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Facts and Opinions (But Not Propaganda – That’s the Corporate Media’s Job)

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My 2014 Article on Elections and Statist Dogs Chasing Their Tails

We have mid-term elections coming up. In 2014 I wrote an article that was on expressing my view of the futility of these elections. So, I will repost that article here.

More Elections in 2014? More Statist Dogs Chasing Their Tails?

January 9, 2014

As I wrote in 2010, each election has been a progressively worse rearranging of deck chairs. This coming year’s elections will be no different. ”Reforming” an inherently flawed system is impossible, and to me each election reminds me of a helpless dog chasing after its own tail.

America was supposed to be a society of freedom, which goes with the ideas of self-ownership and private property. Instead, we have democracy, which is majority rule at freedom’s expense.

A society in which 51% of the people can vote to impose their will on the other 49%, and steal their stuff. That’s democracy, in a nutshell.

As I mentioned in recent articles, it’s hard to get people to understand these things.

The older people have grown (or regressed) to accept the statism that is imposed on them at the expense of freedom and prosperity.

And the younger people are born into the society in which “normal” to them is their enslavement by the State to serve the State, and for the benefit of those who are employed by the State or who are the immediate recipients of forcibly redistributed wealth.

Some people have a problem with my calling things as they are, such as how our current system of statism is one of institutionalized criminality.

Well, the people really had better snap out of it, and it would help if they actually understood why our current system is one of institutionalized criminality and certainly not one of freedom.

Our current system is one of rule by the State – federal, state, and local governments, especially federal — in which its rule is compulsory on the people within the territory. The State’s rule is enforced by those employees who have been given artificial authority over others.

However, while the State and all its “officials” do not own the territory over which they rule and wield power, such an ownership is nevertheless implied in the officials’ imposition of their authority without such authority’s legitimacy being questioned by those who are ruled.

But in reality, while such assertions sound absurd to most people, these State employees essentially own your property, they own your home, and they really own your life. Asserting your own rights and independence, and especially questioning the State’s authority, is a no-no.

So as our society has regressed, the people not only don’t protect their rights, their property or their lives and children from the predations of the State, they submit to such enslavement willfully.

I wish that more people could understand the difference between our current system of statism and a society of freedom in which all human interaction must be voluntary.

For example, many people are uncomfortable with questioning the legitimacy of Social Security (and Medicare). They feel that so much of their earnings have been taken from them, they genuinely hope (and pray) to get it back during their retirement.

It’s very upsetting to someone who doesn’t have much in savings to hear that she won’t get back what was allegedly promised.

But what is Social Security, really?  The government compels you to have to participate in this one government-run retirement scheme, whether you like it or not. It is not a voluntary contract.

Right there, we see that such a scheme and such a system of compulsion is immoral from the very beginning. It has also been a fraudulent scheme from the very beginning, in which many people are misled to believe that earnings taken from them will be placed into some kind of “insurance account,” and then returned to them later on.

That is not the truth. The truth is, the earnings which are taken from you are put into the federal government’s general treasury and Congress spends it in real time along with all other revenue which is illicitly taken from the people. So the whole thing is a scam, a criminal racket from beginning to end. But so many people just don’t want to hear that.

Are there any politicians who propose to abolish Social Security and the IRS and restore the people’s freedom to plan their own retirements and savings as they see fit? (I didn’t think so.)

Another racket is the State’s usurpation of community security and policing, now known as “law enforcement.”

As I wrote previously regarding our current police socialism, government bureaucrats have usurped and monopolized the production of security, which includes the legal restriction against the people’s 2nd Amendment-protected attempts to protect themselves from threats against their lives and property.

And the federal government’s monopoly in “national security” is also a scam, a criminal racket. Generations of Americans have been fooled into believing that empowering central planners in Washington will “protect” them from foreign aggression. When in fact, such an empowerment has done nothing but enable and encourage the central planning bureaucrats to act belligerently against foreigners, starting wars of aggression or entering other countries’ wars for no good reason.

The national bamboozlers did a wonderful job convincing the American people that had our government and military not entered World War II, “we’d all be speaking German.” Now, do you really believe that Hitler and his military could have come across the ocean and successfully invaded, occupied and taken over America?

And then there was the Cold War with Russia.

And now the Cold War’s replacement the War on Terrorism. If there has ever been a statist dog chasing its own tail, it is our “national security” bureaucrats, some of whom have been duped into really believing they are going after terrorists.

Sadly, these terror warriors and their neocon supporters have become a fanatical jihad in their warrior idiocy.

So we have an NSA and an FBI who spy on their fellow Americans, clearing the way for intimidation, suppression of political dissent and blackmail.

And we have an FBI that concocts terrorist plots out of thin air so it can then thwart them, a TSA that engages in criminal molesting and raping of innocent civilians yet never finding one terrorist since 9/11, and a CIA drone-murder-of-innocent-civilians program that does nothing but further motivate foreigners to want to kill Americans.

And these Rulers of ours know full well that the real way to prevent terrorism is to stop invading other countries that were of no threat to us, stop occupying their lands and stop murdering their people and destroying their countries.

In other words, you will stop causing foreign terrorism against your fellow Americans by stopping provoking foreigners. Duh.

So the system of government monopoly in “national security” we currently have in place is a scam, a criminal protection racket.

The real way for the people to protect themselves from foreign aggression is recognized by the 2nd Amendment, by the way. Putting armaments in the hands of government bureaucrats has been a self-destructive act, which several of the early Americans such as James Madison warned against as well.

So, there’s the fraudulent Social Security scam, the local police and national security monopoly rackets, and the list never ends. Just look at this ObamaCare stuff. Talk about a criminal racket. What’s worse is these schemers’ real intentions, single payer and in fact complete government control over everyone’s private medical matters.

And with the extremely cold weather we have been having, a further exposé of fraudsters is the global warming scam. When they call people “deniers,” the global warming crowd are like flat-earthers, and going on witch hunts, while it is they, these crazy people who are the real “deniers.”

And speaking of terrorists, how about all those years during the 2000s that the warmists shoved their scare-mongering films and so forth into the public schools, terrorizing the kids into having nightmares?

People believed all the studies “proving” the human-caused global warming theories based more likely than not on flawed studies, whose “scientists” depended largely on government grants (i.e. receiving loot stolen from others via taxation-thefts).

And the reason for that stuff and replacing our light bulbs with poisonous ones isn’t out of love for the environment either – it is out of love for government, as the goal of the crackpots is to enlarge and empower the government and its bureaucrats to, right with the “national security” fanatics, create a Total State with politicians and activists having complete control over the whole society.

So, with the 2014 elections will conservatives continue their blind faith in Republicans such as Mitch McConjob and John Boehner Keynes the anti-Tea Party speaker?

Do the “progressives” really believe that they’ll get a politician elected who will actually protect our civil liberties and end the wars? Do you believe in the tooth fairy as well?

For those who want to live in a genuinely free, peaceful and prosperous society, you’ll have to accept the fact that the idea of “government as a necessary evil” is a myth. I know it’s an old cliché by now, but democracy really is “the god that failed,” for sure.

Any institution and its agents who claim some authority over your life, the power to order you to do this or that, the power to force you to do extra labor to serve their needs, and the power to arrest and detain you for engaging in peaceful behaviors which harm no one, is an evil, criminal institution.

In conclusion, when considering further rearranging of deck chairs in November 2014, please reconsider!

Copyright 2014 (link to article)

Gov. Ron DeSantis, Anti-Gun Rights, Anti-First Amendment

Click on the date of the tweet to see the whole thread with further information. Or click this link.

“This event would be held at Legacy Park, which is public property. They warned that guns would not be allowed at the event, despite the fact that Florida law doesn’t allow public officials to limit gun ownership on public property beyond what the law already authorizes.”

“When Ann Stone, treasurer of the Alachua GOP, was informed that creating a ‘gun-free’ zone on public property was illegal, she replied ‘It might be the law, but Ron DeSantis is NOT speaking unless there are no guns or other weapons.'”

More on the thread.

Nullification Is One Solution to Restoring Our Energy Resources Stolen by the Biden Administration

We are experiencing high gasoline prices this year, and the upcoming winter season will see skyrocketing oil and natural gas prices and more inflation in general, thanks to the regime in Washington pursuing a policy of self-destruction. The latest I am hearing is that the northeast U.S. may have blackouts or rolling blackouts. And there’s no reason for all this!

The moron in the White House has been attacking oil and gas production in the U.S. for two years now. Biden is inflicting this torture on the American people for no good reason.

Supposedly it’s in the name of the Democrats’ “climate change” religious cult. They really believe that human industry and fossil fuels emissions have actually contributed in any way to the climate of the Earth changing even though there is no scientific evidence to back that up! These cultists just believe these things out of blind faith and a religious indoctrination like many people experience from church every Sunday for years on end.

The truth is, the climate has been changing naturally since the world began, for hundreds of millions of years. There have been periods of warming, and periods of cooling i.e. “ice ages.” Those are natural occurrences of the Earth, and there’s nothing we humans can do about it.

The truth is, the scientific and historic record shows that no, storms have NOT been more intense and deadly in recent years than long ago.

But cultists do not rely on science or evidence, do they? Only myths and dogma. Sad.

Now, if you want to talk about pollution, sure. The U.S. is perhaps the “cleanest” country overall among the developed countries. Why don’t these climate cult followers ever go after China and India, the most polluted countries? They don’t, because they just hate the U.S., quite frankly.

And the most prominent of the activists such as Bill Gates and John Kerry fly all over the world to their little schmoozing conferences WEF and Davos with jets polluting the air and emitting tons of carbon, when, if they were serious about their “climate change” religion that they lecture the rest of us about, they would have their important conferences online and with Zoom, etc.

In other words, they are not serious.

And we have millions and millions of sheeple who believe all this stuff, and call others “deniers” or “climate deniers” for not going along with it. The religion and cult of climate change has brainwashed most of the corporate media, academia, Hollywood and now much of the remaining corporate world with “ESG,” etc.

The trend toward fascism with these people seems to be escalating. But in the meantime, because of all the destruction wrought against Americans in the U.S. and threatening to put us in blackouts during the cold Winter, like this is a Third-World country, the people must take action.

Given that much of the oil drilling and gas production that has been halted exists on federal lands and that such federal “ownership” of such lands is illegitimate, the U.S. states need to seize the federal lands and claim them as owned by those states and the state can then allow the oil and gas companies to drill and explore and produce all the oil and gas they can.

Additionally, the states (I prefer to say the “people of the states,” but more realistically each state has a state government and we can deal with that for now) need to nullify all federal laws that might apply to these areas, including any EPA or Department of Energy regulations that restrict the rights of the people to produce and make use of their own natural resources which is their natural (and I dare say Constitutional) right to do.

If people are unsure of the idea of nullification, economic historian Tom Woods provides great sources in his book, Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century, and in this terrific article.

Today’s Liberals/Progressives: The New War Mongers

It used to be that liberals/progressives were anti-war. Now, they are pro-war. They are the new war-mongers of our time.

In CONgress, the “Progressive” Carcass including the “Squad” released a letter allegedly calling for peace talks and diplomacy, and then they withdrew the letter. They actually weren’t seriously calling for diplomacy in the first place.

No, they don’t want peace. They are anti-peace, and pro-violence. We know the liberals/progressives are pro-violence when in 2020 they supported the antifa/BLM rioting, looting, arson, burning down businesses and libraries causing a billion dollars in damage and killing about 30 or 40 people throughout the USA.

The liberals/progressives were never pro-peace or anti-war. During the 2000s they protested Bush-Cheney’s wars but only until Obama was sworn in as president. Then, it was crickets. They didn’t protest Obama’s escalating the drone strikes and killing mainly innocents, or Obama’s increasing troop levels in Afghanistan rather than withdrawing as promised.

Previously, during the 1960s and ’70s they protested the Vietnam War, but really only because there was a draft.

For the first post-Vietnam war the U.S. government started, the liberals/progressives did not protest George H.W. Bush’s starting the whole new war in 1991 against the Middle East (well, against Iraq specifically but really the entire Middle East if we’re honest about it). Liberals/Progressives supported that war, and the sanctions and no-fly zones that were continued by “liberal” President Bill Clinton throughout the 1990s causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians and which led to 9/11 which wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

Zelensky started the Russia-Ukraine conflict with his playing footsie with NATO and threatening to put nukes right on Russia’s doorstep. But why are so many people so brainwashed with such reflexive Russia-hate in all this, and unconditionally loving the corrupt Ukraine regime that consists of a large neo-Nazi faction?

Was it 5 years of Russia-Russia-Russia “Trump-Russia collusions” that never happened and was all made up with no evidence to support such allegations that were also promulgated by the regime U.S. media?

The liberals/progressives along with today’s neocons are hating on Russia just as the Reagan-era conservatives were doing in the 1980s. And the liberals/progressives are now acting like the conservatives were acting after 9/11, obediently believing every word uttered by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and supporting the neocon Bush regime’s every action and wars on Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet, it turns out that the Bush pals of Saudi Arabia were probably involved in the planning and carrying out of 9/11. Where were the calls for bombing the Saudis to smithereens as Bush did to Iraq?

Bush and Cheney, by the way, should be charged with war crimes, not just for their starting wars of aggression based on lies, but also based on their torture regime, as discussed by Judge Andrew Napolitano. Conservatives would never stand for that because, like the liberal/progressives, they have had their own brainwashing toward defending war crimes as long as the crimes are committed by Republicans and right-leaning nationalists.

But the regime in Washington, mainly controlled by Democrats, liberals/progressives and otherwise leftist swamp creatures, wants war, they want the Russia-Ukraine war to continue and escalate and they seem to want to get U.S. troops involved, It is inevitable, as long as they themselves don’t have to go there and fight, or their kids or grandchildren.

So the neocons and the so-called liberal/progressives Democrats want war with Russia. A war that carries with it the enormous risk of involving nuclear weapons. If that happens then it will not stop. It will be TEOTWAWKI. They are crazy people, today’s liberals/progressives.

More News and Commentary (Not from MSM)

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Kevin Barrett: Massacre of the Innocents: CDC Inflicts Biowar Vax on Children

And Brett Redmayne-Titley: “Oath Keepers”, American Justice and “the Secret ‘American’ Army”

Covid Related Shut-Downs and Drug Injections Have Done Much More Harm than the Actual Virus

Still, many people including doctors are in denial about the harms that the Covid mRNA drug injections are causing people. Especially the doctors, many of whom are devoted and obedient believers in establishment medicine and the pharmaceutical industry, they just don’t want to believe the experimental drugs injected into people are harming them and causing cancers, etc.

And now, Pfizer a.k.a. Pfraudzer’s government and media whores are again stepping up their fear-mongering and panic-incitement over the “tripledemic” flu season that combines flu with Covid and this “RSV” virus allegedly afflicting children and sending them to hospitals.

Well, duh. If you force the little kids to have to stay in and “social distance” and forbid them from hugging others, etc., and for months as our government fascists did in 2020, then you will disrupt the kids’ developing immune systems so that when they do come into contact with viruses their bodies will be less able to fight off the viruses!

Add to that the damn mask mandates. As I wrote here, the masks cause bacteria buildup and make the wearer vulnerable to bacterial lung infections and other lung- and respiratory-related ailments and conditions. The masks also cause oxygen deprivation and other problems.

And we now know (although the dishonest government parasites of the corporate “news” media continue to suppress the truth) that the mRNA “vaccine” has been causing tens of thousands of reported deaths, cancers and other health problems. We know that the mRNA is destroying people’s natural immune system. So imagine what it’s been doing to little kids.

And add to all that the fact that the criminal gangsters of the CDC are “advising” that the mRNA “vaccine” be added to the children’s vaccine schedule. Many districts follow the CDC guidelines so they will mandate the mRNA on little kids and ruin their immune systems even more than they already have ruined them.

So far, my summary page of the Covid scam (that seems to be going on and on like the Energizer bunny…) hasn’t gotten that many views. Perhaps you might find it of interest. I sure gave a lot of information there.

But as far as the lockdowns and mandates go, when (or if) the Republicans take control of the U.S. House and Senate, they need to have a “January 6th”-like committee to get to the bottom of the 2020-2022 Covid scam. They need to do Freedom of Information Act requests and get all the government email accounts of all the governors who ordered business and school closures, stay-in orders and mask and vaccine mandates. We need to find out if they already knew ahead of time that the Covid virus was not nearly as threatening to most people as was claimed, and that those fascist orders were not necessary. They are criminals and need to do jail time. And we need to see more communications between and among the “public health” bureaucrats including Fauci, Collins, Redfield, Trump and all the governors and mayors, and the head honchos of Pfraudzer and Moderna. from pre-2020 through 2022.

And by the way, as Laurence Vance notes, U.S. senators have a bill, the “Felony Murder for Deadly Fentanyl Distribution Act,” quoting Vance’s article, “to make fentanyl distribution resulting in death punishable as felony murder, of which the sentence is life in prison or the death penalty.”

Perhaps the senators should add to that “to make pharmaceutical drug distribution resulting in death punishable as felony murder, of which the sentence is life in prison or the death penalty”? We know that Pfizer and Moderna are killing many people now with their clot-shots, their heart-damage shots.

As Naomi Wolf and others have pointed out through their FOIA requests, the pre-“vaccine” rollout documents of Pfizer show that Pfizer damn well knew about the deaths and injuries that their experimental mRNA “vaccine” had already caused, and what it would be causing.

Mercola’s recent article is a good summary of how government and corporate officials have been lying about the mRNA “vaccine” that’s not a vaccine. There’s plenty of proof out there now that they have been and are lying about it.

One of the lies is that this mRNA drug injection is a vaccine. No, it is a therapeutic, not a preventative measure. It is a treatment for symptoms. It was not even intended to prevent infection or transmission of viruses, let alone the fact that it does NOT prevent those things. We know that’s the case.

But these officials have been lying about it. And there are still places like schools or colleges who are mandating “boosters,” as though it is for public health reasons, as though someone getting more mRNA poison in his system will protect others from getting a contagious virus, when we know it does NOT do that!

Colleges are run be dishonest, ignorant morons, so this should not be a surprise that they are still mandating a drug injection that’s actually harming people and causing young people and athletes to drop dead of heart attacks.

Mercola’s article is a terrific analysis of the pharmaceutical/CDC complex as it relates to their lies about the “vaccine” that’s killing and injuring hundreds of thousands of people.

The Sex-Perversion Cult in the Government Schools

Abolish the government schools! They’re beyond loony-tunes, now.

Besides the bad Covid policies and mask and “vaccine” mandates, the government schools a.k.a. “public schools” have their full-time groomers, their pedophiles, child predators and molesters employed by the schools, as well as X-rated reading materials found in their classrooms and libraries.

These activities going on now in the government schools (and in some cases now, the private schools) are a part of a growing sex-perversion cult. It is literally a cult.

Gateway Pundit reports on such grooming and child abuse. The article is about a “‘How To’ Sex Manual” on a “book tasting” list. Yech.

If I had kids in the schools and heard that the schools were doing these things, the kids would be OUT of those schools immediately! No one of any common sense and any decency would impose this invasive innocence-destroying crap on little kids!

I’ll have to quote from the Gateway Pundit:

“Last week, The Gateway Pundit published a story  about a man dressed in drag talking about his ‘p*ssy sweet…good enough to eat’ at an *all ages* event.  There was a young child seen directly over his shoulder as he lifted his skirt, revealing himself to the crowd as they waved dollar bills.

“‘This Book is Gay’ by Juno Dawson was found in a 7th grade middle school classroom at Collinswood Learning Academy, according to a parent during public comment at a local school board meeting earlier in October from a member of an organization called Moms For Liberty.

“The parent goes on to describe some of the writing in the book.

*WARNING*  This is graphic.

“From Chapter 9 ‘The ins and outs of gay sex’ (page 201, part 1 ‘boy on boy sex’):

“‘Perhaps the most important skill you will master as a gay or bi man is a timeless classic: the handjob.  Good news is you can practice it on yourself.  The bad news is each guy has become very used to his own way of getting himself off.  Learning how to find a partner’s personal style…'”

Okay, I’ve had enough!

I’m sure the school committee sees nothing wrong with all this.

You see, a lot of these government school committees consist not as much of parents and teachers, but social activists i.e. LGBT activists and cultural Marxists. More reasons to abolish government schools, and government school committees.

Gateway Pundit continues:

“The book, which ironically was also found in a Newburyport, Massachusetts school, has explicit instructions on how to create a sex app profile on how to chat with and meet up with local homosexuals.

I don’t want to post the image of the text as shown in the post, but it reads:

1. Upload a tiny pic of yourself to the app.

2. The app works out your location.

3. The app tells you who the nearest homosexuals are.

4. You then chat with them.

5. Because they are near, it is easy to meet up with them.

So, no wonder the kids are not learning how to read or do math! The teachers and administrators are too busy trying to teach the kids how to do gay sex as well as encouraging them to change their gender!

And the Gateway Pundit continues:

“Moms for Liberty also obtained through Open Records that the book was in fact assigned as a ‘book tasting’ assignment by a teacher no longer with CMS back in September of 2020, as mentioned above.  The official responding goes on to apologize for this and assures parents this book has been erased from CMS schools.  The problem is there are others, as The Gateway Pundit reported about Gender Queer being found in Michigan schools (among many others, including Orange Co, FL), where AG Dana Nessel has stated she wants a ‘drag queen for every classroom’.

“And without the diligent research done by parents, it seems to go under the radar.  This is probably because teachers are encouraging students who join ‘gay and transgender clubs’ in schools not to tell their parents about the clubs, as reported by the Washington Examiner.”

This child-abuse and child-grooming sex-perversion cult that’s going on in the government schools reminds me of the cult of the late symphony conductor James Levine, who molested teen-aged boys who were under his musical wing and whose trust he exploited. He is deceased now.

Abolish. Government. Schools.

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Important Information and Commentary

John Whitehead: Think Twice Before Calling the Cops: The Deadly Cost of Police Welfare Checks

James Kunstler: The Authorities Are Our Enemies

Steve Kirsch: ACIP Committee Approves mRNA Vaccines for the Childhood Schedule 15-0

Gateway Pundit: Safe States for Children: Here’s List of Governors Who Won’t Comply with CDC Mandates to Force Covid Vaccination on Kids for School, and Pfizer Plans 400% Price Increase for mRNA Covid Jab After CDC Panels Recommend to Include Covid Shots for Children and Adolescents Annual Immunization Schedule

Paul Joseph Watson: Australian Bank Begins Linking Customer Transactions to Carbon Footprint

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Hans-Hermann Hoppe on Germany, Ukraine-Russia Conflict, NATO, Covid, and More

One of my favorite economists and philosophers is Hans-Hermann Hoppe. Now, I don’t agree with him on everything, but Hoppe has a terrific 2-part speech from his annual Property and Freedom Society meeting, titled, “Growing to Understand Contemporary Germany—and Weep. Here are links to the transcripts and videos for both parts.

Part 1, Germany: East and West, Reunification, and the US

Prof. Hoppe gives a lot of background including his own personal experiences growing up in the West, after his parents were refugees from the East “expropriated by the Russians in 1946,” and while most of his relatives lived in East Germany.

He also speaks about U.S. domination of Germany post-World War II. And about the 1990s after the fall of the Soviet Union, Hoppe writes:

“The neo-conned US did not abolish NATO, although NATO’s original goal had been accomplished. The Soviet Union was no more, and NATO had only been formed in order to combat communism, the Soviet Union. But it expanded it, first with German reunification. The former DDR now became a NATO member. And then quickly, many of the now independent Soviet republics and satellite states of the Soviet Union—all of these countries followed. So US hegemony was greatly expanded.”

And there is much more on that, of course.

But toward the end of Part 1, Prof. Hoppe has a good summary of the Covid scamdemic:

“During the Covid pandemic, the global elites, in intimate cooperation with the pharmaceutical-industrial complex, discovered that you can literally manufacture a global health crisis and a panic based not on hard indicators such as symptoms, serious disease, or even death, but solely and merely based on some artificial test that had at best only minimal predictive power as regards serious illness or death. And without these tests, most people would not even have noticed that they were sick. Without tests, there would have been no health crisis, because in actuality, Covid did not have any more serious consequences than a severe flu. Except now, on the basis of Covid tests, the economy was damaged. Actually, a central-command economy was established. The test results were used by the powers that be to restrict human liberties and property rights in an unprecedented way. Totalitarian powers and measures were assumed and taken by them to allegedly avert an impending catastrophe. House arrests, curfews, business closures, bans of work, production, travel, movement and association were enforced, and people were compelled—even forced—to subject themselves to an injection with a so-called vaccine that was untested, the producers of which had been exempted from any liability for side effects, and that turned out largely ineffective.

“And most people—that was an amazing thing—most people sheepishly followed the constantly changing and contradictory orders given by their political leaders and imposters and their so-called experts and advisors drawn from and paid by the pharma industry whose every prediction turned out false or fabricated or just simply made up. Still, there was little if any resistance and then only a very timid one, which taught me an important lesson: namely, how difficult it is and how difficult it has become to resist government or state orders, even if they are of the most totalitarian kind such as body invasions.

“We, my generation, had been taught to criticize and fault our parents for their alleged cowardice during the Nazi time. That was a standard program in German schools. Ask your parents. What did you do? Why didn’t do you anything? Why didn’t you do anything?

“And what I learned from the behavior of the people during the Covid crisis was: it taught me a lesson in humility because, what did I do? What did we all do? Even though it was obviously far less dramatic and evil than what happened during the Nazi period. No, we did not resist. So I felt humbled by this experience and could somehow understand how these things happen to other people too.”

It is in Part 2 in which Hoppe gets into the Russia-Ukraine conflict. He is not afraid to say who the real guilty parties are: the government rulers of those regimes and especially of the U.S. regime who exist and fund their wars by taking the wealth and earnings of their inhabitants. And that’s especially the U.S. regime in Washington!

“It is not Putin and his gang that aims at world domination, and that has organized coups and stationed troops in Canada or Mexico so as to encircle and pose a danger to the gang ruling the US  — for that, Russia is too much of an economic lightweight…”It is not Putin and his gang that aims at world domination, and that has organized coups and stationed troops in Canada or Mexico so as to encircle and pose a danger to the gang ruling the US  — for that, Russia is too much of an economic lightweight…

“It is the ruling gangs of the US, in cooperation with their European lapdogs that have pursued and are pursuing this goal of world domination, and that have said so. They have encircled Putin’s Russia — which regards the US-EU-West as decadent and resisted the Western attempts at economic and cultural infiltration — with US (NATO) troops in its immediate vicinity.

“…it is not Putin who is taking our property and our freedoms. And regardless of the ultimate outcome of the current war, in all likelihood it will not be Putin who will do so in the future. It is our ruling gangs that rob and enslave us…”

And as far as how stupid and hypocritical the U.S. and Western rulers and their obedient sheeple are, Hoppe states:

“…so as to distract, pacify and console the public from the economic hardship that they must suffer, as the consequence of Germany’s taking orders and following the lead of the US, the super-top-gang-leaders, the political elite and the mainstream media in Germany have, and are, engaged, almost unison, in an open ‘hate Russia and everyone and everything Russian’ campaign.

“I had of course read and heard before of similar hate-campaigns, here or there. Historically, they are nothing new. But I had never personally experienced anything quite like this. I was shocked and disgusted about what was happening.

“Russian-made products were taken off store shelfs, and Russian-named ingredients, condiments, drinks and dishes re-named. Restaurants refused serve Russians. Russian-owned properties were outed by neighbours and reported to the authorities for potential confiscation. Performances of Russian music and ballet were cancelled. Russian literature was taken off various curricula. Standing invitations to Russian athletes, artists, scholars and civic clubs and associations were revoked. The chief conductor of the Munich Philharmonic, Russian Valery Gergiev, was dismissed because he did not rush to immediately condemn Putin. And all engagements of world-famous opera singer Anna Netrebko were cancelled, because she had once said some nice things about Putin and repeatedly shaken his hand.

“Just compare this to the public reaction in response to the wars conducted by Clinton, Bush, Obama or Biden.”

(What about Trump? He did continue and escalate the drone strikes that kill mainly innocent civilians overseas, and for no good reason. Just sayin’)

There is a lot more by Hoppe there, and on those pages you can see the video of the speech if you want to.

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In NH: Bolduc and Hassan Both Ignorant Warmongers

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Here is a good tweet by the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire:

The Alex Jones Defamation Verdict and Financial Damages

I have already linked to Ryan McMaken’s post criticizing the recent Alex Jones defamation verdict.

Now, we have a disappointing commentary by Jacob Hornberger saying that Jones “got what he deserved.” Yech.

Why again should Jones be responsible for other people harassing the parents of the Sandy Hook victims? If he believed that the shooting was a hoax he has the right to say it. It’s totally protected speech.

So libertarian IP expert Stephan Kinsella tweets out his response to Hornberger’s commentary. Click on the date at the bottom of the tweet, or click here, to get Kinsella’s full comments (so far). But I will quote from his 3 initial subsequent tweets in the thread.

“1/ Normally I like and agree with @JacobforLiberty but this is the worst thing I can recall ever coming from his pen: H has gone off the rails here. This is not a libertarian perspective. For one: defamation law is totally unjust and unlibertarian. This

“2/ has been known for some time now. See e.g. Rothbard and Block, ch. 7 Also: libertarians are not in favor of the state’s law on torts just because they call it a tort. Intentional infliction of emotional distress is not a

“3/ legitimate tort. Rights are violated only by invading borders of or affecting the physical integrity of an owned resource. Period. See and

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