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More That You Won’t Hear About on CBS, NBC, Etc.

Chris Floyd discusses how Israel’s aggressions against Gaza are not “defensive,” but aggressive, and Hamas’s firing rockets came after Israel’s first aggressions.

Melissa Melton asks, Are there any terrorist groups who aren’t paid foot soldiers for the U.S. military-intelligence agenda?

Trevor Timm says that if so many people oppose what Edward Snowden has exposed, then why should he be in prison?

Daniel McAdams writes that Ron Paul says he doesn’t “blame America”(for the blowback caused by foreign interventionism), he blames neocons.

And Glenn Greenwald writes about the NSA’s new partner in spying: Saudi Arabia’s brutal state police.

PBS NewsHour Interviews on the Israel-Gaza Conflict

These recent interviews by The NewsHour’s Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill on Israel’s war on Gaza give us a much more realistic view of what’s going on there than we’d see on more mainstream news outlets. I’m glad WGBH radio broadcasts the audio of this program each weeknight as I don’t watch TV. The claim of “human shields” is bogus as Israel has no evidence to back that up, just as Amnesty International found at the time of the 2008-09 war as well. And also, Israel gives the Palestinians “warnings” to evacuate about a minute before Israel starts bombing the schools, hospitals and civilians’ homes, but because of Israel’s blockade of Gaza in place for several years, with tight travel restrictions and no one allowed to exit Gaza, there’s nowhere for them to go. So many of them stay where they are. I would say that we’re not going to get these assessments from the more mainstream media (or else they’ll be accused of being “Hamas supporters.”)

Some More Recent Items

Here are some more articles that should be of interest to you:

Paul Craig Roberts says that Washington is escalating the orchestrated Ukrainian crisis to war.

Kurt Nimmo debunks the 9/11 Commissioners’ claim that the terrorism threat remains “grave” and the war on terrorism must be a never-ending one. (i.e. they’re FOS.)

WND has an article promoting Ron Paul’s Voices of Liberty.

Karl Denninger writes about the “Internet of things,” all the spyware in your IOS and in the “smart” thermostat, refrigerator, etc.

Ryan McMaken writes about the environmentalists and the parasite developers vs. private property and free markets at the Grand Canyon.

Wendy McElroy has an article on “racist” zip codes. Barack Obomber wants to impose a socialized affirmative action kind of thing for neighborhoods now.

And Peter van Buren writes about drones against the Fifth Amendment.

Some More Misc. Items

I’ve been spending a lot of my computer time working on some personal issues, as well as currently working on a new article that is taking a lot of time, and I hope to be able to write more regular blog posts here in the near future. In the meantime, here are some more interesting articles I have seen this week:

In Flee Rather Than Stand Your Ground, Wendy McElroy explains how exit and/or dissent is a better alternative to confronting the State.

In this article from 1954, Murray Rothbard says that public opinion must be the weapon to forge fences between the people and the State. “By force of public opinion men must resist conscription; must insist on absolute nonintervention in foreign wars; and, where warfare is in progress, must call for immediate negotiations and an end to the bloodletting. And most important, there must be a re-establishment of those once-revered rules of war that prevented innocent civilians from being harmed.”

Jonathan Cook says that the U.S. plays a decisive role in Israel’s attack on Gaza. (They should have listened to Murray Rothbard.)

Jacob Hornberger writes about the perpetual crises of the welfare-warfare state. (They should have listened to Murray Rothbard.)

Robert Wenzel has some interesting ideas on defining inflation. (He’s been listening to Murray Rothbard.)

Gary Galles describes how government uses “efficiency” as an excuse to steal. (Hmmm.)

Ron Paul informs us of his new Voices of Liberty, an expansion of the Ron Paul Channel.

And Jeremy Scahill and Ryan Devereaux write about the secret government rulebook for labeling you a terrorist. Yech.

Here Are Some More News Items Today

William Grigg writes about the criminality of the NYPD and their murder of an innocent civilian for no good reason. (Who do they think they are, the IDF?)

Deutsche Welle with an article on Israeli journalist Gideon Levy’s determination to express his dissent despite the Israeli lynch mob who wants his one lone dissenting voice to be stifled and silenced.

Spencer Ackerman explains how U.S. government “security” bureaucrats were directly involved in terrorist plots by cooking up their own schemes, entrapping hapless patsies, or being led by informants.

Wendy McElroy writes about an abortion act that’s fast-tracked to nowhere. (I hope so.)

Paul Craig Roberts writes about the Malaysian Airlines plane that was shot down, and the liars of the U.S. government.

Justin Raimondo discusses the new meaning of “isolationism.”

And Michael Paarlberg writes about the Salvadoran child migrants and the gang epidemic.

Tom Woods Opens Mises University 2014

Here is Tom Woods’s opening talk at the Mises Institute’s 2014 Mises University. He discusses the role of Austrian economics in the liberty movement, and has some interesting views and stories to tell in promoting free market capitalism, etc., etc.

Some Misc. Items

Zero Hedge shows that Russia may have good evidence against Ukraine regarding the Malaysia Airlines shoot-down.

James Bovard comments on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 Commission, a “bootlicking national disgrace.”

Charles Burris discusses the Zbignorant Brzezinski anti-Soviet scheming and conniving that continues today.

Washington’s Blog reports that blackmail is a big part of NSA’s tax-funded “work.”

Ron Paul explains what the media won’t report on the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17

And Philip Weiss says that finally the mainstream media is reporting on the humanitarian crisis that Israel has been causing in Gaza for years.

Honesty and Truthfulness Are Important (But Don’t Expect Them from Politicians)

Omar Baddar gives some clarification as to which side, Israel or Hamas, is implementing “human shields” more than the other. Remember, the U.S. mainstream lapdog media merely repeat what their controllers in the USG tell them. This article here is quite a bit more objective and truthful.

From 1967, Murray Rothbard discusses Israel and Zionism.

From 2002, Burt Blumert tells of his Palestinian gold customers in San Francisco.

William Grigg details the criminality of police socialism.

Robert Wenzel lists the 17 books that Rand Paul erased from from his website for recommended reading, including three by his father, Ron Paul. (Also: The Road to Serfdom by Hayek, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, and Economics in One Lesson by Hazlitt. Economics in One Lesson? That extremely controversial book?!! Doh!)

And Patrice Lewis discusses “liberty fatigue,” the futility of attempting to contact your congressman or senator to express your views. They don’t care what you think (as Larken Rose made clear).

Some More Non-Mainstream Articles

In his article today, Justin Raimondo mentions the June 12 Palestinian murders of three Israeli children, which was used by the Israelis as part of the reason for a war of aggression into Gaza still ongoing. But on May 15th Israeli troops murdered two Palestinian teens who were merely standing around minding their own business. While Israeli officials came up with one lame excuse after another, the security camera which caught the whole thing shows the cold-blooded murders which Human Rights Watch has stated is an “apparent” war crime. Meanwhile, the Deputy Speaker of the Israeli Knesset Moshe Feiglin can’t wait to clear out all of Gaza and replace the “enemy population” with Jews.

Glenn Greenwald writes about the always objective NBC News whose execs told their veteran reporter in Gaza to get out of there after he reported from his own eyewitness account of the four Palestinian children playing “football” on the beach being murdered by the Israelis.

Washington’s Blog has this post on the implausibility of the 9/11 attacks being committed without some government involvement or backing, involving several possible governments mainly the Saudis.

Becky Akers writes about the negatives of State secrets (many) and the positives (none).

Wendy McElroy suggests that, instead of Obama’s ocean “land-grab,” privatize the ocean instead.

And William Grigg writes about a typical day of yet more police brutality.

Some New Recent Items

Judge Andrew Napolitano comments on AG Eric Holster’s assertion that people criticize Obama because he’s black, that criticisms of Obama are “racist.” Well, if he really believes that, then he must be pretty dumb. You would have to be really stupid to believe that any criticism of an incompetent ignoramus tyrant such as Obama who is ruining America’s medical system, drone-murders innocent civilians overseas with impunity, and illegally imposes executive orders, is a racist criticism. And Napolitano notes how Obama and Holster are investigating not just criticisms of Obama but satires and lampooning of the buffoon, in order to intimidate and silence Obama’s many critics. (I guess I’m an anti-white racist for criticizing George W. Bush and his fellow war criminal socialist father, George H.W. Bush.)

Wendy McElroy writes about Voluntaryist Anthropology, and the existence and history of state-less societies. (I think that a result of having more and more Obamas and Eric Holsters as Rulers the more state-less societies we will probably have in the future.)

And Chris Floyd gives a good thorough analysis of the atrocities being committed in the Israel-Gaza conflict.

CPS Police State, Immigration, and Hillary vs. Rand

William Grigg has an update on the Detroit lady who had attempted to defend her daughter against a CPS-S.W.A.T. team siege. Charges against the courageous mother were dropped but the DA tried to reinstate the charges this year but they were finally once again dropped. I’m still not seeing anything about the lady insisting that the CPS officials who caused the whole thing themselves be arrested and charged with kidnapping, child endangerment, forced drugging, etc. I think that more families who are victims of CPS Nazis need to fight back and insist that when these bureaucrats act criminally against innocents, they need to have criminal charges pressed against them.

And Radley Balko has more on the criminalization of parenthood, citing several examples of parents being arrested for a child who skips church, for dropping a child off at a park to play unsupervised, and for leaving a 4-year-old in a car while stopping off at a store. Now, what kind of cop would actually arrest a parent for those things?

Ron Paul informs us on what’s missing from the immigration crisis debate.

And Robert Wenzel asks, If it comes down to a Hillary vs. rand Paul election, who would a libertarian prefer to win?