably won’t cause any trouble will be former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Now there’s someone who has been wellliked at, that’s for sure. We will see protesters with signs saying what a “racist” and “anti-Semitic” opera Klinghoffer is.

The critics cite speech within the opera in which some of the characters make anti-Jewish remarks, so they conclude that the entire opera is “anti-Semitic” and “racist,” and this is the main reason why they want the entire production shut down. Should we then ban To Kill a Mockingbird and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn from libraries because those books use the word “n**ger,” a.k.a the “n-word”? Should we take Blazing Saddles DVDs out of stores and off And by the way, do these protesters ever want to ban the operas by viciously anti-Semitic composer Richard Wagner? Hmmm?

Of course they don’t want to censor those things, because this isn’t about “racism” or “anti-Semitism.” It’s about Israel. “How dare you criticize or question Israel, or challenge the official narrative regarding Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict!” God forbid these people so offended might ever protest Israel’s slaughter of thousands of innocent civilians in Gaza, or the settlers taking Palestinian lands and homes, or would ever discuss how institutionalized racism is in Israel. Oh, but for some reason, the topic of Israel is so sensitive and delicate, we dare not discuss it, or present a musical drama associated with it that’s not in line with the politically correct mainstream mythology of the Land of Israel.

The offended ones who not only protest but want to censor and shut down a performance of a musical work remind me of the Islamic crazies who go after artists for drawing “Allah” in unflattering ways. C’mon, folks, it’s only an opera. These people really confirm for me that our culture’s decline can be seen not in some work of music depicting a terrorist hijacking but in the fact that political correctness and intolerance is definitely on the rise.

Yikes! They’re Starting to Take Dr. Emanuel’s Advice!

Well, the State-stenographers are already beginning to discuss the idea of selective treatment for Ebola patients. Last night on the CBS Evening News, Scott Pelley interviewed his chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook, a gastroenterologist. Pelley said that several hospital administrators told him that “if they had a critically ill Ebola patient, they might withhold heroic, life-saving measures in order to protect their own staff.” First of all, who the hell are these “administrators”? I can see how medical bureaucrats do not seem to understand that physicians and other medical staff are trained to treat seriously ill and contagious patients, and are supposed to understand the risks involved in being around diseased people, even with something as serious as Ebola. If they aren’t willing to accept those risks, then they probably should not be in that line of work, period.

But thanks to the decline in ethics these days, now they’re saying that they will withhold treatment altogether because of the risks involved. The “doctor” on stage, Dr. LaSpook, I mean, LaPook, then responded to Pelley’s points by saying that medical ethicists are now discussing whether or not to administer dialysis on such patients, discussing “end of life” issues, etc. Hmmm. Even without reference to ObamaCare they are talking “death panels,” and so on. So, for all you diehard sheeple out there, you might want to reconsider making fun of those who have referred to “death panels.” And these will not be families discussing “end of life issues” with their sick loved ones — no, these will be government doctors, because with Amerika’s own version of SovietCare, all doctors (except for the underground, i.e. ethical ones) will be government doctors.

The current Rulers’ views on “end of life” discussions can be seen in former Obama Special Advisor for Health Policy, Ezekiel Emanuel, who believes in “allocating and rationing” of medical care. But these guys want the government to be in full control of the goods and services being “allocated and rationed.” (Yeah, that sure worked out in the Soviet Union, don’t you know!) And former Obama Medicare and Medicaid Administrator Donald Berwick also believes in government-rationing of health care services. Most LaSpooky of them all, the current Obama “Science Czar,” John Holdren, who believes that trees should have the same legal rights as humans, and who believes that a born baby will “ultimately develop into a human being,” had written a book endorsing various government-imposed measures for population control. Yes, these are our Rulers, folks.

Now, I’m sure the diehard sheeple out there will not think it too absurd that such government doctors at these government-funded medical facilities might actually base their imposed “end of life” decisions on a patient’s age, disability, or usefulness to the community as Dr. Emanuel has proposed. But we are talking about government doctors and bureaucrats but I repeat myself. Members of the political class, in other words. And the political class is an entirely State apparatus, in which those who believe in independence, who dissent from the Regime are to be weeded out. We’re seeing this every day now in the news, from Obama’s tyrannical IRS, his war on the Press and whistleblowers, and the intolerance from MSM propagandists, etc. So with Ebola, just which patients who are in need of treatment will be saved by government doctors? Tea Party conservatives? Gun owners? Homeschoolers? (Yeah, right.)

With ObamaCare and Big Pharma, Has “First Do No Harm” Been Forgotten?

Besides the Justina Pelletier case, there probably have been many cases throughout the U.S. of local hospitals/medical researchers providing “less than the highest quality medical care” for their child patients, and then calling over CPS/DCF to seize the child from the parents (for the very likely purposes of using the children as guinea pigs for human experimentation in developing new drugs for Big Pharma and receiving federal funds, etc.), and then imposing gag orders on the parents so they can’t even tell their story to others.

A more recent case seems to be that of Melissa Diegel whose two daughters, 12-year-old Kayla and 10-year-old Hannah, were kidnapped by CPS in Arizona on behalf of Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Most recently, Hannah might possibly be in critical condition due to her chronic asthma condition for which she needs an inhaler and an epipen which apparently have been withheld from her by the “doctors.”

And this seems to be an extremely rampant problem in Arizona, according to this lengthy update by Health Impact News.

As I have stated before, when “doctors” call for government agents to seize children away from their families and forcibly change course on medical care against parents’ wishes, such doctors are criminals, in my view. And if ObamaCare fascism remains as established policy, we can expect many more Doctors Mengele in charge (and more profits for Big Pharma based on illicit research and a lust for federal funds).

Since When Do Rulers Ever Harm Their Own People?

It appears that a major radio personality actually agrees with my speculation that certain elements amongst those who rule over us might actually want to harm us, and that includes using biological warfare, such as Ebola. Talk radio host Michael Savage pointed out the absurdity of sending 4,000 U.S. troops into those western Africa countries in which thousands are dying, supposedly from Ebola. Of course some of those soldiers will get infected and possibly spread the virus here in the U.S. when they return. But while thousands are dying supposedly of Ebola in Africa, hundreds of thousands there are dying of malaria, and hundreds of thousands of people are dying each year of seasonal flu, both facts according to this Guardian article.

But the denial in the clueless MSM that Obama and his minions would possibly intentionally try to cause harm to Americans was expressed by Jake Tapper of CNN, in which he responded to Michael Savage’s remarks by stating, “It’s hard to even know where to start with that one – the idea that the president wants to infect soldiers and then Americans. It’s so unhinged, we should probably not bother dignifying it with fact-checking.”

No, God forbid news reporters would ever check facts, and history, such as the history of how past politicians and Rulers have operated. We need not know anything about Mao, Stalin, FDR and LBJ, of course. But in this case, with the detention camps that the gubmint already has set up for those disobedient types who “question authority,” etc, there perhaps doesn’t even need to be an Ebola outbreak, only the fear and panic over a threatened outbreak, in which the brainwashed sheeple who love their Rulers will plead and beg the Rulers to jail those who do not comply with orders to quarantine at the very first sign of a sniffle, and jail those (such as Michael Savage) who openly criticize the Dear Leader.

By the way, here is a video excerpt from an interview of the late Larry Grathwohl, the FBI informant who described his experiences as a Weather Underground infiltrator and the kinds of things those PhD-holding pothead commies were actually conjuring up. The Weather Underground, as many already know, is the organization of admitted terrorist bomber Bill Ayers, a close confidant of our current White House Dictator. This was apparently filmed around 1982, but the discussed meetings occurred around the late 1960s.

The Government Cult

Here is a video with Larken Rose explaining how statism is a cult, how faith in the State is a religious faith and the State is the people’s god.

Warning: Some of the video clips used in here contain graphic violence, including police beating up on people, and other perhaps more gruesome images of the State’s horrors against humankind, and some of those things might make some people uncomfortable. Actually, the general message of stating quite clearly and frankly the truth of what the State really is might make some people uncomfortable.

Columbus Day Weekend News and Commentary

Radley Balko discusses the DOJ’s claiming to have the right to fabricate Facebook pages of actual people using their names without their knowledge or consent.

WND with an article about a government-persecuted Marine vet, Brandon Raub, fighting back against a mental health screener who labeled Raub “paranoid” based on Facebook postings which were critical of the Regime.

Judge Andrew Napolitano criticizes the feds’ unconstitutional, criminal spying on innocent Americans.

Norman Solomon and Marcy Wheeler discuss the feds’ war against James Risen and whistleblowers.

Kenneth Schortgen comments on Connecticut’s suspending of the U.S. Constitution over Ebola.

Joe Wolverton says that Arizona’s Prop 122 pushes back federal overreach.

Ryan McMaken writes about the politics of secession, regional net taxpayers, and net tax receivers.

WND with an article on thousands of pastors defying the IRS.

James Bovard discusses the Pentagon’s whitewashing the Vietnam massacres on its Vietnam War 50th Anniversary website.

Nima Shirazi discusses American airstrikes and the universal language of force.

William Grigg writes about some people’s “final solution” to the “Muslim problem.”

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What Exactly Are the Rulers Up To?

A few years ago Gov. Jesse Ventura did some shows on the feds’ fusion centers and FEMA camps, which included his discovery of hundreds of thousands of coffins being stored at an outside facility supposedly maintained by the feds. Alex Jones covered that extensively as well. (Videos at end of this post.) Of course, the skeptics out there immediately dismiss any such suggestions of intentional disease-spreading as “conspiracy promoting nutjobs,” etc. But we already know full well what a totalitarian nightmare ObamaCare will be when it will be fully implemented, with the “doctors” being urged by the HHS to report on patients who own guns and/or who express “anti-government” views, and so on. We know that the NSA and FBI have been spying on and blackmailing, and intimidating fellow Americans for the sake of suppressing political dissent, and they’ve been doing this for decades and decades, with J. Edgar Hoover leading the way for many years. Now there are many J. Edgars in the U.S. government.

And then there’s the IRS scandal, interfering with Tea Partiers’ attempts at tax-exempt activism. And with the drooling drug warriors’ murdering or jailing innocent drug users has been the national security state’s calling everybody who isn’t a terrorist a “terrorist,” such as religious Christians, those who believe in individual liberty, preppers and survivalists, gun owners, as well as “constitutionalists” and others who are critical of the Regime.

Speaking of gun owners, many activists want to either disarm civilian gun owners or make them register their guns. As Stephen Halbrook pointed out, the Nazis made good use of gun registration as soon as Herr Hitler became German Chancellor, in order to disarm the Jews. Now, I’m not saying that those who want to disarm other Americans are “Nazis,” but sadly the ones doing the disarming really are much more dangerous than the ones being disarmed, in my view. Many people have been driven toward gun registration as a way of “preventing another Sandy Hook,” even though the Sandy Hook school shooter had obtained legally-owned and legally-registered guns from his mother. The Aurora theater shooter’s guns were also legally owned, so obviously whether guns are “legal” or “registered” or not doesn’t matter. However, after the Sandy Hook shooting, the governor of Connecticut Dannel Malloy signed the strictest gun control law in the country, despite Connecticut’s already being in the top two or three of the strictest (i.e. most oppressive) gun control states in the U.S.

And now, Gov. Malloy has acted as hysterically with the Ebola panic as he has been acting since Sandy Hook, by signing an executive order declaring Connecticut a “state of emergency” with Ebola, even though no one in Connecticut has been diagnosed with Ebola.

The state of emergency in Connecticut “gives the commissioner of the state Department of Public Health the authority to quarantine and isolate people whom the commissioner ‘reasonably believes has been exposed to the Ebola virus’,” according to NECN. Hmmm. Trust a government bureaucrat (and her enforcers) with the power to forcibly isolate people? Now, does that mean they will just make the “suspects” stay in their homes? Or does it mean take the people away and put them in some “public health facility,” i.e. prison camp? I know, I know, with the preceding paragraphs I’m sounding like a “paranoid right-wing conspiracy nut,” but these days, I’m not too sure. Most people reading this know who Ezekiel Emanuel, John Holdren and Donald Berwick are. Yup. They’re those Obama healthcare crackpots. The whole federal government and many state governments and local city governments are really filled with those kinds of crackpots now.

So anyway, I have found these videos which are of Gov. Jesse Ventura with Alex Jones as they check out some of the FEMA camps, the detention facilities with barbed wire facing inward, and the massive stacks and stacks of coffins. Here is Part 1, but I will post Parts 2 and 3 here. In Part 2, around 13:50 Ventura and Jones visit one of those facilities and talk to a bureaucrat. In Part 3, at about 3:00 they discover the coffins, after which in the next few minutes there is an explanation which you can see could link all this to the current Ebola fiasco. This might freak some people out, but chances are, I’m sure these videos will be taken down because of “copyright” complaints.

Part 2:

Part 3:

Ebola, Quarantines, etc.

Well, some libertarians such as Walter Block seem to be in disagreement with me on the Ebola situation regarding voluntary vs. involuntary quarantine of people with or suspected of having Ebola. Becky Akers shares my concerns, and she points out her past article on what U.S. gov did with Andrew Speaker in 2007, the persecuted TB carrier. And John Keller makes some great points regarding private property rights to resolve those issues. Ryan McMaken also points out the private property solution as well as points out how the U.S. gov has bumbled several other contagious disease situations. And he also linked to an article by Robert Murphy on how the free market would handle quarantines. And Butler Shaffer discusses why the U.S. gov would want to actually patent the Ebola virus. Also, Robert Wenzel had posted this post on how you can and can’t get Ebola. By the way the gubmint now wants to screen airline passengers by taking their temperatures, but Washington’s blog points out how that will be useless.

A New Ron Paul Speech

Ron Paul spoke to the Liberty Political Action Conference last month and here is that great speech. Dr. Paul promotes peace, voluntaryism, secession, and freedom. (So naturally, the authoritarians, fascists, chickenhawks, drug warriors, police staters, progressives and communists sorry for the redundancy, voted against him.) I am not big on “political action” conferences, because “political” action is in the category of force and coercion, but whatever. And by the way, if Ron Paul wants to run for President again, I will do the same kinds of blog posts and articles as I did during his 2012 campaign to promote his ideas and principles — those of the aforementioned freedom, secession, peace and voluntaryism opposed by and “booed” by most masochistic, sheeple Americans — and I will again post links to his articles and past speeches, his books and I will try to post videos of his interviews and speeches.