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Banana Republic, USSA: 2022 “Elections”

Are we going to go through the same thing again now? Knowing how mail-in voting, drop-boxes, and early voting were used to enable massive fraud and ballot stuffing and harvesting just like in 2020, and anyone who talks about it is called an “election denier”? And censored by the Democrat “news” media, and by social media? Actually, it is those who refuse to acknowledge the truth who are the “deniers.”

In Arizona and Nevada, why the hell do you think it took up to a week after the election to finally decide who “won” those elections? “Oh look, we found 10,000 more votes here and 15,000 more votes there,” and all that.

And it seems that in just about every state, people (mainly those in the more Republican districts) were complaining about the tabulation machine rejecting their ballot, and being told to place the ballot in a box and “we’ll count it later…” Yep.

I heard “AJ” calling Joe Pags on the radio saying the same thing happened to him. And on Sean Hannity’s radio show Arizona Republican candidate Kari Lake told him the same thing happened to her, the tabulation machine rejecting her ballot, and she then went to a different precinct and it worked just fine. She said that her precinct was heavily Republican, and the precinct she went to was very Democrat-leaning. Hmmm.

In Arizona, the vote counting for the Senate seat went well beyond election day and it wasn’t until Friday that the Democrats had fabricated enough votes for the Democrat incumbent Senator so they could declare her the “winner.”

Regarding gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, while the polls were showing Lake well ahead of Democrat Katie Hobbs, after a post-election week of shenanigans the corrupt airhead Hobbs “won.”

Some articles by Gateway Pundit give some more info, that election day turnout was only 17% for Democrats but Hobbs is getting over 50% of Maricopa County election day totals, a Maricopa County judge believes that those aforementioned machines were programmed to reject ballots on election day, and in Arizona Republican voters described their ballots not being counted, ballots thrown into a box and some voters not allowed in to vote.

Now, when I used to vote, which was from the early 1980s up to November 1992, I remember nothing of the sort being described in these recent elections. When I voted, you go into this voting booth, turned the big lever that closed the curtain behind you (because the private secret ballot used to be sacred), and you turned the levers beside the names of candidates you were voting for, and then you turned the big lever back that opened the curtain and it added your votes to the tallies for each candidate.

I don’t believe that was a computerized machine, just a mechanical device. I could be wrong, and if so pardon my ignorance. To me, that seems more reliable and trustworthy. But now we have these computerized machines that can be “programmed” and manipulated. Not good.

Add to that the more recent mail-in voting, drop-boxes, and early voting. Those schemes are obviously intentional not for “convenience,” but to enable fraud. DUH.

Elections in “America” will never be legitimate and aboveboard ever again as long as we keep these manipulable machines and mail-in voting, drop-boxes, and early voting.

But what gets me are the so-called CONservative talk radio personalities playing down the fraud and the cheating. Like they are afraid iHeart and Premier Networks want the fraud suppressed and unacknowledged?

So, the radio conservatards are saying things like, “Well I guess the abortion issue played a much larger role in these Democrat wins,” etc., etc. Okay, whatever.

Interesting analysis by Paul Craig Roberts and James Howard Kunstler. And you can say what you want about Mike Lindell, but he goes through all the evidence showing the spikes during the election vote counting that always favored Democrats.

And Ron Paul had some interesting analysis that doesn’t address the election cheating, but that’s okay.

Now, Jacob Hornberger says the GOP “had it coming,” its major 2022 election losses and upsets. He says the major reason Republicans lost is not voter fraud but Donald Trump. The GOP flunkies have to let go of Trump. And I agree.

But Hornberger does give a list of things Trump did as President that were the kinds of things reminiscent of Benito Mussolini, citing Trump’s trade war with China, imposing sanctions and embargoes on foreigners, Covid stimulus, keeping U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq and Trump’s including warmongers in his administration. Also that Trump showed support for the CIA and national security apparatus as well as continuing to suppress the truth about JFK assassination, refusing to pardon Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, continuing to support the Socialist Security system and medicare and continuing the spending sprees and higher debt.

As I wrote recently regarding the new Republican majority in CONgress, regardless of how the FBI and “national security” Swamp went after Trump with made-up Trump-Russia collusions,” and the FBI’s instigating an “insurrection” to make Trump look bad, Trump still loves the FBI and other Swampy agencies and will not go after them in any meaningful way.

And now the narcissist Trump goes and immediately announces his 2024 run, regardless of how this early announcement will sabotage the Georgia Senate runoff election in favor of the Democrat incumbent. Duh. Trump has now provoked many more Democrats to go to polls on December 6th to vote for the rubber-stamp for Bidenflation, more tax-thefts, anti-science climate cultism, and abortion up to birth.

Not that I care. I’m glad the Libertarian Party candidates have thrown wrenches into the Demo-publican machinery of statism. Both major parties are a criminal racket, just another branch of the criminal government.

(See my recent article with 9 reasons why Donald Trump should not run for President again.)

But as far as elections go, it is necessary to make it just one election day, no early voting, no mail-in voting, no states sending unrequested mail-in ballots to people’s addresses or to fake addresses, no drop-boxes, and no computerized machines.

Regarding absentee ballots, if you can’t go to the polls in person on election day, you request an absentee ballot ahead of time. And ID should be presented to verify the voter’s ID. Duh.

As long as there are mail-in voting and early voting, and drop-boxes, these elections are guaranteed to be forever corrupt and fraud-ridden.

It doesn’t matter anyway. I saw back in 1988 how corrupt the whole process is, and how the corrupt “news” media play a major role in the propping up of the two major parties and preventing the general public from knowing about third-party alternatives.

The media, academia and the schools, and Hollywood have also played a role in dumbing down generations of Americans, so that now very few Americans value freedom, or understand the principles of freedom.

Many of those people-sheeple keep referring to “democracy” repeatedly and like brainwashed zombies. They have no idea what “democracy” actually is and how it differs from freedom.

So let “democracy” die — “democracy” had failed long ago anyway. Cancel all future elections, because they mean nothing, thanks to institutionalized fraud and cheating.

The people of the states need to nullify the federal regime especially, exercise your rights as long as you do not violate the persons or property of others. That includes letting oil and gas production companies once again get oil and gas to the people regardless of what Biden and anti-science climate cultists think, and educate your kids however you want, among other things.

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